A Valiant Life Chapter 180

Jiang Li was leisurely drinking his tea in his office while looking at his computer. Recently, things had been very troublesome on his part, however, it was all over now. As for the mad dog on Weibo, he felt that it was time to put a stop to it. He was afraid that if he did not teach him a lesson, he wouldn't know who's boss.

On his computer was a list of all the particulars of his students. Although it might have looked like he was doing work, Jiang Li's expression was as if he was choosing an imperial concubine.

This one is alright, but there's a pimple on her face.

This one is not bad, she seems to be pretty all-rounded.


His phone rang. It was a call from Chen Juan.

Jiang Li shook his head. He knew that woman was definitely worried. What was there to be worried about? Everything had already been settled. There was no need to worry. If anyone was to worry, it should be the other party.

He picked up the call. He could practically hear Chen Juan's sense of urgency through the call. "Hurry up and look at Weibo. That b*stard just released two videos. Tell me what's going on. Was it you who took the video? No, it can't be. Why are there videos of me as well? Who did this?"

Jiang Li frowned. What was she talking about? She was speaking so messily, he had no idea what she was talking about.

"What's going on? What videos?"

"Go and take a look at the videos yourself." Chen Juan cut the call immediately after. She seemed to be very anxious.

Jiang Li shook his head, then opened Weibo. There didn't seem to be anything going on. Maybe it was happening on Master Lin's side? He then went to Master Lin's Weibo and when he looked at the title, he couldn't help but laugh. Was this all an effort to switch the topic? Too bad it was already too late.

He then clicked on one of the videos and he heard a very familiar voice coming from it.

"This matter has already"

"What do the netizens think they can do"


After watching the video, the teacup that he was holding slipped from his hand. He was completely stunned.

"How...how is this possible"


It was very quiet on the Internet. There was momentarily no activity ongoing.

Xia Yi Mo, who had already returned to her old home, was very quiet. She locked herself in her room daily.

She had always been following Master Lin's Weibo but she was unable to understand all of Master Lin's actions.

Especially what had just happened. What did he mean by that post?

She then laughed to herself. Why would anyone help her? It was only natural to assume that this was his ploy to switch the topic. Neither of those videos interested her enough to play them. She thought of Huang Miao Miao, and what she must have been doing then.

However, for some strange unexplained reason, Xia Yi Mo opened one of the videos, and when she watched the contents of the video, she was stunned.

Starlight Film School.

There was a teacher scrolling through Weibo. The topic recently had been very hot. Everyone knew that this teacher admired Master Lin. However, due to Master Lin's actions the past day, he began to have his doubts. He didn't understand the point of Master Lin's actions. Could it be, like what the netizens were saying, that it was all to make himself popular?

At this moment, he saw the two videos on Master Lin's Weibo. Curious, he opened one of them. After watching the contents of the video, he was stunned.

The voices coming from the video were Jiang Li and Chen Juan's, and it was being played out loud. All the surrounding teachers looked up, not knowing what was happening.

That teacher was astonished, following which he mumbled to himself, "This is a huge matter"

The surrounding people asked, "What happened? What is the matter?"

"You guys can go take a look at it yourselves on Master Lin's Weibo..."

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and went to watch the videos on Master Lin's Weibo. One by one, they were all stunned by what they watched. They all knew that this time, the issue was really big. Some of them immediately took out their phones.

"Headmaster! Something has happened, something bad has happened!"

The Headmaster responded, "What is it?"

"Hurry up and take a look at the videos Master Lin posted on his Weibo. Professor Jiang and Professor Chen's videos have been leaked, and now they've been uploaded onto Master Lin's Weibo!"

The call was still ongoing, but the moment he heard what was going on, the sound of a table being slammed could be heard from the Headmaster's side.


Lin Fan had already become unwelcomed on Weibo. Many netizens were very unhappy with him, especially when he released the two videos. Everyone wanted to see what other things he could come up with.

If he was just distributing short films on Weibo, it would be like digging his own grave.

However, when the netizens opened the video, there were all stunned.

In the video, it showed a conversation between Jiang Li and Chen Juan, in which they clearly spelled out the situation regarding Huang Miao Miao. At the same time, they also revealed the situation regarding Xia Yi Mo. Not only that, many netizens were also enraged at one of the sentences Jiang Li said.

"In this place, I am God."

The contents towards the end of the video were also very infuriating for the netizens. It showed Jiang Li bringing a girl into a hotel room, as well as Chen Juan currying the favor of a director, setting up activities at night. One event happening after another made the netizens furious watching the videos. They felt like idiots, getting their feelings played by such people.

The videos had been released by Lin Fan. However, due to the overwhelming number of re-posts by netizens, the video managed to be thoroughly spread out in just a short period of time.

As for the employees at Weibo, they were stunned after learning about the situation. What should they do?

Delete the post?

This was no joke. In such a short period of time, it had been re-posted a total of six million times, and the number was still rising.

They were afraid that if they were to block the videos, they would be in for a lot of scolding from the netizens.

Media Company.

Employee: "Guys, quickly go and look at the video on Weibo. It reveals the truth of the matter!"

"It can't be. It is too drastic of a change."

The Editor-in-chief anxiously ordered, "Hurry up and write this down. I want the article within an hour!"

An employee said "Chief! This matter isn't for us to dip our hands into!"

The Editor-in-chief responded, "That's because there wasn't any solid evidence before! Now that there's plenty of evidence, do you think that everyone else is blind? Hurry up and write the news!"

The employees hurriedly began working on the story. At the same time, they were a little suspicious. Who is this Master Lin? How could he possibly get his hands on such a thing?

According to what has been said on Weibo, he got these videos when he was downloading movies?

Who is he trying to fool?

In the whole of China, of all people, why would it only be him that downloaded it?

On the Internet.

"F*ck! They are too disgusting."

"They are really outrageous. We have been too trusting all this while. Never have we ever thought that such a thing would happen."

"You bunch of retards. You all still dared to scold Master Lin on his Weibo. Where's your face now?"

"I understand now. Master Lin wasn't insane. This incident was covered up and was disallowed to be reported on. So Master Lin went to scold those celebrities just to generate hype, and when enough hype had been generated, he then released those videos."

"The person above, how is it that you are suddenly so smart? Where was your brain before? You seem to have been scolding Master Lin the most furiously on his Weibo before this."

"Everyone, hurry up and save the videos before Weibo takes them down."

"+1, I have already saved them."


When the Weibo officials read the ongoing discussions, they were lost for words. What was there left to take down? The evidence had already been released, anymore blocking would just be asking for a scolding.

At this moment, Master Lin sent out another Weibo.

"I was really too bored out of my mind yesterday. I painstakingly downloaded those movies for a few hours but it turned out to be a trick. It really hurt me. But today's weather is great. Very bright and radiant..."

The comment section below was being flooded.

"Master Lin, please don't cry! I can give you 1000gb of seeds for free!"

"What's the point of seeds? I have a hard disk filled with thousands of movies. I can pass it to you at the shortest notice."

"Master Lin, I was wrong. I should not have scolded you!"

"I've followed you again! Next time, don't anybody try to fool me!"

"A true warrior."


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