Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 897

Chapter 887: Explode Red Whale

"Marvel's I Can Control Metal (

The red whale was still rushing in the air with anger, as long as it saw a muzzle emitting lasers, it rushed past.

Soon, the energy cannons destroyed in his hands already exceeded 80.

But the other muzzles began to turn their directions, began to aim at the golden line, began to predict the route, and directly blocked.

Leo's pressure was a bit smaller in an instant, leaving only a dozen doors to suppress Leo.

In the same way, under such circumstances, the golden mask finally recovered from the darkness.

The heavy pressure that has been looming over Leo is enough to make Leo move.

The wings on his body shook slightly, and before the next energy cannon impacted, he rushed out of a cave tens of meters deep.

On one side of his body, he was watching a huge laser passing by, and under the pit, a large flame burst out.

Leo looked up and swept up, and he also saw Thanos flying to Temple One.

His body shape changed, and his toes were a little bit, and he rose into the sky and chased Thanos.

This time, Leo was really hit.

Looking at Thanos galloping away in the air, facing the energy cannon that was fired at him again, he ducked sideways, flapped his wings, and disappeared in place.

On the Temple One, Leo was also lost in an instant.

With such a short-distance teleportation, Leo could do it with his own space fusion ability, and he did not need to rely on the transmission of the original space stone, let alone the half-second stiffness.

Leo appeared directly above the Thanos aircraft.

Both hands suddenly pressed down, the aircraft that was still rising just now had its wings folded, and the entire cabin broke into several sections almost instantaneously, and was forced down.

The wreckage of the broken aircraft also wrapped up toward Thanos in the center.

Thanos stretched out his hand and shook his feet, but he jumped up suddenly, smashing the wrapped metal, and striding over hundreds of meters with great strength.

Leo sprinted straight into the sky.

The huge stone sword in his hand was instantly held in his hand, and he smashed Leo with a fierce sword.

And this weapon was not under Leo's control.

It turned out that Thanos had already guessed about Leo's abilities, just in case, he took out this sword in the stone, which was also the planetary treasure that Thanos discovered when he destroyed the star of Korsey. .

Whether it is sharpness or hardness, wear resistance, it is not inferior to his double-edged sword.

It's just that it looks a little ugly, so Thanos can't handle it.

But facing Leo, this is also a decision that has to be made.

When he saw Leo's slightly surprised eyes flashing, he knew that his guess was correct.

This guy, the main control is items with high metal alloy content.

But the next moment he found something was wrong, and the eyes of Leo he was watching showed a strong golden light.

Two small golden rays of light slammed into Thanos.

With a horizontal knife, the powerful impact made Thanos's momentum into the sky suddenly stopped.

The strange feeling in his hand made Thanos's face black. He knew what was going on, and I was afraid that his sword in the stone would also be scrapped.

Such a weird ability to materialize, this is one of the few that Thanos has seen, each of which is extremely powerful.

But there are also many restrictions. It's like the golden legend in front of you, but you can use it casually.

Sure enough, the sword in the stone in his hand, the broad sword body, had already changed from the original stone gray to dark silver.

And this range continues to expand.

The powerful force accelerated Thanos to the ground, but the golden beams of light that were staring at him closely did not deviate in the slightest.

Seeing that the dark silver was about to spread to his arms, his footsteps suddenly stopped, and a big hole was already stepped on the ground.

The sword in the stone that hadn't swung a sword in his hand was thrown out abruptly, and the figure jumped resolutely and jumped aside.

The faint golden light only swept across Thanos's body.

When Leo wanted to adjust his sight, a powerful laser cannon suddenly rushed over him, instantly knocking Leo back several meters, and his eyes stopped the offensive.

Thanos stood behind the ruins of a warship, looking at the bare skin of the upper body, but there was a trace of dark silver light.

The cold and solid touch was obviously turned into some kind of metallic substance.

Thanos clenched a fist slightly, and the energy in his body exploded, and the whole person seemed to expand in a circle, but he was just standing in place, surrounded by waves of air.

The powerful physical strength began to wash away the metalized muscles, but within a few seconds, the originally metalized arm muscles returned to their original state.

In this state, Thanos can mobilize his physical power to flush out this strange power, but the recovery speed is not fast.

Moreover, once the metallization time exceeds five minutes, it cannot be restored to its original state.

On the side, Ebony Maw slowly woke up from a coma. There was explosive artillery fire everywhere, and the energy from the raging artillery fire of Temple One bombarded the ground into a piece of scorched earth.

The ebony throat floated and hurried to Thanos's direction.

At the same time, looking at the figure that was bombarded by energy shells in the air, in addition to anger, there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

At this time, the red whale was also in embarrassment.

The superstar stood in the main operating room, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com gave orders in an orderly manner.

The red whale that had been sniped by the massive energy muzzle finally felt some pressure.

However, it was not the brilliant white energy cannons that gave pressure to the red whale, but the huge energy fields surrounding it, gradually enveloping the red whale.

Above the outermost layer, flashing black lightning bolts, destructive energy! ! The black destructive energy that once injured the red whales.

On Temple One, several hidden huge muzzles are also accumulating this powerful destruction energy, flashing black muzzles, making everything look shuddering.

Sure enough, the Red Whale wanted to deal with Temple One alone, still under certain pressure.

However, looking at the destruction energy field gradually enveloping, the red whale suddenly waved its wings, carrying a golden light mask, and forcibly broke through the shackles and got out.

The black lightning was imprinted on the red whale's body surface mask, but it dissipated quietly.

The red whales that have entered the mature stage are no longer comparable to the red whales in the growth stage.

The red whale that escaped from the restraint glanced at Leo in the distance and shook its body. The red whale, which was originally only two or three meters long, swelled sharply.

A huge mouth opened, and a shocking roar resounded through the entire starry sky of Void Land.


Nidawi, a huge warship slowly approached the star ring.

General Deadblade stood in the cab, looking at the huge star ring built around the star core hidden in the remains of the planet.

Finally, there was surprise and excitement in his eyes.

With a wave of his hand, there was a small group of people and began to sneak in towards Nidawi.

If this is the Nidavi that the adults have been looking for, then you must notify the adults immediately, and you can't delay any time.

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