A Valiant Life Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 These Questions Are Incisive

Lin Fan might not have known many other people but he did know a lot of reporters. He basically knew every reporter in Shanghai.

After all, he hadn’t meddled around all this time for nothing.

With a few phone calls, how many could he call over? A countless number.

Reporters loved getting news the most. And now, the biggest news generator had called them. To the reporters, it was time to report a big piece of news.

One after another, media vehicles came driving along.

Every reporter held a phone as they interacted amongst themselves.

“Master Lin is going to make news again.”

“D*mn. It’s really unceasing. He’s never going to stop.”

“I wonder what news it will be this time. Does anyone know?”

“I’m not sure. If I knew, it would be much easier.”

“We’re reaching the venue soon. When we reach, we’ll know.

Wang Xiu had been waiting outside all this time. Why aren’t they leaving yet? How long do they want to keep this up? But suddenly, things didn’t seem right.

One after another, media vehicles stopped nearby and reporters came out from them.

“Why are the reporters here?” Wang Xiu was startled and in disbelief. Then, when she thought about Master Lin, she was stunned.

“What is that Master Lin trying to do? This doesn’t even have anything to do with him. He’s too meddlesome, isn’t he?” Then, she hurriedly took out her phone and gave the Director a call. She wouldn’t be able to sustain the situation by herself.

“Master Lin, where are you?”

The reporters immediately charged forward after alighting from their vehicles. Then, they shouted for Master Lin as they all wanted to get in the best position.

“I’m here.” Lin Fan had been sitting there with the old man. When he heard someone shout, he stood up and answered.

When the reporters saw Master Lin, they dashed over like a flock of birds. Then, Master Lin was instantly surrounded.

Some of the reporters who had come late became anxious upon seeing this.They’ve taken all the f*cking space. How are we supposed to take photos?

When the old man saw this, he was stunned. He had looked for reporters before as well. But those small reporters had been useless. They had basically ignored him.

Eventually, a reporter had published something for him but it had been on the smallest page. It had basically been useless.

He had never expected so many reporters to come. In his stunned state, he was speechless.

“Master Lin, what are you at Rong Mao? Did something happen between you and them?”

“Master Lin, who’s that next to you?”

“Master Lin, did you come to the bank to withdraw money?”

The questions came one after another. Right now, the reporters wanted to create some gossip and see what exactly was going on.

“My reporter brothers, don’t be impatient.” Lin Fan felt that he wouldn’t be seen if he stood there. Then, he simply stood on a chair and gestured for them to settle down. “This time, it actually doesn’t have anything to do with me. I saw this when I was passing by. This old man is the main character here. You guys can ask him if you have any questions. But before that, I want to let the old man explain the situation, alright?”

“That reporters in front, please bend down a little to let those at the back take photos too.”

These words from Lin Fan were actually effective as the front row of reporters really bent down and placed the microphones in front of the old man.

Seeing so many reporters around, the old man was a little nervous. However, thinking about the incident, he was eager to speak.

“My name is Li Gang Cai. I deposited one million dollars here. These one million dollars were earned painstakingly. I worked day and night with my wife, selling baked pancakes, to accumulate this money. Then, I deposited it here. But because I want to go to the nursing home with my wife, I came to withdraw the money. However, they said that I can’t withdraw the money and that I have to wait thirty years before I can withdraw it. Back then, I deposited my money with a three-year deadline. Now, they’re saying that it’s thirty years. I don’t even know what’s going on.”

“I came to look for them and they gave me this document, saying that I signed some kind of agreement and they’ve loaned my money to a start-up. I have never signed such a document before. I’ve already come here for a month and they’re all ignoring me now. If this youngster didn’t help me, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

The reporters listened closely and they understood the situation now.

They had come across a number of such incidents. Some of them ended up being resolved while some had never been resolved.

They had never published news about this before but to the reporters, there were no problems with reporting this incident now.

Because Master Lin was involved in this. Master Lin’s influence was no joke.

If they exposed this incident, it would definitely become the hot topic across the nation.

When that happens, the pressure of the controversy would definitely help to resolve this issue.

Lin Fan said, “That’s the situation. Initially, I didn’t want to call you all but there’s not anyone here who’s willing to receive us. They all say that they don’t know when we ask them anything. I don’t even know why they’re working here if they don’t know anything.”

The reporters nodded. It made sense. It really made sense.

But they didn’t know what the real issue was either.

If the old man hadn’t signed the agreement, how had the money been loaned out?

It was a complicated issue. There were many questions.

Some of the employees here were dumbfounded when they saw so many reporters.

If they didn’t know the situation, they would’ve thought that a superstar had come.

At that moment, Wang Xiu had finished talking to the director and had come to appease the situation.

When the reporters saw this middle-aged woman, particularly because of her attire, they hurried over to her.

“May I ask what’s the exact situation regarding this matter?”

“Master Lin said that no one here was willing to receive them. Is that true?”

“According to my knowledge, many of such incidents have happened before here. Is there someone in your internal department abusing power?”

Wang Xiu hadn’t expected such incisive questions to immediately come from these reporters. And these problems had indeed occurred before. But they had managed to suppress them. Now that the reporters had brought it up, she was put in a tough spot.

But at this moment, she had to give an answer.

“Everyone, please wait a moment. This matter has nothing to do with us. The agreement was signed personally by this elderly man. We definitely wouldn’t forge his signature or do any of such acts. We are also under supervision,” explained Wang Xiu.

Lin Fan smiled. “You’re saying that the old man signed it himself. Then let me ask you if you have a video of it. These contract signings are always recorded. The staff report and his acknowledgment documents, do you have them?”

When he said this, the reporters nodded as well. There should indeed be such procedures involved especially since it was quite a big sum and it was a disputable contract.

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