A Valiant Life Chapter 172

In the morning.

*Ring ring*

The phone rang. Lin Fan was still in a daze. He frantically searched his bed and managed to pick up the phone.

"Hello, it's early in the morning. What do you want?" Lin Fan's voice was a little hoarse and he sounded as if he hadn't woken up.

Fraud Tian replied quickly, "What do you mean by that? It's already 10:30 am. If you're still not here soon, people are going to tear the shop down!"

The moment he heard that it was 10:30 am, he quickly looked at his phone.

D*mn, it really is 10:30 am.

He had been sleeping for so long after getting drunk last night.

"Alright, alright. I'll be there soon."

Then, he hung up.

Lin Fan scratched his head in disbelief. It was such a bad thing to be drunk. Once a person got drunk, he/she wouldn't be able to tell the time. He completely forgot about how he returned home last night. He briefly recalled that he had finished two cartons of beer with Wang Ming Yang. He looked at his clothes and realized that it was from the night before. There was even a stench.

Then, he took a shower and changed into a new set of clothes. He felt much more energetic.

He went downstairs and drove to the shop.

As he reached Cloud Street, the townsfolk had already gathered outside the shop. There were only so few scallion pancakes to go around each day but there were still so many customers.

Woof woof!

When Lin Fan arrived, Elder Dog Nicholas charged towards him. Then, he stayed around Lin Fan. He wagged his tail as if he was waiting for a scallion pancake.

Lin Fan smiled, "I'm sorry, everyone. I drank too much last night and woke up late."

The townsfolk replied, "Little Boss, you don't have to speak anymore. We can't wait any longer!"

"Alcohol is damaging to one's health. Little Boss, please drink less in future!"

"Even if Little Boss mistreats me a thousand times, I'd still treat Little Boss like he's my first love."

Fraud Tian and Wu You Lan were busy giving out number tags while Lin Fan quickly made some scallion pancakes. After giving out ten scallion pancakes, he felt relieved. However, Elder Dog Nicholas realized that his owner had not given him any scallion pancakes. He quickly bit firmly onto Lin Fan's pants and wagged his tail as if trying to ask a favor from him.

Lin Fan glanced at Elder Dog Nicholas and gave him half a scallion pancake.

Zhao Zhong Yang stood beside Lin Fan and looked at him eagerly. He waited for awhile but Lin Fan didn't make eye contact with him.

The fans within the broadcast started to laugh hysterically.

"Haha, Brother Yang got ignored by Master Lin."

"Seems like dogs are treated better than humans. Elder Dog Nicholas is entitled to half a scallion pancake every day but Brother Yang isn't."

Zhao Zhong Yang shouted, "An Elder Dog indeed. He has such a good life. He can just lay down after eating. Where else could you get such a good life?"

Woof woof!

Elder Dog Nicholas stood at the door and stuck out his tongue. He was so carefree. To Zhao Zhong Yang, it would be a real blessing to have this type of life.

To some of the townsfolk, they sometimes envied Elder Dog Nicholas as he was able to taste such heavenly scallion pancakes every day. Such a blessing!

Lin Fan drank his tea and played with his phone. Suddenly, he spat out his tea, "Who banned my Weibo account?!"

The crowd looked at Lin Fan.

"That can't be. Why did they ban your Weibo?"

Lin Fan was speechless. "D*mn it, posting of false news is such a stupid and vague rule. They probably banned it because of this."

Wu You Lan said angrily, "The news that I reposted got blocked too."

Fraud Tian whipped out his phone and said in disbelief, "Mine too."

Wu Tou Lan and Fraud Tian weren't Internet celebrities. They merely got a repost blocked. Meanwhile, Lin Fan, an Internet celebrity with millions of followers, had his whole Weibo account blocked along with the post.

Lin Fan went to Jiang Li's Weibo page and got even angrier.

"An Internet celebrity by the surname Lin has been banned because of misconduct and posting false news. Everyone has to be fairly treated on Weibo so that Weibo can be improved. As for the creation of false news, Professor Chen Juan and I will handle it with the law."

There were a lot of comments and many of them came from fans that have been taking note of the news.

"F*ck, Master Lin actually got defeated."

"Your mom, f*cking dog. How dare you sabotage our Master Lin! Beware of Master Lin's comeback."

"This won't be so simple. Although we don't know the truth yet, I will still support Master Lin unconditionally."

"Everything is destined by the laws of Heaven. What's fated to happen will definitely happen."

When Huang Miao Miao and Xia Yi Mo found out about this, they were silenced. In this place, there were no opportunities for them to speak up about things.

The media and Weibo had been affected. Whoever reported about it would suffer a tragic fate. Nobody dared to interfere with the matter.

Zhao Zhong Yang went forward, "Master Lin, how about you give a call to Weibo's customer service and ask them what happened?"

Lin Fan immediately made a call.

The Customer Service said, "Hi, I am Weibo's Customer Service officer 005, at your service. May I know what I can help you with?"

Lin Fan replied, "My Weibo account just got banned."

The Customer Service officer replied, "Hi, may I know your Weibo account number?"

Lin Fan replied to the inquiries accordingly, "..."

After a while, there wasn't any reply. The Customer Service officer just hung up.

"What the f*ck?!" Lin Fan gave up. Perhaps the Customer Service officer found out about his Weibo account number and was afraid to reply. How infuriating!

Zhao Zhong Yang was in disbelief, "That's too much. Can't they provide a reason for banning you?"

Wu Tian He interrupted, "This matter isn't so simple. There are many implications and an average person won't be able to resolve them."

Lin Fan was extremely angry. He replied, "They're just bullying me. Can't they give me the freedom to post whatever I want? They even banned my Weibo. It's simply too much."

Then, Wang Ming Yang called.

"We had a little too much alcohol last night. Are you okay?"

Lin Fan replied, "I'm fine. Something just happened, though."

Wang Ming Yang replied, "What is it? What happened?"

Lin Fan helplessly said, "My Weibo account got banned and there isn't any platform for me to appeal."

Wang Ming Yang was infuriated and he replied, "F*ck, how can Weibo be so sh*tty? Bro, don't worry. I'll help you to lift the ban."

Lin Fan asked, "Can you really do it? It's not your field after all."

Wang Ming Yang replied, "I have to do it even if I can't. I can't just do nothing and watch my brother get hurt. Wait for my news."

He hung up.

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, "It's probably useless."

It was an issue with Weibo, which wasn't something that they specialized in. Furthermore, it wasn't easy to deal with Weibo. There was surely someone that sabotaged him to have caused his Weibo account to be banned. Wang Ming Yang was only a wealthy man in Shanghai and Weibo wasn't even based in Shanghai. Perhaps they might even find trouble with him.

20 minutes later.

Wang Ming Yang called and his tone sounded a little gloomy and awkward.

"Bro, I'm sorry. I contacted a lot of people and they all said they can't help. It's not that simple after all. But don't worry, I'll remember this. Since Weibo doesn't want to give me 'face', I will create an account to challenge it too. It's just a competition of wealth. I'm not afraid."

Lin Fan was a little touched and he replied, "No problem. Don't worry, I'll think of something."

Wang Ming Yang's first call was to Wu Yun Gang, one of the wealthiest men in the capital. But the two of them didn't specialize in online applications like Weibo. Their main and secondary profession were both real estate. It was beyond their reach to interfere with such a thing.

Lin Fan lay down on his chair helplessly. He didn't know what to do and had a headache.

Just as everyone was at their wits' end.

Wu Tian He said slowly, "I think I might be able to help"

Lin Fan's jaw dropped, "..."

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