A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 24

Chapter 24: 24 - Friend

When Sona used the energy to find out what Andy was feeling, she hoped to find some of the feelings related to love, or maybe even something like affection, but what he was feeling was a little shame and fear.

As she stared at him, Andy began to explain. "So... Actually, I've been watching you for a while, but because I'm so shy, I've never wanted to tell you, but I like you."

Sona was staring at him with a skeptical eye. The feelings he was feeling now completely contradicted what he was saying. "And even "liking" me, did you see what I went through and do nothing until today?"

Listening to her question, he started to sweat cold. It was true, he had seen what she had been through, but for being shy and feeling weak, he didn't have the courage to do anything to help her, until today he needed someone to do something for him, the only person he thought he could help him was this little girl with blue hair. "It's true...

Before he could continue, Sona interrupted him. "If one more lie comes out of your mouth, I turn my back and walk away."

Seeing the look she was giving him, Andy knew she'd actually do it. This was strange for him, since he always saw this girl as the weak girl stereotype that needs the help of the white horse prince. With a sigh of defeat, Andy decided to tell the truth. "The part about me wanting and not having the courage to help you before was true, but what I wanted to ask you was not to be my real girlfriend, honestly I don't even like women, but my family is charging me to at least introduce someone to them, just for dinner, then I can tell them that we've broken up.

Sona, listening to what he said, though it might not be an excessive request. It was just pretending for one night, it's not like she had to kiss him or anything. "Don't you like women?"

"Yeah, I'm gay. But my parents don't know and I don't have any friends in this school since I was transferred at the beginning of the school year and for some reason, no one approached me," he replied discouraged.

Sona was not surprised that he was gay, this was something normal in her old world when a God lives for thousands of years having sex with only one sex, they end up getting sick and tasting everything. Sona never had a relationship with anyone, so she doesn't understand that very well, but she respects it. "And why me? After all, there are a lot of girls in school."

When Andy heard that question, he was a little embarrassed, but he answered. "Well... my family's a little refined, you know? I was looking for some girl with this attitude to ask, but today, as I was walking down the hall, I saw you acting calm and mature the way my mother does... I thought you were one of the few girls who wouldn't feel uncomfortable in front of my parents.

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Sona heard this and understood a little of his point, she never had children or people very close, the closest people she ever had were her disciples. When someone got a boyfriend and went to introduce her to Sona, she would always evaluate them and ask some difficult questions for the poor growers, as well as a mother wanting to meet her son-in-law. Probably Andy's mother was the same way too.

Not seeing any reason to refuse, since Andy saved her from many problems and prevented her from breaking her arm, Sona replied. "Well, I accept. When will it be?"

"Since it took me a long time to find someone... it's tonight..." He answered with a silly smile on his face. "How about after class I give you a ride and take you to buy some clothes?"

"I gue..." Sona was going to answer, but she was interrupted.

"Clothes are to please my parents, don't refuse." He said with a determined eye.

"All right..." She answered a little tired.

"Great, let's get back to class since class should be just about to start." He said as he headed towards the room.

Sona as he was studying in the same room as him, accompanied him. The two of them started to talk and get to know each other so they wouldn't have any problems when Andy's parents asked him anything.

"So you're music? That's great! What style of music do you play? Have you ever done a show?" He asked animatedly like a child who got a gift.

"Yes, I am. I'm eclectic, as long as it's music I can appreciate the beauty. "Sona said with a little proud smile to be able to talk about music with someone who seemed to be so excited about this kind of thing. "Saturday I did my first show."

"Woaaaah! How cool! Did a lot of people come to listen? Did they like it?" He started asking. It was clear that Andy was happy, not because he found someone to fool his parents, but because he had someone to talk to at school. He spent so many months without talking to anyone, people always judged him because of his family, were afraid to have a conversation with him and cause some trouble. Now that he had someone to talk to who was obviously not afraid of him or his family, Andy was in cloud 9.

Sona seeing his reaction couldn't help but smile. Besides Madison, Andy was the first person not to treat her badly right away in this world, not to mention his interest in the things she talks about, and more importantly, he had no hidden intention with her. She could see clearly with or without the energy that he was treating her well on his own, that he had no desire to have her as a woman, no sexual interest, only the desire to have a friend. He looked like an innocent child.

"At the beginning of the show, everyone was criticizing me." She said.

"What? Tell me who they were, I'll teach them a lesson!" He joked trying to talk like a bad guy.

"But they only criticized me until I played a song for them when I played the song everybody was quiet and enjoyed the song." She said quietly.


Seeing the two of them talking, all the students were surprised. The prince of the Williams family, the perfect student, grades 10 in everything, who always walked with a closed face that gave no opportunity for anyone to approach was talking to Angela Young, the girl excluded from the room as if they were best friends.

"Maybe her family was as powerful as his?" That's what went through their heads.

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