A Valiant Life Chapter 119

At 5 pm in the evening.

Lin Fan had left for Cloud Street. After arriving there, he took a glimpse of the situation in his shop. Now that there was Wu Tian He, he didn't need to worry as much as before.

"How was it? Did you encounter any difficult problems today?" Lin Fan asked Wu Tian He.

If people in the Metaphysics Association saw that someone was asking Wu Tian He if he had encountered any difficulties, they'd definitely laugh their a*ses off. Wu Tian He was the best Metaphysician in the nation and nobody could match up to his standards.

"Nope, the questions asked by the citizens were all small problems," Wu Tian He replied. He was already used to the job there, reading the fortunes of ten people daily was an easy task for him.

However, there were some unreasonable questions that he refused to answer and that was precisely what Lin Fan was asking about. What was the point of answering those stupid questions?

Wu You Lan had become an 'attraction' for Lin Fan's shop and recently, there had been an increase in the number of young male customers.

Fraud Tian started to speak as he was looking at his phone, "You're getting more reckless now, mate. You actually fought with the people at the Chinese Martial Arts Association."

Lin Fan just smiled and said, "I don't have the power to fight with them but they were simply going overboard."

Wu You Lan said, "Master Lin, I am extremely impressed by you. That bloody Chairman was so despicable and he had no respect for the children. Dad, what do you think will happen to him for saying such things?"

Wu Tian He replied, "Propriety in speech will accumulate good fortune. Actually, you can tell whether a person will suffer a tragic fate just from his speech. In one's life, one wouldn't do immoral things daily but one could probably speak immorally every day. This would accumulate and one's good fortune would be affected by it. Therefore, those who lack propriety in their speech will definitely have a bad life."

Fraud Tian smiled and replied, "Some things don't have to be said explicitly. Propriety in speech will help to improve one's life, that's all."

Just a simple discussion of propriety in speech had triggered Wu Tian He and Fraud Tian to talk about morals and values.

Lin Fan took a cup of tea from Wu You Lan and took a sip as he said, "Thank you for your words of wisdom."

Fraud Tian replied, "It's not exactly words of wisdom. These words have been passed down from ancient times. The Buddha once said that one should be careful with his words for the heavens are watching. One should be focused on accumulating good fortune with kindness to gain the favor of the heavens."

Lin Fan asked casually, "Fraud Tian, you aren't even a believer of the Buddha, how do you know such things?"

Fraud Tian said awkwardly, "Haha, I used to fight a lot with others and I injured a lot of people. I was so afraid that I went to hide in a temple in the mountains for a few months and I read some books there."

Lin Fan was stunned and even a little afraid. He didn't know if keeping Fraud Tian by his side was a right move. It seemed like the Encyclopedia had its eyes on Fraud Tian and it had always been looking for new branches of knowledge from Fraud Tian. If the next page still had something to do with him, then things would probably get worse.

He was still in the midst of completing the task on the Ba Gua Zhang page but he wasn't anxious about it. Anyway, he was leading such a carefree life.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was a call from Wu Huan Yue.

Wu Huan Yue said, "Master, I have advanced into the top 4!"

Lin Fan smiled upon hearing what she had said and replied, "Congratulations, congratulations to you!"

He had been busy with the Chinese Martial Arts Association recently and hadn't followed up with the news about 'The New Voice' but he still saw it occasionally on the news. Ying Jin had withdrawn from the panel of judges and they had found a new judge. The new judge didn't have a good reputation online, but after the whole Ying Jin saga, she didn't dare to do anything rash.

Especially since Mentor Qi Ming was still there as a judge. If she were to cause a problem, he would definitely start to flame her immediately. However, the new judge didn't think of causing any more problems and just joined the show to earn some extra revenue.

Wu Huan Yue said, "Master, it's going to be the finals in five days' time. Will you be free to come and watch?"

Lin Fan thought for a moment and couldn't think of anything important, so he agreed, "Sure, no problem. I will definitely be there to see you become the champion."

Wu Huan Yue just laughed on the phone and said, "I don't expect myself to become the champion, but I'm hoping for a placing in the top three."

Lin Fan chuckled and replied, "A contestant has to dream of becoming the best in order to be a good singer. I haven't met up with you and Wang Ming Yang for some time now. I'll give him a call and see if we can all meet up somewhere for a bit."

Wu Huan Yue replied, "I'll leave it to you to arrange it!"

Then, they both hung up.

Fraud Tian just stared at Lin Fan blankly.

Lin Fan asked, "What's wrong?"

Fraud Tian wanted to see the pretty women on the show. He said, "I want to go too."

Lin Fan patted him on his shoulder and said, "It's not a place for old men like you, I suggest you should just stay here. Furthermore, Wu Tian He just arrived in Shanghai. Since you have nothing to do at night, perhaps you could go have a tour around with him."

After being rejected, Fraud Tian was a little sad. He heaved a sigh. Although he was a little old, he felt that he was still young at heart.

"Everyone, I'll make a move first. Please knock off from work earlier today," Lin Fan said as he left the shop.

As he entered his car, he made a call.

Lin Fan asked, "Where are you? Are you free today to have a meal with me?"

Wang Ming Yang happily replied, "I'm with Zi Le, I was planning to go for a meal with her. Now that you've called, let's go together."

Lin Fan said, "Let's meet at our usual spot. I'll go pick Wu Huan Yue up."

Wang Ming Yang let out a cunning laughter as he replied, "How is it? Which stage are you at now?"

"What are you saying? I don't understand you. I'll hang up here, see you later," Lin Fan said as he hung up the phone. Wang Ming Yang was such a tease, it was as if he had to matchmake him no matter what after seeing that he was single.

Then, Lin Fan called Wu Huan Yue and drove towards her location.

At an apartment block.

Lin Fan sat in the car and waited. The things that happened recently were quite interesting. He hadn't expected so much trouble in the Chinese Martial Arts Association, but he couldn't be blamed. After all, he wasn't the one who had asked to join the association. They had invited him to join them.

Just as Lin Fan was deep in thought, a curvy silhouette appeared in front of the car.

Wu Huan Yue opened the car door and her perfume smelled fresh. Her clothes were elegant and fashionable. She said, "Master Lin, sorry for the trouble."

Lin Fan looked at her for a moment and started the car before saying, "No problem, it's on the way."

Wu Huan Yue had dolled herself up at home and Master Lin was captivated by her, his heart was filled with an indescribable feeling.

There was only the two of them in the car but it wasn't awkward as Wu Huan Yue had a lot to say.

"Master Lin, I read the news. Those children were already very pitiful and the Chairman still said such words."

Lin Fan smiled and replied, "They aren't pitiful. They're the same as us, there's no difference. They're even stronger and braver than us. As for that fella, I don't want to speak about him."

Wu Huan Yue nodded as she continued to talk about more interesting things.

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