A Cute Wife Was Hard To Raise And A Black Bellied Husband Had A Generation Gap Chapter 315

Chapter 315: 315. She has replaced my position, I hate her!

Zora said, "perhaps Miss Gu really doesn't remember me, but when Miss Gu asked me to do something back then, I was careful. I used a recording pen to record all of our conversations. Miss Gu might not have known at the time, but in order to prevent some crafty customers from making unreasonable complaints afterward, our shop assistants had the habit of carrying a recording pen with them. I've already handed that recording to Mr. Gu. Miss Gu, you'd better admit it. There's no way to hide it anymore. "

Gu Wanjing's eyes instantly turned fierce as she took a step forward She grabbed Zora's arm, "why? Why did you harm me? Who instructed you? That recording must have been forged. It was Song Beibei who instructed you, wasn't it? How much did she give you? "

Zora said Awkwardly, "I'm sorry, Miss Gu. I can't afford to offend Mr. Gu. If I don't tell the truth, not only will Mr. Gu ban me from the industry, he'll also blame me for what happened back then. I just got pregnant and can't go to jail. I can only let Miss Gu down. "

Gu Wanjing pushed Zora and turned to Gu Yanqing, "third brother, don't believe her. It was Song Beibei who conspired with Song Beibei to frame me. You have to believe me. We grew up together. You will believe me, won't you? "

Gu Yanqing took out a recording pen from his pocket and placed it in Gu Wanjing's hand calmly. His voice was bone-chilling, "do you want to hear it? We grew up together. I can still recognize your voice. "

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Gu Wanjing took a step back and threw the recording pen on the SOFA, as if she had touched something terrible.

She suddenly took a step forward She grabbed Gu Yanqing's hand, "third brother, I was wrong. I was muddled in the past, but I really didn't mean to harm Song Beibei. I know you will save her. With you here, I know you will never let her go to jail. I just hope that you can use this opportunity to return to the Xiao family. You are the eldest young master of the Xiao Family, an aunt. It was your mother who asked me to do this. You can't blame me. I didn't have a choice. "

Gu Yanqing's gaze was still as cold as ever. "was she the one who instructed you? "

Gu Wanjing nodded. "third brother, you have to believe me. She's your mother. She begged me to do something, so how could I not help "Moreover, I know that Song Beibei will definitely be fine. At that time, I was just waiting for you to ask the Xiao family. Third Brother, although I was wrong, I didn't deserve to die. Can you forgive me this once? I have no other choice. Besides, wasn't Song Beibei in danger at that time? Can you forgive me this once? "

Gu Yanqing's face was gloomy. "Even if she was the one who instructed you to do it, I'm afraid you've already set up a trap for her. If I remember correctly, the first time she met Bei Bei, she and Bei Bei parted on bad terms because of a shirt. You were also present at that time. I'm afraid that you intentionally arranged that time, so that she would be prejudiced against Bei Bei from the start. This way, when I return to the Xiao Family in the future, Bei Bei's situation won't be too good either. At that time, we were just about to hold a wedding. I think this must be your idea. Once the news gets out, just like now, you'll push all the blame onto her. But don't forget, my mother doesn't know about Qi Shan, nor does she know about the conflict between Qi Shan and Bei Bei. If no one were to whisper in her ear, she wouldn't have come up with such an idea on her own. WANJING, it won't be so easy for you to push all the blame onto her. "

Gu Wanjing's eyes darkened. "third brother, why don't you believe me? Everything I've done has been for you. I just don't understand why you would help Song Beibei manage a Pearl Group when you have such an illustrious status, family, and business. Moreover, it's a thankless task. I just want you to have something that originally belonged to you. Third Brother, you can't not believe me. "

Gu Yanqing suddenly stood up and almost roared. He was incomparably cold and terrifying. "Gu Wanjing, I just believe you too much! "

Gu Yanqing was obviously angry, "that's not all. What happened when you were framed for embezzlement and bribery? " "It was you who linked up with Liang Bingkun and framed yourself. You used a cruel trick to shift all the blame onto Bei Bei to sow discord between Bei Bei and me. Gu Wanjing, was it you who did this? "

Gu Wanjing fell onto the SOFA.

