President Daddys Excessive Love Chapter 2256

Chapter 2240: Not Confident Enough

Cui Ling'er thought like this, a smug smile came up at the corner of her mouth, walked to a place with few people, and dialed Qin He's phone. Qin He didn't know her purpose, and only asked him to come over for a drink, and he naturally agreed. coming.

"Cheng Qingqing, wait for a good show." Cui Ling'er looked successful.

Cheng Qingqing felt a little boring, because she really couldn't eat this kind of commercial banquet, and the corners of her mouth kept rising, making her feel a little sour.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside the door, as if another important guest was here.

Cheng Qingqing also looked at the gate curiously. Then, he saw a tall and handsome man. Cheng Qingqing was taken aback. Isn't this Mr. Luo?

Is An An coming?

When Cheng Qingqing was expecting a surprise, Qiao Anan next to Luo Beiyuan instantly became a stunning object for everyone. She wore a shiny silver dress, delicate and delicate skin, and was set off by the sparkling dress. , The kind of white to glowing, fluffy and light air flowing sea with long black hair like seaweed, youthful and beautiful and unparalleled, really makes people reluctant to remove their eyes.

Qiao An'an is more adaptable to this kind of occasion than Cheng Qingqing. She is also used to seeing the world since she was a child. Therefore, she is not stage fright, and follows Luo Beiyuan generously. The temperament of the two people is becoming more and more suitable.

"Your friend is here, let's go say hello." Li Qingyan held her hand when she was dazed, and walked towards Luo Beiyuan.

Luo Beiyuan naturally saw him, and Qiao An'an also blinked at Cheng Qingqing happily. Cheng Qingqing was amused by her mischievous appearance and walked in front of her naturally.

"Qingqing, I guessed you must be here." Qiao Anan said with a smile.

"Really? How did you guess it?" Cheng Qingqing asked curiously.

Qiao Anan looked at Li Qingyan and whispered in Qiao Anans ear, "Dont you know that your husband is a major shareholder of this company? Such a grand celebration banquet, he must come, and he will definitely bring himself. Xiaojiao's wife came out to see her."

Cheng Qingqing blushed, why is Qiao An'an more confident than her?

"I just felt at a loss. If you can come, I suddenly feel less alone." Cheng Qingqing whispered.

"Well, it's a rare opportunity to get together, we can have fun." Qiao An'an said with a smile, holding Cheng Qingqing's hand, and sitting down next to the crowd.

Luo Beiyuan turned around and found that his girlfriend was missing, his handsome face was a little startled.

Qiao Anan seemed to be controlled by him, but this woman had a very temperamental temper, and Luo Beiyuan could only let her go.

Qiao Anan has recently been known by everyone because of the bankruptcy of the Qiao Group. Although the Qiao Group is not a large company, it is considered a home of wealth in this city and can be counted among the top five local companies. Qiao Dawei has had two marriages. But the second marriage collapsed, and Qiao An'an was considered his only daughter. In addition to the fact that Qiao Dawei had deliberately or unintentionally mentioned the heir of the company in front of outsiders, Qiao An'an was immediately familiarized. Daquan can be regarded as the proud woman of heaven.

Although Qiao An'an's family can't be compared with Luo Beiyuan, it's not as high as his family. After all, she will marry with a company in the future.

The relationship between Qiao An'an and Cheng Qingqing is getting better and better, and there is another cousin relationship, so naturally they are much closer.

Two beautiful young girls sitting and chatting together, the picture is very eye-catching, the two girls have their own beauty, they are not artificial products on the production line, and their smiles are very eye-catching.

The relationship between Luo Beiyuan and Li Qingyan has also gotten closer, because their women are good friends, and they have more contacts and conversations.

Cui Ling'er saw Cheng Qingqing actually befriend Qiao Anan's kind of daughter's friend, she couldn't help but jealous. Although the music circle and the celebrity circle are not separated from each other, she thinks that Cheng Qingqing's resources and contacts are better than her own. When it was better, she was still jealous.

Luo Beiyuan and Li Qingyan each brought female companions, and they did not prevent some women from approaching actively. After all, such a handsome and attractive man with gold can't meet every day.

Therefore, some overconfident girls came over to greet and chat with two handsome guys through Jiu Jin.

It is a pity that neither Luo Beiyuan nor Li Qingyan are men who can move casually.

Besides, their beloved women are staring at them with wide eyes. How dare they smile at other women in front of them? Their feelings, at this time, should be even more stingy about their gentleness.

"Oh." A mature and charming lady, pretending to be dizzy, accidentally fell in front of Li Qingyan, her hands naturally grabbed Li Qingyan's arm.

Under the gaze of everyone, Li Qingyan naturally wanted to have a gentleman's demeanor, and immediately reached out and held her hand to prevent her from falling to the ground.

"Thank you, Mr. Li." The woman raised her eyes, full of gratitude, and she was expressing a trace of affection in her eyes.

"You don't have to be polite." Li Qingyan immediately understood the other's intentions, and he immediately let go of his hand.

Luo Beiyuan was drinking slowly beside him, seeing all this in his eyes.

Li Qingyan is a few years older than him, and he exudes the charm of male maturity. He is indeed more attracted to women of the same age. It's a pity that these women are too insightful. If their wives are next to them, how can they have a chance?

Seeing Li Qingyan, the female celebrity immediately turned to talk to others, as if treating her as if she did not exist, her smile stiffened, and she was immediately extremely lost.

You know, she used this trick last time, but it was easy to win a man's pity.

Cheng Qingqing saw Li Qingyan's effort just now, and even Qiao An'an narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, there are too many scenes." Qiao Anan suddenly felt worthless for her.

Cheng Qingqing smiled bitterly: "It was not his initiative, I am not jealous."

"That's not okay, you have to tell the women who have bad intentions, you are his female partner today. It's not right to seduce him in front of her partner." Qiao An'an complained for her.

"My female companion is not as powerful as you." Cheng Qingqing laughed at herself.

"Don't be so unconfident, you are now considered a popular female star." Qiao An'an felt sorry for the unconfident expression on her face.

"The career of a star will always be looked down upon, and maybe one day will pass." A touch of sadness flashed through Cheng Qingqing's eyes.

"You definitely won't, your acting is very good, and you are very beautiful." Qiao Anan quickly comforted her.

"An An, thank you for your encouragement. To be honest, you are the first person to talk to me like this." The melancholy in Cheng Qingqing's eyes was swept away, replaced by a happy smile.

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