The Legend Of Futian Book 9 Chapter 2338

Vol 9 Chapter 2338: Confrontation

Ye Futian looked at Hua Junlai and the others, and said, "What I did in this matter is indeed a little improper and I didn't think about it well, but even if I try my best, it may not be able to break the rock battle formation. The ending is still unknown. Even if it breaks, how do you know that I and you will not be hurt?"

"The strong survivor spares his life to guard the rock battle formation, which is admirable. I admit that I have moved my heart of compassion. I will give up on this action. I will not take action against the survivor to gain the opportunity to practice in the cave of the survivor. Plundering the treasures belonging to the bereaved family." Ye Futian continued to speak, his voice open.

He promised to participate in the war, and did not try his best in the end. Naturally, something was wrong, but because all the bereaved had done, he really admired him, so he didn't want to get there.

"Don't enter the cave to practice?" A strong man of the Protoss sarcastically said: "After this battle, your Excellency has treated the bereaved clan so much, I am afraid that the bereaved would invite you to be a guest and enter the secret realm of the bereaved clan."

Obviously, they think that Ye Futian's move is to please the bereaved family.

But when Ye Futian glanced at him with some disdain, he said faintly: "What is your realm, what realm am I?"

The other person looked at Ye Futian, frowning slightly, the other person was in the eighth realm, and Ye Futian was the seventh realm of the human emperor.

"Your Excellency can't break the Rocky Battle Array, but I can challenge the Rocky Battle Array of the Seven Realms. Do you think that if I join forces with someone, I won't be able to break it?" Ye Futian continued to speak, meaning that if he wanted to join the bereaved clan The cultivation in the cave of the secret realm can rely on its own strength to openly break the rock formation and enter the secret realm.

It's also telling the other party that you can't do it, doesn't mean he can't do it either.

At the level of the seven realms, it is not surprising to break the rock battle formation, after all, Ye Futian's combat effectiveness is competing with the top enchanting figures of the eight realms.

"That's not necessarily..." They were a little skeptical. Although Ye Futian was powerful in combat, if he wanted to break the rock formation, it was not that simple.

But for this, Xiao Mu of the Demon Realm believes that Ye Futian can defeat him. If the dimension is reduced to deal with the powerful survivors of the seven realms, it should not be difficult to break the rock battle formation. After all, they have reached their level, every realm. The gap is huge.

"Ye Huang is kind." The elder of the bereaved clan said: "My bereaved clan, I would like to make Ye Huang a friend."

"Thank you, senior." Ye Futian looked at the other side and said, "Since the Continent of Divine Legacy has come to the land of the original world, it is also a part of the original world and the land of the Divine Land. It should exist here as an independent clan, not to mention the Continent of Divine Legacy. It took countless years of hardships to get out of the darkness alive, so please consider it."

Shenyi Continent is now floating in the original space, and the original world belongs to the land of Shenzhou. Ye Futian puts the bereaved family into the land of Shenzhou. In this way, he is also an independent force in Shenzhou.

However, Ye Futians friendship with the bereaved family gained the favor of those who practiced the bereaved family, but he also offended the great ancient gods who were present. Ye Futian was very magnanimous. In this way, it appears that they did what they did. Some are despicable, this is, borrow them to climb the friendship of the bereaved?

Hua Junlai gazes at Ye Futian, his body is covered by the mighty power of the avenue, his body is fluttering in white, and his breath is horrible. He took a step forward and said: "Ye Huang's words are high-spirited. But we are all villains. We have heard about it before that Emperor Ye inherited the relics of the great emperors and was outstanding, so he deliberately invited Emperor Ye to fight, but did not see that Emperor Ye really took action. In this case, we had to personally teach Xia Ye. The emperor's strength is now."

When Hua Jun came, he wanted to attack Ye Futian.

When the voice fell, the terrifying breath roared out, pressured down, and went directly towards Ye Futian. A god-like phantom appeared, as if the Emperor Haotian was reborn, and Hua Jun was here to stand on the emptiness of the Emperor. In front of the shadows, it seems to be a descendant of the gods, with unparalleled elegance.

"Since your Excellency wants to learn, you have to accompany you." Ye Futian responded, his figure soaring into the sky, appearing above the sky like a stream of light.

Hua Junlai's body also swayed upwards. The two stood apart in the air, roaring with the great aura on his body, oppressing this Fang Tian, as if vying for the control of this Fang Tian.

I saw Hua Jun raising his arm, and suddenly the god-like figure also followed his movements, keeping in unison, raising his arm, and slapped forward, suddenly the main road roared, the sky quaked, and a huge, boundless handprint It directly crushed the void and slapped out towards Ye Futian.

At this moment, Ye Futian, who was at an endless distance, only felt that the sky had collapsed, turning into a huge palm print, blasting towards him, there was no escape, and the entire avenue space was shrouded in this big handprint. Down, and there was endless divine light of destruction flowing above the big handprint, as if it was the will of Emperor Vast Sky, destroying all existence.

"Om!" The big handprint of Tantian fell directly, UU reading www. Uukanshu.com smoothed out everything, a violent rumbling sound came out, Ye Futian's body made a terrifying road roar, wisps of divine light erupted from his body, and there was also the flow of Emperor Hui. Although the meaning of the realm of the great emperor still has a powerful additional effect on strength, it is not as obvious as before. After all, his realm is almost close to the top of the human emperor.

Ye Futian raised his hand and pointed, and in an instant, a terrifying roar sounded, and a stellar divine sword pierced the air directly, blasting under the big handprint that was killed.

"Bang, bang, bang..." A continuous terrible shock sounded, and every divine sword made an amazing collision when it blasted out. When the divine swords fell together, the big handprints suddenly appeared cracks, and then It collapsed and shattered together with the Stars Divine Sword, and turned into great dust.

Seeing from a distance, Hua Junlai was floating in the sky, standing in the sky above Ye Futian. He naturally did not think that he would be able to take Ye Futian with a single blow. After all, the opponent was also a tyrannical presence on the side.

He looked down at the figure in the sky, and a mighty sky erupted from him. The emperor figure behind him seemed to be the real Emperor Vast Sky descended to the world. He was originally a descendant of Emperor Vast Sky and inherited the will of the Emperor.

In the land of the remnants of the sky, many strong men looked up at the battle above the sky. There was a slight wave in their heart. Before Hua Junlai had been trapped in the rock battle formation, there was no way to fight arrogantly, and he was greatly restricted. , I am afraid I have always felt very aggrieved.

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At this moment, the battle between him and Ye Futian was finally able to completely break out his fighting power, the powerful existence of this ancient gods, and the young king of the original world, who is strong and weak!

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