Mr Indifferent Ceo Be Careful With My Heart Chapter 197

Chapter 196: Request



"First, I would need to make use of the telephone to place a call across to the reception."


"Please can I make use of the restroom? You see my bladder is full and I am afraid that before they get here I may take a leak."

As she spoke, she rubbed her thighs together in an uncomfortable manner to show Ye Cheng just how much she was holding it and wanted to go to the toilet badly.

"Fine. Do what you must and then you leave. Understood?"

"Oh yes. Thank you so very much. I appreciate." Ye Cheng did not say anything further and moved to the side to allow her passage.

To him, it was such a disappointment as the person he had hoped to see was Li Jing and not this lady. He was anticipating the same shy, drooling look she had on her face when she first saw him shirtless and in towels.

Damn, she looked so fresh, though tired, young and eatable.


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