A Valiant Life Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056: This situation needs some resolving

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The next day!

When Lin Fan saw the news on the Internet, he couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Master Lin appears at the hospital and his miraculous hands bring Liu Shan back to health. The donated money will be returned to their respective accounts.’

‘After the surgical doctors in the hospital saw Master Lin’s operation, they have all requested for leaves.’

‘Let us walk into the world of doctors to see what Master Lin has done to them.’

‘A true lucky star. It turns out that Master Lin likes to appear and disappear unpredictably.’

The netizens had long gotten used to such news. After all, that was just how Master Lin was.

Sometimes, he would suddenly appear at a hospital to give someone a huge pleasant surprise.

“Actually, I honestly think that everyone shouldn’t flame Master Lin anymore in the future. This person is genuinely good. The things he does are always righteous.”

“Yeah. I’ve never flamed him before. Even if other people are flaming him, I would never follow along.”

“Even if Master Lin does something horrible, I would automatically assume that it’s because he’s too awesome that someone drugged him and made him do it. He would never do anything horrible by his own will.”

“^This is a true understanding fan. We should all be like that.”

“Bunch of idiots. You’re saying that he’s genuinely good? If his medical skills are so awesome, why doesn’t he help other people by treating their illnesses? Aren’t other people suffering as well?”

“Sigh, there are idiots every year but this year, there are especially many. ^You should stop talking. Once you talk, I can tell that you’re a hater.”

The various large hospitals all envied that hospital. They hadn’t thought that the godly doctor, Master Lin, would go there and even perform an operation in the hospital.

This Master Lin was a super powerful advertisement. Whichever hospital he went to would explode in popularity.

But as of now, there had been no hospital that had been able to successfully invite Master Lin over.

Many hospitals had calculated this before. If any hospital could invite Master Lin to join them, that hospital would definitely become the most popular hospital in the country.

After all, it would have the godly doctor with them. Who wouldn’t know about that?

At the entrance of the shop, the surrounding shop owners had gathered.

“Little Boss, this was pretty good!”

“Little Boss, take a look at my body. I’ve been having a hip ache recently.”

Lin Fan glanced over. “Don’t you have any idea why it’s aching? You’re already close to fifty and you still treat your body as if you were a young man.”

When he said this, the crowd roared with laughter.

“Even so, you can’t say it so directly. I have my pride too.”

Lin Fan shook his head. Right now, all he had to do was think things through and he would know what to do.

Besides his task, what else was there?

The angling knowledge was good. It could give him many fun things. However, it was too time-consuming. He was now busy completing his task, how could he waste his time on angling?

Perhaps in the future, when things settled down, he would be able to fish every day.

In the afternoon, Lin Fan drove his car and went out to roam around. He wanted to try his best to complete the task soon.

At that moment, he passed by a bank and realized that an old man was sitting at the entrance of the bank. No matter what the surrounding staff said, he wouldn’t budge.

Moreover, there were many people standing around and spectating.

Rong Mao bank.

Lin Fan stopped his car by the road. He didn’t know what was going on, so he went forward curiously. Before he reached the scene, he could already hear the noise.

“My money was deposited in your bank. Why can’t I withdraw it? Where have you put my money?”

It was very noisy. Many townsfolk had surrounded them to spectate the scene. Lin Fan stood there as well, listening to the townsfolk’s discussion.

“This old uncle deposited one million dollars in the bank. Now, this money got loaned to a certain start-up. And the procedure has already been settled too. But this old uncle had never done this procedure.”

“That’s strange. Then how was it done?”

“Who knows? Nowadays, banks have all these procedures that really can give you a headache.”

“Then they won’t return the money to the old uncle now?”

At that moment, a middle-aged lady dressed in the bank working attire pointed at the old uncle. “Hurry up and leave. This was done by yourself. The procedures have all been completed.”

When the old uncle heard this, he patted the photocopied documents in his hands. “How is that possible? Look at this. When did I ever agree to this? I have to wait thirty years to get it back? How can I wait so long?”

The spectators all shook their heads upon hearing that.

“D*mn. This is one of those new programs. It has to be deposited for thirty years before it can be withdrawn.”

“They’re just tricking people. But I feel like this old uncle’s situation is helpless. If he wants to go against Rong Mao Bank, he would have to be very capable.”

“Yeah. Sigh. Nowadays, money isn’t safe no matter where you put it. I previously heard that a lady deposited several tens of thousands but it disappeared all of a sudden. The bank said that they didn’t know where it went. Isn’t that strange? The money had been deposited with them but they actually didn’t know where it went.”

“I heard about that. In the end, after the big ruckus, there was no conclusion, was there?”

“That’s nothing. I used my credit card a long time ago and I forgot to pay one dollar. After many years, I actually received a call telling me that I have to pay tens of thousands. I was bewildered. I don’t even use credit cards anymore, how could I owe so much?”

“Then how did you resolve it in the end?”

“I went to court. The court said that the bank was the disadvantaged party and I had to pay. I just admitted that I was unlucky.”

“Hehe. ‘Disadvantaged party’. What a way to put it.”

“Yeah. They didn’t tell me that they were short of one dollar. When it reached tens of thousands, then they call me to repay the money. It was even after so many years. Even a tycoon would be able to feel the pain of losing that money. If the bank had waited a few more decades to call me, that one dollar might have turned into millions.”

Lin Fan listened from the side and started to understand some things.

At that moment, that woman was getting rough. She felt that the old uncle was affecting them too much by staying at their entrance. She called two security guards over to carry the old uncle away.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” The two security guards came over and lifted him from his arms and legs and were about to carry him away. That old uncle struggled but, at his age, how could he break free from these two young men?

The middle-aged lady watched this old man with a glimmer of fury in her eyes. In her heart, she mumbled to herself. D*mned old man. Can’t you see where this place is before coming to cause a ruckus?

They were a private bank. They didn’t care about all this.

“Stop.” Lin Fan stepped out. He felt that, although this had nothing to do with him, he had to condemn it.

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