The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560 Looks Very Good

He had not said much about that even though he did not like it. Anyway, he did not come home there often.

Afterward, when he bought a house in B City, hed let Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng move in.

The interior design back then was entirely left to the designer. It was a very simple and austere style, which was practical in nature. Everything could be seen at once when one stepped into the room.

Lin Liye preferred a Chinese-style design, so she decorated her bedroom to have Chinese-style furnishings.

Han Zhuofeng was a loud and expressive person. Just like Han Zhuoling, he was not always at home and everything was styled with convenience and practicality in mind. He was quite satisfied with the design styles of Han Zhuolings designer, so he did not change anything.

Lin Liye was still from an older generation, so even the living room was decorated in the style that she liked.

His own was unlike Shi Xiaoyas place, which was vibrant and colorful.

The living room was painted in clean, grey-and-white tones while the sofa was wider than most sofas. It was big enough to fit Shi Xiaoyas whole body in it.

The back of the sofa was flat and adorned with all kinds of big and small soft toys.

There were minions, Pikachus, and whatnot.

The wall on which the TV rested could be flipped around.

Once the TV wall was turned, it would be directly inside Shi Xiaoyas bedroom, so she could just watch TV in her own bedroom.

Shi Xiaoyas bedroom was very simple. The parapet was lined with a thick and soft mattress and even had a small wooden table placed atop.

"Sometimes when Im resting at home, I would take my coffee and sit on the parapet by the window. Especially when its snowing, I can sip on my coffee while staring at the snow. Compared to going to a trendy cafe recommended on the Internet, this is much more comfortable," Shi Xiaoya explained as she smiled.

Below the parapet, there were drawers that could be pulled out. It was very practical.

The drawers were designed as stairs with two steps. The steps were linked directly to Shi Xiaoyas bed, similar to a tatami, but the bed was lined with a soft mattress.

Her bed was very simple and neat. It was not filled with decorations that young ladies liked, unlike what Han Zhuoling had imagined, but it was very similar to the kind of Scandinavian style that he liked.

There were also two steps extending from the side of the bed. The steps similarly had drawers that could be used for storage.

Below the steps was a soft down carpet. On the opposite end was a cupboard. "These are the clothes that I usually wear."

Shi Xiaoya continued to explain simply and then brought him to other rooms.

It felt a little weird if they lingered around in her bedroom.

"I use this as a dressing room," Shi Xiaoya explained. She only opened the door for him to take a look and did not intend to let Han Zhuoling take a closer look. She felt that Han Zhuoling probably would not be interested either.

"This is the study room," Shi Xiaoya said.

Shi Xiaoyas study was a little different from other peoples.

There was indeed an office table with a computer on top.

But other than that, there was no bookshelf. In place of it were white-colored cabinets.

In the corner of one wall, there was even a lighting board set up. On top of a long dressing table, there were all kinds of makeup products and tools he did not recognize.

There was also a mirror on the dressing table which had a fill light affixed to it.

"Do you like the color white very much?" Han Zhuoling asked.

Everything in white looked clean and bright.

"I usually shoot some makeup tutorials. I do them in my free time, either at my office or at home. A white background will look good on camera," Shi Xiaoya explained. "The computer is used for editing videos. These cabinets are used for storing makeup products."

Han Zhuoling stared at the area where the light board was and could not help but imagine Shi Xiaoya sitting there and shooting a video.

When she was applying makeup, she was very serious and looked very good.

He noticed it before when she applied makeup for him.

He wondered how she looked when she put on makeup for herself.

Shi Xiaoya was afraid that he would think she was too superficial. Many people had this misunderstanding and felt that people like her only knew to look pretty and did not know anything else, so they were really boring.

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