A Valiant Life Chapter 164

The reporter said, "Everyone who is watching this live broadcast, Master Lin is now touching the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door. The atmosphere here is very grave. Although Chief Zhong has confidence in his product, we can see that he is very nervous as the person he is challenging today is Master Lin."

The reporter continued, "Master Lin is someone with talent. Not only is he good at reading fortunes, he is also good at making scallion pancakes, martial arts and even unlocking doors. However, we are not sure if the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door can withstand Master Lin."

The reporter asked, "May I ask, Master Lin, you used your hands to knock down the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door in the video. Was it due to the poor quality of the door?"

Chief Zhong heard the reporter's question and raised a doubt. He dared to swear that the quality of the door did not have any problems. All materials chosen were of the best quality, and no shoddy work was involved.

Lin Fan turned around and smiled, "How can it be bad? If it is a normal copper door, I would not have used so much strength. The quality of Chief Zhong's Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors is definitely good. Although I am not familiar with copper doors, when I compare it with other copper doors I've seen before, the materials used in Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors are the best."

Chief Zhong was shocked and showed a grateful expression. He did not think that Master Lin would compliment the quality of the copper door. This was nothing he had imagined. Based on Chief Zhong's experience, people would normally boast about themselves and belittle the opponent. However, Master Lin did not. This changed his impression of Master Lin in his heart.

Inside the live broadcast room.

"Huh? Why do I feel that the situation is weird? It seems like Master Lin is complimenting the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door."

"Hehe, what do you guys know. That was not a compliment, but the truth. Do you really think that Master Lin is like other people, who only know how to belittle the opponent and boast about themselves?"

"Not sure whether Master Lin will be able to unlock the door. Although I know that Master Lin previously knocked it down, if he relies on technique this time, I am a little skeptical."

At this moment, Lin Fan took out a long tool from the toolbox and started prying the door open. He inserted the tool through the peephole. "Chief Zhong's products are not bad. They designed the small details very well and thought of every possible scenario. Normally when this tool is inserted through the peephole, ninety percent of the doors could be unlocked. However, this handle has been designed to be an oval shape. This would prevent any pets from opening the door and can prevent this kind of tools from unlocking the doors from inside."

Chief Zhong listened and smiled. When he was designing the product, he thought of this possibility. Therefore, he changed the shape of the handle to an oval shape to prevent such situations from happening. He was very happy after getting complimented by Master Lin.

The reporters witnessed the happenings and felt that the situation was amusing. This did not seem like a challenge to unlock the door. It seemed like he was complimenting the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door.

Inside the live broadcast room.

"F*ck, this is the first time I've heard that you can unlock the door through the peephole."

"If I did not watch this broadcast, I would never have thought about this idea."

"This Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door does not seem to be as useless as the Internet deems it to be."

"Do you guys feel weird about this situation?"

"There's nothing wrong, I'm enjoying it."

Lin Fan put the tool down, took up a water toy gun and explained, "Every electronic door uses electricity to run and it is weak to water. Water can destroy the wires in the door and trip the electricity, hence unlocking the door. However, I realized that the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door is tightly sealed. Even with a water gun, it's useless"

Lin Fan opened the water toy gun and shot towards the door but nothing changed. "Look, the fingerprint pad is still lit up. This means that there is no damage to the door. Chief Zhong has really put in a lot of effort in sealing the door. Right, Chief Zhong?"

Chief Zhong immediately nodded and said, "Yes, our employees thought a lot about a way to seal the door to prevent a water gun from destroying the wires inside."

He thought that Master Lin was indeed a Master. Just by looking, he understood the different features of the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door.

Lin Fan smiled and took out a stun gun. "Electronic doors are not only afraid of water but also electricity. Although this Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door has no holes, the stun gun can still destroy the wires inside. However, based on my years of experience, I realized that the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors put in a lot of effort in insulating the door from electricity. This is also a key feature of the door, preventing the attack of stun guns."

In front of the camera, Lin Fan fired the stun gun towards the fingerprint pad. "The fingerprint pad is still lit up, which means that it is not affected. This feature is the best of the best. You must have spent a lot of time on researching this feature, Chief Zhong."

Chief Zhong became increasingly excited. He felt like he had met someone who understood himself. He slapped his thigh and raised a thumbs up at Lin Fan, "Master Lin, you have great vision. We researched this feature for six months and finally found a solution. We also invited specialists to help with the research. We have ownership of this technology in the country."

The employees who accompanied Chief Zhong were very proud of themselves. This was the result of their hard work and with the compliments of Master Lin, they became even prouder.

The reporters could not believe what they had seen. They felt the atmosphere had changed but could not quite put their finger to it. This seemed like it was the product launch of the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door.

And the professional, Master Lin, was personally explaining the product.

Inside the live broadcast room.

"F*ck, I finally realized that Master Lin and Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door are just flattering each other."

"Me too, I finally realized it too. Master Lin is complimenting the features and Chief Zhong is complimenting Master Lin's knowledge."

"D*mn, I imagined too much. I wanted to see Master Lin beating Chief Zhong but now, it's just both parties complimenting each other. And they're even acting like it's natural."

"F*ck, after listening to Master Lin's explanation, I feel like changing all the doors in my house to the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door."

Those people who were waiting for Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors to get embarrassed by Master Lin were all shocked. What the heck was going on?

It was said that the broadcast was about unlocking the door in 10 minutes. Why did it become a product review session?

How would this make the market share of Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door drop? This was in the favor of Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors.

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