A Cute Wife Was Hard To Raise And A Black Bellied Husband Had A Generation Gap Chapter 835

Chapter 835: "memories of the past" 239. What kind of logic was that

He could forget about anything.

He just hoped that she would be by his side in the future.

He could always see that smile that was full of vitality.

He could talk to her and tease her.

It was as if there was a hot spring in his heart.

Gurgling warm currents emerged from within, flowing through the veins of his entire body into his limbs and bones.

He looked at Lu Huanzi's face, but no matter how he looked at it, he could not get enough of it.

The corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up slightly.

He actually felt a strange sense of satisfaction in his heart.

This was the kind of fulfillment that he couldn't achieve even when he was at the top of the market.

Chen Huaijin had always been a decisive person.

Since he knew that he had fallen in love, what did he want.

His heart was clear, so he wouldn't let go.

When Lu Huanzi woke up, she was actually lying on Chen Huaijin's bed.

When she turned around, she actually saw Chen Huaijin sleeping next to her.

At this moment, she was holding her head with one hand and staring at Lu Huanzi.

Lu Huanzi didn't know how long he had been in this position.

But it looked like a long time.

Lu Huanzi didn't react for a moment.

She was stunned for two seconds.

Then, she sat up almost like a carp.

Then, she lifted the quilt and checked it up and down.

Fortunately, she was wearing yesterday's clothes, and it was very appropriate.

In Lu Huanzi's mind, nothing seemed to have happened last night.

But why was she sleeping on Chen Huaijin's bed now while Chen Huaijin was beside her?

Lu Huanzi suddenly had a headache.

She thought for a moment.

She recalled the process last night.

Last night, in the car, she confessed everything to Chen Huaijin.

After that, Chen Huaijin didn't have any reaction and kept smoking

After that.

After that, she seemed to fall asleep in the car.

She didn't drink last night either.

It was impossible for her to have sex after drinking.

If she really had a hard time, she would have woken up.

In just a few seconds, Lu Huanzi had already thought of 100,000 or 80,000 circles in her mind.

In the end, she was finally certain that nothing had happened last night.

At most, Chen Huaijin had carried her back to his room and placed her on his bed.

After thinking it through, Lu Huanzi gradually felt more at ease.

She turned around and saw Chen Huaijin. She couldn't help but frown. "What's going on? Why did you sleep next to me? "

Lu Huanzi was still a little angry when she said these words.

It was true that a person like Chen Huaijin wouldn't take advantage of her.

But when she woke up early in the morning, she saw a man sleeping next to her looking straight at her

She was so scared that her small brain shrunk again.

Chen Huaijin stood up indifferently. "You were the one who fell asleep in my room last night. I was kind enough to give you my bed, but you still gave me a look when you woke up early in the morning. What logic is this? "

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