Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 898

Chapter 888: Destructive Energy Cannon Impact

"Marvel's I Can Control Metal (

Leo's figure paused slightly, and he was forced to push down several meters.

Facing the energy muzzle in the sky that was still impacting him, he stretched out his hand and suddenly pressed it.

The huge muzzle that was directly in the shape of a column, the energy port that had just been flooded, flashed a few times, and suddenly fell silent.

Leo tugged with both hands, and he uprooted the entire body of the tens of meters in size. It trembled fiercely on the ship, and then it flew out without stopping.

At the same time, it smashed downward with great pressure.

It was like a small meteorite, facing the direction where Thanos was dodged, and descending with strong pressure.

Thanos faced the huge metal cannon body coming down, and wanted to move quickly, but was quickly positioned and turned to lock the body.

And Ebony Maw stood beside Thanos, trying to help something, but there was no way, his thought power could not stop this huge metal cannonball.

In order to avoid ineffective casualties, Thanos pushed the ebony throat away, blocking his hands and resisting it.

Such a huge physical attack that could crush a dinosaur into meat sauce did not cause much harm to Thanos.

It just made his footsteps soft and bent a bit,

His Titan body is much stronger than the high-strength metal used to shape the gun body.

Leo looked at Temple One, which was almost across the entire starry sky, and raised his hand again.

The huge temple No. 1 with a length of several kilometers, the quality is even more unknown.

Leo could catch Temple One, but it was too difficult to grasp it.

The quality has exceeded Leo's control limit. Although Leo has never tested his own control quality, it is still far from this huge space battleship.

However, the laser muzzle linked to the hull can still be easily controlled.

Reaching out and pulling back, the energy muzzles that were originally rotating on the ship's hull were forcibly pulled down by a huge force, and there was a sound of forcibly tearing metal.

A huge energy laser muzzle is directly pulled down, floating in the air like small spacecraft.

However, in a few seconds, under the suppression of a hundred laser cannons, Leo directly tore all the muzzles that had fired on him.

At the same time, both hands suddenly pressed downward.

The wreckage of a hundred giant cannons that had just been pulled down in the air began to sprint downwards with tremendous power.

Just like those laser beams, they turned into huge fireballs, aiming straight at Thanos.

At the same time, Leo also galloped directly towards Thanos, his wings flashing away, and the edges of the wings flashed with extremely sharp light.

But behind him, there was a faster light that slammed into Leo.

In the control room of Temple One, the superstar is standing in it, his eyes fixed on the tiny figure with metal wings, and there is also a hint of urgency in his eyes.

The superstar wants to take Thanos back, but obviously, she can't do it at all.

In this way, a powerful destruction energy cannon suddenly shot out from the dark cabin, and at the same time, two armies quietly exited the cabin and pressed it down.

This battle happened too quickly, and it took only a few minutes from the beginning to the present.

The superstar never thought that someone would survive the laser cannon fire on Temple One.

Such a strong personal combat power is beyond the imagination of superstars.

However, he is the adult's enemy and his own enemy, and he must be killed.

Only the superstar who just pressed the launch button heard a vast roar, giving the superstar the roar of the eternal ancient beast.

The heart sank suddenly, feeling the suppression of life, the ancient breath, making the superstar feel a little tight in his chest.

It was then that he quickly moved his gaze away from Leo and looked at the previous golden thread that had destroyed the attack block on Temple One.

At this moment, the superstar couldn't help but rub his eyes, looking at the huge figure outside, his eyes were full of incredible.

"This is... the red whale?!!!"

"My lord, yes, it's the little thing just now, it's still growing rapidly in less than three seconds."

An operator on the side hurriedly responded.

The red whale, which was only a few hundred meters long, continued to swell hugely in the air, and the laser cannon that went away in the face of the surrounding attack did not tremble at all.

The slight golden glow from his body made the superstar very familiar, and he couldn't help turning his head to look to the other side.

The black destructive energy suddenly impacted Leo in the low altitude.

Originally in the heart of the superstar, the result was a huge destruction cannon that bombarded that little thing into powder. At this time, it turned out to be self-doubt in his heart.

However, the movements in his hands were not slow, and the destruction energy cannons that were still storing energy in the dark cabin also rushed towards the red whale.

In an instant, on Temple One, nearly twenty destruction energy cannons with a diameter of about two meters were shot out.

The superstar stared nervously at everything in front of him, with a press in his hand, another 10,000-person team, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com landed from Temple One.

Nearly 30,000 people surrounded the center of the two battlefields.

On Leo's side, he was flapping his wings and rushing to Thanos. He pressed down hard and piled up the remains of the metal fort on the top of a small mountain. The whole body shrank by a few minutes out of thin air, and the whole was pushed down.

It brings huge pressure to the interior, and even the rocks mixed in it are pressed into powder.

Before Leo continued to move, a black flash of light surged behind him.

Before Leo turned around to see clearly, the two-meter black energy ball hit Leo's back wings straight.

The entire energy body wrapped around Leo.

The pain that hadn't been felt for a long time gradually appeared on the body surface.

The golden mask on his body quickly dimmed, as if he had suffered a volley of hundreds of giant cannons again.

It's just that there is not such a powerful energy impact, just an extremely powerful sense of corrosion, which wraps Leo and wants to swallow Leo clean.

Such energy formed an impact with Leo's golden mask, and even reacted with bursts of energy, shining lightly colored light.

In Leo's eyes, two brilliant golden pillars rushed out, but they did not break through, but were confined in the energy field and consumed quickly.

But in the same way, the energy ball that looked dark just now dimmed instantly, as if it would shatter at any time.

But Leo suddenly looked at the destructive energy flashing outside, slightly surprised.

I don't know what the idea was, Leo actually removed his palm defense directly, and dived directly into the destruction energy cannon.

At the same time, amidst the compressed metal hill below, trembling slightly, a huge purple palm broke through a large amount of metal debris and protruded from it.

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