A Valiant Life Chapter 120

They met at the usual place. When Lin Fan and Wu Huan Yue arrived, Wang Ming Yang was already there with his girlfriend.

"That's fast," Lin Fan smiled and said. Then, he pulled a chair back and sat down.

"Brother Lin," Xu Zi Le said politely. She was Wang Ming Yang's girlfriend and it was all thanks to Lin Fan. If he didn't think that their relationship would work out, she believed that Wang Ming Yang would have chosen to break up with her.

Although she was a movie star, there were quite a number of famous actresses in Shanghai. There weren't any people or reporters that recognized her in such a high-class restaurant. After all, looks can be different on and off screen. If they didn't look at her closely or weren't big fans of her, they wouldn't recognize her on the streets.

Wang Ming Yang laughed and said, "Things have gotten heated up on your side lately. I see your face every day when I open the Weibo app."

The incident with the Martial Arts Association along with the Han Lu incident had created a big mess. It was as if the matter wouldn't be resolved unless he came out to speak about it. Furthermore, it involved the Association of the Handicapped as well. Such a big mess was enough to keep the people at the Martial Arts Association busy for quite some time.

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and said, "Things are alright, I guess. My luck hasn't been good lately. I keep facing trouble everywhere I go and naturally, I have to resolve them."

Xu Zi Le laughed, "Brother Lin, with your abilities, why did you even join this Martial Arts Association?"

"I didn't know joining it would cause me so much trouble. I guess it'll be better after these things settle down," Lin Fan said. He stayed on because he wanted to help the children fulfill their dreams. With the current situation, he didn't even have any aspirations for himself anymore,but he felt that it would be great to be able to help these kids.

"Alright, that's enough. Let's talk about something else. I'm not drinking today because I have something on tomorrow," Lin Fan replied.

Wang Ming Yang pouted his lips and said, "That's a little disappointing. I thought I could get drunk with you tonight; I didn't even drive!"

Lin Fan laughed and replied, "Next time!"

Wang Ming Yang didn't say much as he was full of admiration for Lin Fan. It seemed like he knew how to do everything and he was fearless. He knew about the messy situation in the Martial Arts Association but the fact that Lin Fan could cause such a big mess and still win the favor of the members. It was not an easy feat.

Xu Zi Le was behaving a little strangely. She kept drinking red wine with Wu Huan Yue. Although the alcohol content wasn't high, it was enough to get someone drunk. What was wrong with her? Why was she behaving so valiantly? Meanwhile, Wang Ming Yang kept looking at Lin Fan as if to say, "This is all I can do for you, the rest is up to you."

Lin Fan found it to be amusing. How could he not know what Wang Ming Yang was scheming? But he wasn't ready; besides, he hadn't interacted enough with Wu Huan Yue. He wanted to develop feelings for her first. Lin Fan felt that it was a little too pretentious. It's just to have sex with her; he didn't have to make it so complicated.

He didn't let Xu Zi Le and Wu Huan Yue continue drinking on their own. He started a conversation with them and they had a discussion. After that, Wang Ming Yang suddenly mentioned Wu Yun Gang's name. He was that pathetic multi-billionaire that consulted Lin Fan. Lin Fan was spot on about his lover who tried to cheat his money and Wu Yun Gang had successfully recovered his money. But due to complications with the bank and because his company wasn't operating well at that time, he didn't have time to pay Lin Fan a visit. Therefore, he told Wang Ming Yang over the phone to thank Lin Fan for him. After he settled everything, he would visit Lin Fan in Shanghai to thank him properly.

After he was done eating, he didn't drink any alcohol and offered to send Wu Huan Yue home. On the other hand, Wang Ming Yang went shopping around with Xu Zi Le.

Below her house.

Wu Huan Yue was a little drunk, but she could still speak coherently, "Master, I'm okay. I can make it to my house on my own."

Lin Fan continued to hold onto her and without any hesitation, he said, "I'll send you up."

It was quite late and especially since she was a little drunk, he was worried about her. Although the district was quite old, it had a lift. The two of them went to the lobby and pressed the button, but there was no response.

"Huh? It's spoilt?" Lin Fan was shocked. Then, he looked at the poster on the wall.

The lift is under maintenance, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

At the same time, Lin Fan really heard sounds of someone repairing the lift above them.

"Which level do you live on?" Lin Fan asked.

Wu Huan Yue's face was a little red and she said, "Level six."

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn't too high. The small district had more than ten stories and if she had stayed on the top level, he'd really die from climbing the stairs. Perhaps the lift technician didn't expect anyone to return home that late.

"The lift is under maintenance at such a bad timing, let's take the stairs," Lin Fan said.

He held onto Wu Huan Yue as he helped her up the stairs.

As a result of drinking, Wu Huan Yue was braver than usual. She asked, "Master Lin, do you have a girlfriend?"

Upon hearing the question, Lin Fan sighed. What was a girlfriend? It felt as if he hadn't met one in his whole life.

Just when Lin Fan was deep in thought, Wu Huan Yue tripped and she moved forward abruptly. Lin Fan's wouldn't have been so quick in the past but it was different now. He quickly reached out with his arms and caught her.

"Are you okay?" Lin Fan asked.

Wu Huan Yue shook her head and replied, "I'm fine. That was close."

"That's good then. Be more careful, you're wearing heels," Lin Fan said. But he realized that he was touching somewhere that he shouldn't be touching. It felt big but it was difficult to describe how big it was. But he had to do it to stabilize her.

Lin Fan cleared his throat and pretended nothing had happened as he let go of his hands and held her by her arms. "Move slowly, don't rush."

Wu Huan Yue smiled as she replied softly, "Okay."

Level six wasn't exactly very high but they took about ten minutes because they were moving at such a slow speed.

After they arrived at her door, Lin Fan didn't have any intention to enter. He just said, "Rest early."

After that, Lin Fan left.

Wu Huan Yue's face became even redder when she looked at Lin Fan's back view as he walked down the stairs.

In the car.

Lin Fan took out his phone. It was the first time he had encountered such a thing but he felt like he didn't do anything wrong. So, he did a search on Baidu.

"What if I accidentally touched someone's breasts while helping her?"

There weren't many results and he was in a dilemma. So, he added a few more words.

"But she smiled at me, what does it represent?"

After searching for a while, he finally found an answer.

"Child, you're thinking too much. She was just being polite."

Lin Fan heaved a sigh, Wu Huan Yue was indeed a polite and virtuous lady.

At the same time, he upvoted the person who commented to show his respect. He just did a search to clear his doubt and it really helped. How convenient.


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