Tales Of The Mighty Dragonair Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Nara

"Where are we going again?" she asked for the tenth time already, and he repeated the same answer over to her.

"To attack some armies nearby."

"And how did you know about them?"

"A hunch."



This was the tenth time for such conversation to occur! They flew for hours, first bypassing the mountain reach before finding more mountains in the distance.

There was a valley in between, linked to the valley inside the mountains he once visited. After that it was only a stretch of mountains, with no signs of life at all!

"Are you sure we are enough?" she again asked, for the fifth time!

"I told you, gosh why are you so tense like this!" he didn't say his usual answer as he felt greatly annoyed with her constant questions.

"I I just want to be sure the two of us will be enough."

"We will."

"Sigh, it's boring flying silently for hours! I miss that chatty dragon!"

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