A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Book 2 Chapter 416

A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Volume 2 Chapter 416 No Refunds

"Of course, appropriate interjection is fine. That's beneficial to forging a good relationship between the two of us," the system conceded.

"Hurry up." Mag purse his lips with furrowed brows.

"The menu adjustment package includes one menu categorization service, five free slots for new dishes, and a lifetime menu quality maintenance card, which applies, but is not limited, to the 16 menus that the restaurant currently has. You can also consider the VIP menu adjustment package, which includes no extra costs for the future additions of new dishes, free adjustments to menu categorization, and images added to the menus for each dish! That package costs only 1,998 copper coins!" the system replied.

"Images for the dishes?" Mag's eyes lit up upon hearing that. That was not a bad suggestion. The dishes on the menu were still very different compared to the dishes in this world, so it was difficult for customers to formulate a mental image just from seeing the names of the dishes alone. That process would be made a lot more straightforward with accompanying images for the dishes, and could prove to be very helpful.

"System, isn't 1,998 too much? Just give me a half-price discount, and lower it to 998," Mag urged.

"This is already a once-in-a-lifetime super discounted price! The system is literally incurring losses by offering such a ridiculously low price! And yet, you're still bartering with me?" The system's grief-stricken voice erupted as it said, "Also, even if a half-price discount is given, that would still be 999, not 998! How could you just wipe away an entire copper coin just like that?"

"You earn hundreds of thousands of copper coins per day; why are you getting so worked up over one copper coin?" Mag's lifted an eyebrow. He was unable to understand why the system was so greedy sometimes.

"Do you really think the system earns that much from selling dishes? In this production line, it's vegetable farmers like us who have the hardest job for the least profit margin. Does it not require money to breed the best seeds? Does is not require money to build high-tech plantations? Does it not require money to construct marine farms? Does it not require money to transport the ingredients?

"The green peas are sold to you for 10 per 10 copper coins, and I only earn one copper coin from that. Those 10 peas take several months to be produced, and I only select the very best among them to be supplied to the restaurant!

"In order to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, the highest caliber of spatial transportation technology is employed. From the production site to your fridge, I've worked hard every step of the way! So please do not look down on one copper coin! It is a manifestation of my blood, sweat, and tears!"

A hint of guilt welled up in Mag's heart as he listened to the system's vehement voice. However, he then suddenly came to a realization, and a peculiar look appeared on his face as he said, "You did plant the vegetables, and bred the fish, shrimp, chicken, and ducks, but you're no vegetable farmer! You didn't have to do any of the hard work yourself, but here you are, giving me this epic sob story. I almost believed your lies!"

"Ahem" The system cleared its throat awkwardly before continuing, "In any case, the VIP package costs 1,998. You get carefully selected images, enhanced categorization, and many other benefits. The menu is the face of the restaurant, so the VIP is absolutely mandatory to improve the customer experience!"

"998, non-negotiable." Mag didn't back down in the slightest.

"999! I won't accept anything less!" The system's tone made it sound like it was making a massive concession.


"999!" The system still wasn't willing to concede. It was getting a little angry as it said, "You earn over a million copper coins per day; is there really a need for you to argue with me over one copper coin? Do you know how much work I have to do to supply the VIP package? Taking and selecting the images, formatting the menu, adding additional pages Everything requires work! Why can't you concede even a single copper coin?"

"I worked hard for all of that money! I didn't know how hard earning money was in my past life, and only now do I understand that money cannot be spent carelessly. As such, I'm not paying anything over 998 copper coins." Mag was very determined.

The system was silent for a long while before heaving a resigned sigh, and conceding, "Fine! 998 for the VIP menu adjustment package!"

"Good. You may begin now, system." An elated smile appeared on Mag's face. Even though it was only a discount of one copper coins, he felt as if he had earned a million copper coins.

"Don't be too sad. I should have enough money to purchase a second strength at the close of business tomorrow, so we'll be able to upgrade the restaurant tomorrow." Mag offered some consolation to the system.

"You've made a wise choice." As expected, the system really did sound more enthusiastic all of a sudden.

"So, are you planning on gifting the menu adjustment package to me for free?" Mag asked with a smile.

"Ding! 998 copper coins have been successfully deducted. The VIP menu adjustment package has already been sent, and no refunds are accepted!" The system's notification immediately sounded.

Mag shook his head in a resigned manner. The system really was very greedy. He went through all of the menu templates that had appeared in his mind, and chose the simplest one. There was the name and price, accompanied by a small image, with no other special effects or descriptions.

"Ding! The menu template has been successfully chosen. The menu is currently being made, and will be ready in five minutes!" The system's notification sounded.

"Good." Mag nodded, and got up to prepare the restaurant for the upcoming conference.

Ideally, a large round table would be really awesome for the conference, but the system's 10,000 copper coin renting price made him immediately lose interest. Incurring excessively high costs went against his money-making philosophy.

After standing at the center of the restaurant and contemplating for a while, Mag organized the dining tables into five rows, with about two meters in between each row. At the very front, there was a table for the mediators.

It was a simple yet practical arrangement which ensured that all participants had a table, and the distance of two meters provided sufficient personal space. The superfluous tables and chairs were moved to a corner, and it was still quite a spacious arrangement in the end.

That looks good. Hopefully, they'll be quite diplomatic during the conference, and won't damage the restaurant. Mag was a little concerned.

Neither the giant dragons nor demons were benevolent species. If an altercation broke out and they got physical, his restaurant would not be able to handle it.

After arranging the dining tables, Mag went into the kitchen to prepare the required ingredients.

Michael was not a foolish city lord. He definitely had his considerations for selecting Mamy Restaurant as the conference venue and accepting so many of his conditions. It definitely wasn't because his grilled fish could alleviate his daughter's condition. Instead, the restaurant had to be somehow conducive to a positive result being reached in this conference.

The only standout feature of Mamy Restaurant that differentiated it from all other restaurants was its food. Mag was very much aware of that.

The sun began to set, and a hundred-meter-long Golden Dragon slowly glided over the Aden Square. The light of the setting sun shone down upon its back, reflecting rays of dazzling golden light, while countless people in the square looked up from below with amazement in their eyes.

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