A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 25

Chapter 25: 25 - Kahoot

The most uncomfortable person in all this was Daphne, as she already had her disagreements with Angela and now the girl was hanging out with one of the most powerful boys in school. I still found a dirty opportunity, you won't stay with him all the time. She'd think about it while facing them both.

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While people gossiped, Sona and Andy talked quietly.

Arriving in the room, the chairs where they sat in far away, then each went to a corner and waited for the class to begin. Sona was a little emotional, sitting in a nostalgic place like school, reminding her of some of her memories. Although she already imagined that the knowledge taught here would not be very challenging, the feeling of nostalgia was speaking louder.

The whole class was talking, some students sitting at tables, some students sitting on the lap of some boys, the classroom was a mess since the teacher had not yet arrived. When the door was opened, an apparently 30-year-old woman came in with a serious look on her face. Seeing this woman, the students went to sit in their respective seats for the class to begin.

At that time Sona sat at her own table without getting up, so when the woman arrived, Sona sat watching her.

The woman came in with a serious expression on her face, but when her look hit a blue-haired girl sitting watching her, she was a positive surprise landing. This student, Angela Young, when she was transferred to this college was very dedicated, paid attention to all the classes, took good grades... but after a while, it seems that her father died and she changed completely. She always slept in class, did not pay attention to explanations, she went from the best student to one of the worst.

Seeing Angela awake, with an upright spine and an upright gaze on her face, the teacher was happy, even if it was perhaps only today, it was good to see that the student had recovered a little of her motivation. "I hope she's not doing so badly in today's competition. The teacher thought.

"Good morning students, today we will have a surprise test!" The teacher said.

"What? A surprise proof of history? I'm screwed." Said a discouraged student.

"Taking a history test without studying..." Another student was also discouraged.


As the students began to complain, some used the opportunity to show themselves.

"Another 10?" Said a girl with an arrogant look on her face.

"Humph, that test will be easy." Daphne said with an equally arrogant look on her face. Looking at Sona, she said out loud. "Too bad for some people who only sleep, the only rating option will be ZERO."

Sona looked at Daphne and with a graceful look, she sent a kiss of debauchery to Daphne.

Daphne who was waiting for the girl's reaction of fear or shame, when she saw the kiss that the girl sent to her, she wanted to break something. She was clearly being teased.

"But it won't be any surprise evidence, it'll be a test at Kahoot! I'll make the link available to you, and each one will open the app or the site on the phone and enter with an account. The number of hits will determine your grade, and I have a special prize for first place!" The teacher said excited.

When the average students heard that the test would be by Kahoot, they were a little calmer in Kahoot, you could see your friend's answer from the side, since it was on a screen, so they could at least take the average without knowing the subject. The more advanced students, on the other hand, were looking at each other with a suspicious eye, trying to find out which one of them would be the biggest competitor.

When the teacher provided the link, Sona opened the application and entered the room where the questions would be asked. When asked what nickname she would use, she looked at the projector on the board and saw several different nicknames.

[BabyGhost] [Minecraft> School] [PewDiePie] [BPig]...

Seeing the last nick, Sona saw Daphne laughing with her friends and already guessed what was happening, but he didn't downgrade himself to her level. As her own nickname she chose [Etwahl], who had stayed at home.

When all the students connected, the teacher started the evaluation.

1 - In 1927, who became the first man to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic?

Seeing the question, Sona quickly remembered what she had studied and answered.

C. Charles Lindbergh.

She answered so quickly, that the teacher looking at someone who had already answered thought that the person had kicked, but usually, she did not find it strange, since there were always people who thought they could pass the kick.

After everyone answered, the ranking for that question came out.

1th - Etwahl 999

2nd - Bpig 972

3rd - TheBest 967

4th - Andy 963

5th - idk 961

Seeing how many points the person called "Etwahl" scored, the students were surprised. At Kahoot, the faster you answer, the more points you earn, to earn 999 points, the only explanation was that the person had answered a few thousandths after the question appeared.

"That person kicked." Said a student.

"Yes, in the time she answered, she wouldn't even have time to read the question, who would say read the answers together and answer." Said another student.

As the only name known in that ranking was that of Andy, the students began to speculate who the other four were, but no one came forward.

Seeing that everyone was ready, the teacher asked the next question about general history.

2 - What was the family name of the Russian rulers from the 17th century until the 1917 revolution?

Sona read the question in a fraction of a second, with her incredible concentration and the mental processing of a goddess, she found the answer faster than in the previous alternative.

B. Romanov.

When the teacher saw that someone else had answered instantly, she thought, 'Ahh young man, getting the first question right by luck may have been good, but getting a sequence of questions right like that is almost impossible.

But when the ranking showed up, everyone was surprised.

1 - Etwahl 2098

2 - Bpig 2024

3 - Andy 2003

4 - idk 1992

5 - Invisible 1974

"What?! Did that person get it right again in a fraction of a second?" A little girl said surprise.

"To get this score this person had to earn 999 points on each question in addition to the 100 extra points that the win-streak of 2 answers gives. How is that possible?" Asked a student.

"It must be luck..." Said a frustrated student looking at the 851 points on the phone screen.

Daphne was getting angry for not being in the first place and Andy had a suspicious face looking at Sona.

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