President Daddys Excessive Love Chapter 2257

Chapter 2241: Defend Him

Qiao An'an was taken aback for a moment, and then she lowered her head and said in a low voice: "Qingqing, I want to say sorry to you for my uncle. He has let down your mother and daughter."

"An An, can you not mention him?" Cheng Qingqing's face instantly turned pale, and she really didn't want to mention those people.

"Okay, let's not mention it." Qiao An'an nodded quickly, not touching her pain points.

Cheng Qingqing looked at the man in the crowd involuntarily with beautiful eyes. His back was firm and upright, and he was really safe. Then, thinking of Zhou Mei's mother and daughter's threat, her heart suddenly became very uneasy.

Although she was not afraid of threats and went back, who could have predicted how the facts would change?

Compared with Cheng Qingqing's peeking, Qiao Anan is enjoying the style of her boyfriend generously. Luo Beiyuan is young and noble, and every station in the crowd is very good. Qiao An'an has a pair of eyes depicting his figure like a pen, thinking of the minutes and seconds spent in his arms every night. She is in a wonderful mood to bloom flowers.

Halfway through the banquet, the guests began to enjoy a rich buffet dinner, and Qiao An'an and Cheng Qingqing also returned to their own men.

Li Qingyan took the initiative to take the dinner plate for Cheng Qingqing and asked her what she wanted to eat.

Cheng Qingqing was so concerned by him, and her depression was swept away, and she followed the man to enjoy this wonderful dinner with a smile.

Luo Beiyuan and Qiao An'an are also choosing food. After the relationship between the two is close, they already have the taste of husband and wife. Try to restrain yourself, but they always want to touch each other inadvertently. Hand, rely on the past, steal a kiss, or whisper some unsuitable children. Luo Beiyuan was often blushed by the quirky Qiao An'an, but he especially enjoyed the mischievousness of this woman, which made his life more interesting.

Cheng Qingqing and Li Qingyan took their food and sat down. Suddenly, a voice came from behind Cheng Qingqing, calling her name.

"Qing Qing."

So natural and intimate address, full of affection, let people listen, naturally they will not think that they are strangers.

Cheng Qingqing's back stiffened and turned to look. Qin He didn't know when he was standing behind him. He was wearing an exquisite suit and his young and handsome face was amazing.

Cheng Qingqing opened her eyes wide in disbelief. How could Qin He be here?

The knife and fork in Li Qingyan's hand were immediately put down, staring at the young man with majestic and gloomy eyes.

"Why are you here?" Cheng Qingqing quickly stood up and asked in surprise.

Qin He's expression was a bit ugly, because he finally saw who the man behind Cheng Qingqing was and what he looked like. To be honest, he was a little disappointed because Cheng Qingqing was very young. She should be looking for a man of the same age. A friend, not a man who looks very mature at a glance.

"Follow me, I have something to say." Qin He's heart was turbulent, thinking of Cheng Qingqing's relationship with him before. At this moment, he became jealous and walked forward and grabbed Cheng Qingqing's Wrist, forced to take her away.

"Qin He, what are you doing, let me go." Cheng Qingqing was stunned. Why did Qin He go crazy? How could he do such things to her in front of so many people?

Qin He was young and vigorous, and he was unhappy, so he naturally showed it. Moreover, he felt that he had a legitimate reason to take Cheng Qingqing away by virtue of his identity as Cheng Qingqing's ex-boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Cheng Qingqing shook off his hand vigorously, which made Qin He's face bewildered.

"You follow this old man, this is your so-called professional ambition?" Qin He's mood suddenly became irritable. He pointed at Li Qingyan, feeling that he was just an old cow eating tender grass. What dirty methods did he use? , Just tied Cheng Qingqing to his side.

Cheng Qingqing got angry and raised her volume: "What nonsense are you talking about, he is my boyfriend."

"Heh, boyfriend? Cheng Qingqing, I thought you were still the clean and innocent girl I knew. Unexpectedly, you have become so secular. For fame and fortune, you would sell your soul at the expense of..."

"Slap." Cheng Qingqing slapped him with a backhand. Qin He could scold herself, but she would never allow him to be rude to Li Qingyan. This was her bottom line.

Qin He didn't expect Cheng Qingqing to beat him. When did she become so violent?

She used to speak softly and her eyes were kind.

"Am I wrong?" Qin He stiffened his neck, his face flushed.

Li Qingyan sat at the table with a sullen face. To tell the truth, being pointed at an old man for the first time really embarrassed him. He is a bit older, but he won't be rejected like this.

He didn't move, but raised his eyes to look at Cheng Qingqing, who was blushing. The woman just now took action to defend him.

"You are wrong, Qin He, what right do you have to say about me here? My relationship with you is over a long time ago. You ran over to make trouble and destroy my boyfriend. You have gone wrong." Cheng Qingqing didn't know where the courage came from, so she went back and looked at Li Qingyan with a pair of beautiful eyes worriedly behind her. After that, would he be angry again?

Qin He sneered: "You are not impressed by his charm, you are moved by his money, yes, I have nothing, I can't satisfy your ambition, can't give you the life you want, but you will regret it. Yes, he will get bored with you sooner or later."

"Even if he gets tired of me, I don't regret it." Cheng Qingqing looked at Qin He firmly in her eyes, and directly said the true answer in her heart.

Qin He was stunned. Everyone at the scene was shocked. He didn't expect this little star to be so courageous that he could say such things.

Li Qingyan finally stopped being indifferent. He got up, gently stretched out his hand to hug Cheng Qingqing, and said to Qin He in a cold voice, "She will be the only woman in my life. If you want to offend her again, I will not let go. By yours."

Qin He was stunned again, a young and energetic face, blue and purple suffocated.

Not far away, Cui Ling'er was watching the excitement, thinking that Cheng Qingqings reputation was about to be destroyed, but suddenly saw Li Qingyan stand up and speak. His words were full of weight and instantly suppressed the farce Qin He had just created. .

"Will you marry her?" Qin He asked unwillingly.

"Yes." Li Qingyan replied firmly and forcefully.

Qin He was shocked. He stared at Cheng Qingqing angrily: "You said before, you will marry me."

Cheng Qingqing's brain is a little dizzy, what's the matter with Qin He? That was how many years ago. At that time, she confirmed that she would be with him, but after so many things happened, she realized that Qin He was good, but he lacked a mans sense of responsibility and responsibility. When she was ridiculed by his mother Xiluo, he avoided seeing her. When her mother and daughter were ridiculed by others, he even went far and high. Now, where does his face come and run over to say such things?

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