Mr Indifferent Ceo Be Careful With My Heart Chapter 195

Chapter 194: A Chance



With one hand at the back of her head and the other holding her chin in place, he stopped her.

Li Jing who was least expecting such to happen suddenly opened her eyes only to see him very close to her.

Before she could object, she found that he moved in and captured her lips in his, sealing them in a sweet passionate slow kiss.

With one hand snaking behind her to wrap around her waist and pull her close to him and the other still holding the back of her head, Ye Cheng parted her lips with his tongue and dove in.

His kiss wasn't rushed but calm and slowly giving. She kissed him back but as soon as she did, she pulled away.


"Li Jing, wait, please listen to me."

His kiss was doing so much to her. She was just trying to tell him that they couldn't work and now he did that? What was he expecting from her, she quickly had to stop it before her mind went completely blank and she gave in.

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