A Valiant Life Chapter 118

Vice-President of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, Guo Chen.

Chairman of the Yang Tai Chi Group, Wang Yun Jie.

Chairman of the Muay Thai Group, Yuan Guang.

Chairman of the Mixed Martial Arts Group, Wu Xuan.

Chairman of the Da Cheng Quan Group, Ding De.

Chairman of the Tactical Tai Chi Group, Wang De Sheng.

Wang Yun Jie slammed the table in rage as he stood up and said, "Eat lunch? You're still in the mood for lunch? Do you know that the association is in shambles now all because of your biased actions?"

Lin Fan glared at Wang Yun Jie and said, "What's wrong? Do I have to seek approval from you guys for lunch? Whether my actions were biased or not, each one of you knows it better than me."

The other Chairmen's faces changed. They had just gotten shot in the face by Lin Fan. They didn't have anything to do with this matter, but now that things had ended up like that, they had to do something about it. If they didn't stop this youngster from continuing with his nonsense, they really wouldn't know if they even had authority anymore.

Vice-President Guo said, "Alright, both of you just sit down and talk to each other nicely. Do not let others think of you as a joke."

"Vice-President Guo, I agree with your views. Things like this should be talked over nicely but Chairman Wang is looking at me as if he's going to eat me up. Do you think I could still talk nicely to him?" Lin Fan said.

Vice-President was afraid of Lin Fan and he didn't want him to cause any more trouble. He had only joined the association for a few days and had already caused so much trouble. But this time, it was different. The problems had been made known to the Internet and now, it had become a nationwide issue. Everyone was looking at it now and if they still couldn't resolve it in time, he was bound to lose his job as the Vice-President.

Wang Yun Jie was feeling extremely low. He said, "Lin, don't you feel any shame? These things were all started by you. I know you aren't afraid of losing your job, but you should know that if this matter isn't resolved, you can forget about leaving this association."

Lin Fan smiled at his threatening words and said, "What rights do you have to say that?"

"I'm speaking on behalf of the Chairmen that are here today," Wang Yun Jie pointed at each and every one of them and said.

Lin Fan didn't say anything as he started to unbutton his cuffs and place his phone and wallet aside.

"Chairman Lin, what do you think you're doing?" Vice-President Guo said. He was feeling a little regretful. Before Lin Fan had come into the conference room, they had had a mini meeting and they had decided to suppress him firmly with stern words.

"Nothing much. Didn't Chairman Wang say that he was speaking on behalf of all of you? Everyone's experienced in Martial Arts here. I'll give all of you a chance to come at me since neither one of us will back down," Lin Fan said as he prepared to fight.

"Chairman Lin, stay calm. Do not be rash," Vice-President Guo stood up and tried to console him. Then, he looked at Wang Yun Jie and said, "Shut up."

"Vice-President Guo, I" Wang Yun Jie was furious but he was helpless. He just looked away and didn't say anything.

The other Chairmen looked at each other in dismay. They all wondered where in the world this guy came from. It seemed like he didn't even care about his image. After all, they were in the Shanghai Chinese Martial Arts Association and there hadn't been someone like him for so many years, someone that actually dared to challenge the Chairmen to a fight.

Years ago, these people had used their connections to join the Chinese Martial Arts Association. After joining the association, even though they weren't capable people, they paid an annual fee just to stay in the association and use its reputation to their favor.

Vice-President Guo looked at Lin Fan and said firmly, "Chairman Lin, I have to speak to you about this matter properly. You are part of the association now and everything should be based on the interest of the association. You've tarnished the association's reputation with your words and actions. It won't do any good to us and I'm sure it won't do any good to you too, right? Furthermore, the offices have been well-equipped so that you'll feel more comfortable here. Look, just because of a small matter like this, our association has become a laughing stock."

Lin Fan waved his hands and said, "Don't say these things to me, I am just like that. I won't act based on the interest of the association. If the association is good, it doesn't need me to speak good things about it, but if it's bad, then I can't just let things be. This matter has nothing to do with me anymore. It's your call to speak to the press however you wish to and it's up to you to change things."

"Chairman Lin, how could you speak to Vice-President Guo like that? He means well for you," Yuan Guang said in a neutral tone.

Lin Fan was extremely firm with his words as he said, "Vice-President Guo, just speak your mind, what do you want to do next?"

Vice-President Guo was furious. Lin Fan was just a stone in a pit, rotten and smelly. He was inexperienced and not knowledgeable, yet he acted so obnoxiously. However, Vice-president Guo decided to stay calm and speak nicely to Lin Fan.

"Chairman Lin, look, I will definitely handle this matter properly. Since Wang Yun Jie has violated the laws of the association, he will definitely be punished. I just hope that you can speak to the press and settle this matter promptly."

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Vice-President Guo, I think you think too highly of me. How do I go about doing that? I am just a normal citizen and I don't have that sort of authority."

Vice-President waved his hands impatiently and said, "You have the authority. Just tell the media that we have been trying to improve things and the incident with Wang Yun Jie was just a misunderstanding."

"Just like that?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yeah, that's all. As long as you put things this way, it would help to improve the situation," Vice-President Guo said as he nodded his head.

In Lin Fan's heart, he just smiled. He had an upper hand over them and was surprised that they were resolving the issue in such a manner, instead of targeting it at its roots.

"Vice-President Guo."

Lin Fan looked at Guo Chen and said firmly, "I'll give you a better solution."

"What is it?" Vice-President Guo asked.

"Hold a press conference and let Wang Yun Jie apologize officially. He won't just be apologizing to my students, but to all the handicapped people out there. Then, you'll have to personally admit that the problems within the association are our own problems and we will take action accordingly. I'll just stop here, I have to go for lunch," Lin Fan said as he kept his phone and wallet. Then, he left the room.

He had already given the solution to them and he just wanted to see if they were willing to follow his instructions.

Anyway, he had already spoken his mind, he didn't want them to make use of him to resolve this issue.

At that moment, the room had become silent.

The three Chairmen, Wang De Sheng, Ding De, and Wu Xuan, looked at each other. They thought that the matter had nothing to do with them and so they didn't want to speak about it. Initially, they had been agreeable to Wang Yun Jie's suggestion of scaring Lin Fan and making him the representative to resolve the matter. But now that things had turned out this way, they didn't want to be implicated.

This problem didn't belong to them, it belonged to Vice-President Guo.

After all, the approval of the funds' usage was ultimately given by Vice-President Guo, since he was the one who signed the papers.

These people who had nothing to do with it felt that they should just keep quiet and not interfere with things.


"This is too much, who does he think he is?" Wang Yun Jie asked.

"F*ck off!" Vice-President Guo shouted at Wang Yun Jie.

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