Song Beibei said it anyway. Song Beibei knew about this long ago. Back then, she deliberately directed and put on a good show in front of Liang Bingkun.

She made Song Beibei think that Gu Yanqing already knew that she was framing her, but he was covering for her.

Therefore, Song Beibei had always been disheartened by Gu Yanqing.

Gu Wanjing knew that she was taking a risk by doing this.

However, she was certain that Song Beibei, that young mistress, was proud and arrogant. She only believed in her own eyes and ears and would never verify it with Gu Yanqing.

In fact, she had also succeeded.

That matter made the young mistress'heart turn to Ash. In the end, she insisted on divorcing Gu Yanqing and disappeared into thin air for three years.

However, she did not expect that three years later, this old incident would be dug up again.

It had actually happened out of the blue just like that.

She could not deny this matter.

As long as Song Beibei told Gu Yanqing, it would prove that the knot in her heart had been opened.

Moreover, Gu Yanqing would definitely go to Liang Bingkun to confirm it.

And that Liang Bingkun was a coward who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Gu Wanjing was unsure.

However, it seemed that Gu Yanqing knew quite a bit and was clearly on Song Beibei's side.

Gu Wanjing was still trying to quibble, "third brother, it was Song Beibei who set me up. She's no longer the same person as before. Can't you tell? She just wants me dead. You have to believe me. "

Gu Wanjing pulled Gu Yanqing's arm.

Gu Yanqing flung her away coldly He said, "even now, you still don't want to repent. Wanjing, it's not that I don't understand your character. You've always been competitive and possessive since you were young. You've always taken the unconventional path in many things. I've always protected you in everything, but I was afraid that you would go down the wrong path. Back then, when you majored in College, I chose a lawyer for you. I hoped that you would be able to distinguish right from wrong by learning this profession and abide by the order of this society. However, I didn't expect that what you've learned was to take advantage of the loopholes in the law and walk on the edge of the law. You've even done outrageous things. Gu Wanjing, you've really disappointed me. "

Gu Wanjing saw that Gu Yanqing's eyes were not filled with pain, but a coldness that was becoming more and more distant. She knew that she was done for.

Gu Yanqing was just like that. On the surface, he was glorious and could summon the wind and rain.

However, his world was not big. There were not many people who could truly integrate into his life.

Gu Wanjing could clearly feel that Gu Yanqing was slowly removing her from his life.

No, absolutely not!

Gu Wanjing did not care that there were still people in the room.

She knelt directly in front of Gu Yanqing. When she raised her head, her eyes were filled with tears.

All of a sudden, her usual sharpness and haughtiness faded away. Tears filled her eyes She said pitifully, "third brother, it was me. It was all me. I know I was wrong. I deserved to die. I was jealous of Song Beibei. Third Brother, I swore from a very young age that I would marry you for the rest of my life. I always thought that we were the only people in the same world, and no one could destroy us. But I never thought that such a little daughter would appear. At first, I didn't put her in my eyes. At that time, she was only five years old, and we had already had a relationship for ten years. But third brother, she had grown up. I was afraid. Just like that, she walked into your life and became the person you loved and loved the most. What about me "third brother, what is my position in your heart "She has occupied a position that should have belonged to me. I'm not resigned to it. I hate her! "

Gu Yanqing said, "that position has never belonged to you. Gu Wanjing, it's you who has a demon in your heart. "

Gu wanjing cried, "but third brother, I know now that I was wrong. Actually, after I did those things, I really regret it. I watched you feel bad for her. I watched you search for her all over the world. I also felt very painful in my heart. I also spent a lot of energy to find her. I really regret it, third brother. Those were all things that I did in a moment of confusion three years ago. Can you forgive me this once? I promise that I will never do this again in the future. I will behave myself and be your sister. I only hope that I can stay by your side. Just don't ignore me. Third Brother, if Song Beibei ignores you for a day, you can feel bad for ten days to half a month. Do you know that it's the same for me? I love you so much, so much... ... I don't want anything. I just want to be there for you . . . ."

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