A Valiant Life Chapter 167

The previous night, Lin Fan brought Fraud Tian and the rest to eat. They were feasting like kings. The two million dollars was earned very quickly and rather easily too, but Lin Fan had a clear conscience about receiving it.

The whole situation with Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors ended with both sides winning and without any unhappiness.

The next day.

News regarding the previous day appeared on the internet.

'Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors are amazing! They can last a whole eight minutes!'

'The rules of electronic doors have changed. Doors that can resist Master Lin for eight minutes are the best.'

'Fortune and misfortune come together. Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors gain fortune thanks to a misfortune.'

"Amazing! No door company will dare to say that their doors take hundred of minutes to unlock anymore. Just lasting eight minutes is almost impossible."

"I watched the broadcast replay and I was shocked."

"Who on Earth is this Master Lin? He doesn't seem like a celebrity, but why do so many people know him?"

"^Bro, you must be new here. You don't even know Master Lin? Try doing a search on Baidu."

"Incredible! This is a really awesome person."

"He's a f*cking awesome being. Enough said."

This matter ended up not as spectacular as the last, but it still managed to attract the attention of countless netizens. To the netizens, boring news would not attract their eyes, but if there was something of interest inside, that would be a whole different story.

At the same time, some netizens started digging out information about Master Lin's identity.

"Master Lin's real name is Lin Fan. He's the owner of the 'Master Lin' shop on Cloud Street and he's also a master fortune-teller, a master scallion pancake hawker, Chairman of Ba Gua Zhang in the Martial Arts Association, a master locksmith"

That long description left everyone stunned and in awe.

As for Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors, they received a blessing in disguise. Initially, the situation made them very worried, but after the previous day's happenings, things turned out well for them. Chief Zhong was extremely grateful towards Lin Fan. Lin Fan didn't undermine them and even helped by supporting them.

By accepting his loss, Chief Zhong gave up two million dollars, but he didn't feel any heartache at all. In fact, he felt that it was a bit too little.

At the Supreme Tiger Sales Department.

*Ring Ring*

The place was filled with the sound of incoming calls.

"Good afternoon, this is Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors."

"I want to become a retailer for Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors. What's the procedure to do so?"

"I'm calling from a luxury villa real estate company. I'd like to place an order for a hundred Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors."

When Chief Zhong found out about this situation, he was so ecstatic that he almost cried. "This is more f*cking awesome than shooting a commercial! From now on, I have to keep a close connection with Master Lin."

He even thought of hiring Master Lin as an ambassador for a high salary...

After all, if it wasn't for Master Lin, his Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors wouldn't have become so popular.

Of course, Master Lin, who Chief Zhong was so grateful for, was facing a situation that made him very anxious.

In the suburbs of Shanghai, there was a field that lasted as far as the eye could see. It was a beautiful view. At that moment, a sedan stopped there.

Lin Fan stood by the road, looking over the field. He was in a good mood. He wasn't sure whether the task for the locksmith skill could be completed. However, after something like that happened, his reputation had to have increased significantly. Because of that, he left Cloud Street and came to this place, leaving Fraud Tian and the rest of them behind.

He respected Fraud Tian for having so many different skills, but there were too many useless skills among them.

For example, scrubbing. If his luck was bad and that scrubbing skill was chosen, the task would probably be 'To become the respected scrubber, Master Lin'. What would he do if that happened?

He couldn't possibly go naked to a public bath and start scrubbing backs for other people.

Hence, for his own safety, he had to get far away from Fraud Tian.

"Woof woof!"

The sound of a dog barking came from afar. A snow white countryside dog, wagging its tail, slowly and gradually approached him. Its steely eyes showed no sign of fear of Lin Fan. When it came to Lin Fan's front, it raised its head and glanced at him.

"Go play somewhere else, little doggy," said Lin Fan with a stamp of his foot.

However, that snow white dog wasn't frightened at all. In fact, it opened its mouth, stuck out its tongue and yawned.

Lin Fan didn't bother about the dog. He continued to wait silently. The dog strolled around Lin Fan and finally went to the front of his Mercedes-Benz. It raised its back foot and supported itself on the tire, then started urinating.

At that moment, Lin Fan felt a tremor in his heart. It finally came. It was just as he had thought, the Encyclopedia task was finally completed.

"The fourth task had been completed, Encyclopedic Points will be increased by 20 points."

"Opening the fifth page of knowledge. For it's the fifth page of knowledge, a specialty of someone near the host will be chosen."

"Tian Han Ming worships the host greatly, but is currently not near the host, hence the skill cannot be unlocked. The skill will be newly chosen."

When Lin Fan heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. He really had the good foresight to leave Fraud Tian and distance himself from his unwanted skills.

However, the encyclopedia's next words left Lin Fan dumbfounded.

"Elder Dog Nicholas is very curious about the host. Hence, the language sub-class will be unlocked - Animal Speech."

Lin Fan was stupefied. What the heck was going on? Was Elder Dog Nicholas some kind of god? How could there be something like animal speech?

F*ck me

"Task: As usual, become the famous Master Lin."

"Reward: Encyclopedic points +20 and the ability to unlock the sixth page of knowledge"

"Note: Since it is a small class of knowledge, there is no need to involve previous classes of knowledge."

"Current Encyclopedic Points: 118"

Lin Fan stood on the field stupidly. He looked everywhere around him to find out just who this 'Elder Dog Nicholas' was, but after a long time, he didn't even see a single shadow.

"F*ck! Elder Dog Nicholas, who on Earth are you? Why must you do this to me?" Lin Fan shouted.

"Woof woof!"

A dog's barks could be heard.

Lin Fan's eyes widened. His gaze fixed onto the snow white dog which just urinated on his car tire. He was stunned. It can't be

How could this kind of f*cking thing happen to me?

Even after leaving Fraud Tian, I can't escape this evil fate?

Lin Fan tried shouting its name, "Elder Dog Nicholas"

"Woof woof!"

The snow-white dog responded with two barks. It was just normal barking, but Lin Fan suddenly realized that he seemed to understand it.

Elder Dog Nicholas: "How did you know my name?"

Lin fan pointed at the little white dog in shock and shouted once more, "Elder Dog Nicholas?"

Elder Dog Nicholas: "Woof woof~ what are you trying to do?"

Lin Fan slapped his own forehead. He gave up. Even though he escaped Fraud Tian, he couldn't escape this dog.

What can I even do with animal speech?

Lin Fan sighed.

Forget it, that's life.

He opened the car door and entered. He stepped on the pedal and headed back toward the shop.

Through the rear-view mirrors, he saw that little snow-white dog sitting there motionlessly. It didn't have too big of a frame and it seemed a little lonely sitting there.

He stopped the car.

He drove back.

He opened the car door.

Elder Dog, please board the car.


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