A Cute Wife Was Hard To Raise And A Black Bellied Husband Had A Generation Gap Chapter 679

Chapter 679: "Ten years of forgetfulness and Mo Yanhuan" 083. The same hospital

This time, Lu Huanzi's endorsement brand hired her at a high price.

Although she was arrogant and had a strange temper,.

Her makeup skills were really amazing.

Lu huanzi still participated in the brand's event as scheduled.

Her smile was like a flower, no different from her usual appearance.

Even the people closest to her did not notice anything unusual.

Then, it was a few days of running around busily.

In the end, she was so tired that she fainted at the event venue.

for visiting.

So, the event manager finally gave her a week off to recuperate.

Lu Huanzi really fainted.

However, these few days, she had been running around desperately, and her schedule was packed.

This was all her request.

Because only when she was so busy that her feet did not touch the ground.

She did not have the energy to think about anything else.

But when she fainted and woke up in the hospital ward...

Lu Huanzi suddenly felt very scary.

The room was filled with the cold smell of disinfectant.

It was so calm that it made people feel as if she was the only person in the world.

Lu Huanzi felt that if she died like this, perhaps no one would know.

Lu Huanzi suddenly became very afraid of death.

But the scarier thing than death was paralysis.

And with her illness, it was very likely that the result would be like this.

However, she had no family and no lover.

If she really reached the stage of paralysis, perhaps no one would care whether she lived or died.

Just thinking about it made Lu Huanzi feel extremely terrified.

No, she didn't want to die.

She couldn't be paralyzed either.

The fear of the future defeated everything.

She wanted to find Mr. Mo. .

She wanted to find out what kind of medicine she had taken in the past.

When Lu Huanzi got up.

A nurse just happened to come in.

The nurse dragged the medical cart in and said, "you're finally awake. By the way, where's your boyfriend? "

Lu Huanzi said, "I don't have a boyfriend. "

The nurse, on the other hand, became confused.

She said, "your boyfriend was clearly still there just now. He stood in front of your hospital bed for three hours and treated you so well. Who else could it be but your boyfriend? "

Lu Huanzi was still a little surprised.

But thinking about it, that person should be Azu.

Perhaps the advertisers had contacted the people in Shinian.

Therefore, Lu Huanzi did not take it to heart.

The nurse came to measure Lu Huanzi.

She said, "you are suffering from overwork and shock. You must be the popular celebrity, Lu Huanzi. The advertisement you shot last time was really beautiful. But although work is very important, you have to take care of your own health. "

Lu Huanzi nodded.

Looking at the layout of the hospital, she found it somewhat familiar.

She asked, "What Hospital is this? "

The nurse said, "this is Jiangfu hospital. "

Jiangcheng University's Affiliated Hospital.

In other words, she was currently in the same hospital as Mo Lichuan.

But it was actually hard to say.

Because Mo Lichuan might have already been discharged from the hospital to recuperate, so he might not be in the hospital.

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