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A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse summary:

Eons ago a devastating and apocalyptic battle took place that rocked every dark and loathsome corner of the multiverse. In the aftermath of the battle, deities, demon-lords, old ones, arch-devils, angel kings, and archon queens, not to mention other cosmically powerful entities were totally obliterated. Despite this history-changing occurrence, life found a way, and life went on in a godless mult...

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A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse Chapters

Time uploaded
133 Wormsa month ago
128 Worlds Awaya month ago
123 Sin Nsfwa month ago
119 Emotionsa month ago
113 Apotheosisa month ago
93 Eyes Earsa month ago
87 Victorya month ago
86 Pridea month ago
85 Battle Linesa month ago
84 Violencea month ago
83 Preparationsa month ago
81 Sistersa month ago
78 Shadows Sina month ago
66 Aronmsa month ago
55 Consequencesa month ago
43 Swarm Reduxa month ago
41 A Miraclea month ago
37 Balancea month ago
33 The Ogressesa month ago
25 Puritya month ago
18 Icona month ago
17 Unlockeda month ago
11 Skepticisma month ago
6 Escalationa month ago
5 Prognosisa month ago
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