Tales Of The Mighty Dragonair Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Dragonair's Sexy Aura

"All these" Are was surprised by all these rewards, yet he didn't think he didn't deserve these. "Thanks, these rewards will be a great help to me," he honestly said before adding, "you can put those monsters and this breeding thing inside the garden for now."

"Ding! They are already inside."

"Good," Arthur was now ready before adding, "show me the new quest then."

"Ding! Vengeful world's will is questioning you! A quest has been issued by the vengeful world's will of the Trokas empire. An old enmity and unforgotten hatred was now the obstacle you needed to clear.

Your deeds and actions alone aren't enough! You need to risk your life to prove your sincerity to this ancient world's will. Enter your dragonair's sacred world and face the wrath of the ancient souls.

Survive this and gain more power up in return for you to win the challenge. As a reward, you will be recognized by one more world's will. Power of belief will be opened for you.

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