Tales Of The Mighty Dragonair Chapter 350

Chapter 350: A New Quest

"Tsk, she is just a human girl with no powers," Sara grumpled before turning to move away while Arthur went towards the ground.

"I'm the man you are speaking of," the moment he reached the earth, he cancelled his transformation and then made his human shape appear to everyone.

This caused enough stir that looked like a fight was about to happen. "Calm down already, he is true and in front of us in flesh," Nara roared, and strangely enough her sound was echoed in every direction; reaching everywhere!

This scene startled Arthur, making him realize she wasn't just a mere human after all. "Sorry about that, but your reputation greatly preceded you," she apologized in a calm tone. "I'm sure everyone will be glad to comply, yet we have a little problem here we want to solve."

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