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  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Xuanhuan -  Sci-Fi -  Male Protagonist -  System -  fanfiction -  marvel -  Fan-Fiction -  Marvel Universe
  • Status : Ongoing
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Marvel: I Can Control Metal summary:

Tony’s armor Captain America’s shield Thor’s hammer Panther’s suit Black Widow sister… sorry, you forgot to pick your metal ring! Hello, purple sweet potato monster (Thanos), are your gloves also made of metal? Metal control, metal strengthening, metal permanent, fine control, metal body… Sorry, as long as there is metal, I am a god! !- Description from MTL

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Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 759:3 months ago
Chapter 734: Leo3 months ago
Chapter 654: Meet4 months ago
Chapter 637: True4 months ago
Chapter 629: Plan4 months ago
Chapter 623: Meet4 months ago
Chapter 521:4 months ago
Chapter 520:4 months ago
Chapter 449: End4 months ago
Chapter 349: Beat4 months ago
Chapter 303:4 months ago
Chapter 298:4 months ago
Chapter 266: Skye4 months ago
Chapter 234: Kill4 months ago
Chapter 205: Fire4 months ago
Chapter 200:4 months ago
Chapter 189: Hope4 months ago
Chapter 185:4 months ago
Chapter 179: End4 months ago
Chapter 165: Fire4 months ago
Chapter 145: Hell4 months ago
Chapter 137: Eve4 months ago
Chapter 130:4 months ago
: Ask For Leave4 months ago
Chapter 123:4 months ago
: Ask For Leave4 months ago
Chapter 117: End4 months ago
: Sorry4 months ago
Chapter 103: Exit4 months ago
Chapter 97: End4 months ago
: Accident4 months ago
Chapter 76: Clue4 months ago
Chapter 62: Money4 months ago
Chapter 39: Party4 months ago
Chapter 37: Will4 months ago
Chapter 30: Leo4 months ago
Chapter 25: Daily4 months ago
Chapter 24: Stay4 months ago
Chapter 1: Hatred4 months ago
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