Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 899

Chapter 889: Source Body Anomaly

"Marvel's I Can Control Metal (

Obviously it is a powerful destruction energy born in the universe. On Ronan's Dark Star, heavy destruction weapons, and even Dark Star's must-kill tricks.

Facing a large amount of matter in the universe, which is the bright black destruction energy that can directly corrode and destroy, Leo actually removed the defenses in his hand and explored the whole thing.

On the arm, the golden mask gradually faded and then disappeared.

The destructive energy that had dimmed still rushed to the bare hands without mercy.

The black destructive energy, like a thunderbolt of lightning, instantly licked Leo's palm.

However, a piece of flesh and blood disappeared in an instant on the white and delicate little hand, and at the same time, a scorched black appeared immediately.

The intense pain was instantly transmitted from the palm of the hand to the center of the brain. Under instinct, they couldn't help but shrink their hands and clenched fists, and then the golden light cover shrouded again.

When I looked again, on the palm of his right hand, there were already dozens of tiny scorch marks, which seemed to be on the palm of the palm, beaten dozens of times with the red wire, almost covered with all flesh and blood.

At the same time, in the palm of his hand, more than a dozen scorched black pits about the size of soybean grains appeared, and the blood in them had been swallowed.

You know, this is only a moment, less than half a second, it becomes this appearance, if you just let it go, I am afraid it will not take more than ten seconds to melt all the flesh and blood.

But Leo looked at the charred appearance in his hand, except for a slight frown, his eyes were still full of curiosity.

I saw on the scorched palm, and soon those scars recovered like this, turning into white and tender palms again.

The terrifying pain for that moment still lingered in Leo's head.

However, he shook the palm of his hand again, and with a keen perception, he immediately discovered that the flesh and blood on his right palm seemed to be tougher than before.

At the same time, I also felt the slow changes in my body.

The source body that he has strengthened and promoted has a unique response to this energy, and even seems to have a supporting effect.

After biting his teeth, he directly removed the defense on his entire arm and prodded out.

The black lightning energy of destruction, like a predator cheetah, instantly rushed forward and slammed into Leo's arm.

As for Leo, it was also an instant, his eyes were ferocious, even bloodshots appeared, his teeth were clenched, his veins were exposed, and his whole body was trembling slightly.

On the arm, it was also covered with burn marks in an instant, and the powerful destruction energy seemed to have found a pour point and surged onto this naked arm.

The entire arm seemed to shrink in a circle, turning into a small blackened shape.

Even, within two seconds, a large amount of flesh and blood was swallowed and died.

But in the same way, Leo could also clearly perceive that a wave of energy that had never been sensed poured into his arm, and then into his body.

The right arm, which had lost consciousness, looked a little frightening, like the arm of a thin black child attached to Leo.

On the contrary, after experiencing distance pain, forcibly lose consciousness, you can't feel the pain.

It's just that Leo looked at his scorched arm, and there was always a feeling that seemed to be broken in the next moment.

Of course, this situation is obviously impossible. Although it is only ten seconds, Leo's right arm has already begun to gradually recover.

The source body seems to have a unique method for this kind of destruction energy, and it only takes more than ten seconds to have a strong resistance to this kind of destruction energy.

And all of this was seen by Thanos who had broken through the metal hill.

Standing in place and looking up, he saw that Leo put his right arm in this destructive energy in the air at a height of 100 meters, as if he was masochistic.

What shocked him was that his arm was not destroyed under such violent energy.

Even Thanos himself did not dare to resist this destructive energy for long. He had to come out immediately at most for half a minute, otherwise, even him would be left with irreversible injuries.

But now Thanos can't take care of so much, at least looking at it now, this guy's combat power has dropped a lot, which is a rare opportunity.

With a slight bend in his footsteps, the whole person jumped up, instantly jumping tens of meters high, and quickly approached Leo in the air.

At this time, the destruction energy cannon shrouded Leo's body had already consumed a lot, and in the end, it couldn't even maintain the appearance of the energy ball, so it exploded.

There was a huge explosion in the air instantly, a powerful shock wave, spilling around.

Thanos, who just raised the fragment in his hand and wanted to throw it at Leo, also followed, and returned to the ground again.

On the other side several kilometers away, dozens of explosions of the same formation also sounded.

Leo had put his scorched arm in the golden mask, completely avoiding the impact of external explosions.

Although the state of the golden light mask is not good now, it may only have 20% energy, but it is still being quickly replenished under the source body~wuxiaworld.online~ In the next instant, Leo moved slightly and the whole person turned aside. It flashed three meters away in an instant.

Behind him, a black energy ball that also flashed with bright black lightning flashed from behind and fell straight to the ground.

Leo looked up at the space battleship that covered almost everything in the sky, Temple One.

The golden light gleaming in his eyes seemed to penetrate a distance of several kilometers and directly saw the supergiant star in the operating room.

At the same time, he saw the muzzle of destruction energy that had just been hidden, as well as the Qitarui troops that were tens of thousands of meters away from him.

One by one, the Zetarians, who were driving the airships or flying machines, rushed towards Leo.

At the moment Leo looked up, dozens of lasers shot towards Leo.

However, Leo's steps sank, the whole person quickly fell a hundred meters away, and the whole person stepped on the ground.

A strong and gentle energy rushed to him instantly, and the arm that was still dry just now swelled up quickly, dropping pieces of charred blood shells.

The golden mask that was still slightly dim on his body was quickly added.

In less than three seconds, it can be restored to its original state.

But the moment Thanos had just landed on Leo, he suddenly rushed forward and slammed into Leo.

The powerful force caused the land locked under Leo's feet to tremble suddenly, protruding a bit upward, and it seemed that there was a posture that would be set off by Thanos.

Seeing Thanos hitting in front of him, Leo couldn't help frowning deeply.

But there was also a grinning smile on his face, and the wings spread out behind him shook slightly, and instantly swept forward.

Tens of thousands of Qitarians in the air and dozens of Leviathan beasts suddenly plunged down and sprinted towards the two deadlocked on the ground.

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