A Valiant Life Chapter 216

A few days later.

Cloud Street!

They were continuing with their peaceful lives.

Lin Fan stood at the entrance of the shop and did some stretches. His life was indeed carefree but he was thinking of how to make his life more meaningful.

"Life is like a dream. The riches and fame won't matter as we approach death. We'll still end up as a pile of mud."

In the shop, everyone was talking amongst themselves but when they heard Lin Fan's words, they gradually became silent.

Fraud Tian was shocked. "You're so young but so pessimistic, are you thinking of leaving home?"

Zhao Zhong Yang asked in disbelief, "Master, you're not much older than me. Your words are a little frightening."

Even Wu Tian He raised his head and looked stunned.

Lin Fan smiled. "No, I was just lamenting. I was just thinking about things and I thought I am capable of doing something more meaningful with my life."

Fraud Tian asked, "What meaningful things?"

Lin Fan just smiled. He didn't have a complete answer for him yet. He just said, "Follow me to the welfare institute to teach the children there some things. Do you think it's a good idea?"

Fraud Tian was stunned. "Are you thinking of teaching the children how to read fortunes or martial arts? Or even how to make scallion pancakes?"

Lin Fan was a little taken aback. It sounded a little absurd. It wasn't a good idea to teach these children how to read fortunes. But martial arts seemed like a decent idea although it wasn't the best either. As for making scallion pancakes, that was completely out of the equation. Besides Lin Fan himself, nobody else could learn it. Furthermore, these skills weren't suitable for the children. If he had some other skills, it would be pretty good for him to teach these children. For a Master like Lin Fan to teach them, it would definitely be of some help to them in the future.

But these were merely thoughts. Sometimes, he would lie on his bed and think of the increasing classes of knowledge that he was gaining from the Encyclopedia. There were so many classifications and if he found a suitable one, he would be able to teach the children about it. He could let them learn from young and at least possess a useful skill when they grow up. Furthermore, they would become extraordinary if they had a skilled teacher like Lin Fan.

This idea wasn't something that could be materialized overnight. He had to think through it carefully.

"You fraud, I feel like you're looking down on me," Lin Fan chuckled.

Fraud Tian waved his hand. "How could it be? How could I look down on our Master Lin? I think fortune-telling is a decent idea. It can help these children to become fortune-tellers in the future and we can start a clan"

Lin Fan was amused. "Stop, stop right there. You're getting nowhere with your thoughts."

Fraud Tian laughed. He was just trying to ease the situation.

At the Shanghai Airport.

Two people walked out of the airport. Wang Ming Yang was waiting outside. He quickly approached them when he saw them, "Brother, you're here"

Wu Yun Gang had been busy settling the mess back in Beijing. His company was finally out of trouble. Now that he was done resolving things, he returned back to Shanghai to thank Master Lin properly.

This time, Wang Ming Yang looked at the person beside Wu Yun Gang and was stunned. "Isn't this Chief Sun? Why are you here in Shanghai?"

Chief Sun was Wu Yun Gang's friend but Wang Ming Yang didn't really like him. He always felt that there was something wrong with him. He didn't really have a likable personality; he was a two-faced backstabber. But Wu Yun Gang had a good relationship with him. Wang Ming Yang had warned him about this before but Wu Yun Gang wasn't bothered by it. After that, Wang Ming Yang hadn't mentioned it anymore.

He didn't have the right to interfere with his friendships. He just distanced himself away from Chief Sun.

Chief Sun smiled. "I heard from Brother Wu that everything was resolved because of Master Lin. So, I decided to come and have a look."

Wu Yun Gang sighed, "I really have to thank Master Lin. He literally saved my life! I have made ample preparations before coming here to thank him."

Wang Ming Yang smiled. "Brother, don't think about it too much. That brother of mine doesn't expect you to thank him. We're all friends and we ought to look out for one another."

Wu Yun Gang said, "I had to depend on you this time since Master Lin treats you like his own brother."

"Don't say that," Wang Ming Yang shook his head and said. He didn't want to discuss this further. He was Lin Fan's true friend and he was sincere towards him. It wasn't because of any hidden motive.

"Let's talk in the car."

In the car.

Chief Sun looked at the two of them chatting happily with each other. Then, he said, "Could you get Master Lin to read my fortune?"

Wu Yun Gang and Wang Ming Yang were happily chatting but they stopped when they heard Chief Sun's words. Just as Wu Yun Gang wanted to reply, Wang Ming Yang said, "You have to see your luck. Master Lin's shop has a rule for fortune-telling. You need to queue up and only ten people are selected each day. If you're not chosen, he won't read your fortune."

Chief Sun was stunned. "There's such a rule? Aren't we all friends? I'm sure he would make an exception for me."

Wang Ming Yang waved his hand. "It's not nice to do that. For Yun Gang's case, I had to beg my brother to make an exception for him. I guess you should just forget about it. If you really want to have your fortune read, you should queue up."

Wu Yun Gang looked at Chief Sun and realized that his expression had changed. He looked a little unhappy. As a friend, he tried to mediate the situation. "Brother, let's see how things go later. Master Lin will likely give us face regarding this. If not, you could just queue up for it."

Wang Ming Yang was a little angry but he didn't express it. He just smiled. "If Chief Sun really wants to have his fortune read, he should queue up. My brother is pretty strict with the rule and I'm afraid he won't make an exception for an average person."

Chief Sun chuckled, "Brother Wang, what do you mean by that? We are worth billions of dollars. Are we considered to be average people?"

Wang Ming Yang laughed, "To others, we might not be average people. But in the eyes of my friend, we are really average people."

Chief Sun waved his hand. "I don't believe that. I'll just throw money at him. Will he reject that? In this world, there's only a handful of people that don't love money."

"Stop the car!"

Wang Ming Yang shouted.

The chauffeur stopped the car at the roadside.

Wu Yun Gang was stunned. He anxiously asked, "What's wrong? What was that for?"

Wang Ming Yang looked at Chief Sun sternly. "Sun Lian Ming, please be mindful of your words. You can throw money at anyone else but you just said you'll throw money at my brother. You're humiliating my brother. Let me warn you, if you dare to speak of him like that again, don't blame me for falling out with you."

Sun Lian Ming was infuriated. What was the meaning of that? Was he warning him?

Wu Yun Gang tried to mediate the situation. "Hey, my two brothers, what's that for? Brother Wang, don't be angry. Brother Sun was just kidding. Brother Sun, don't talk about it anymore. Master Lin is my savior. You can't just use money to humiliate him, right? Please stop saying such things."

Wang Ming Yang snorted. He was already unhappy with Sun Lian Ming but because of Wu Yun Gang, he had to put up with him. Now that he tried to humiliate his brother with money, he couldn't take it anymore.

Sun Lian Ming was infuriated but he tolerated it and smiled. "Chief Wang, don't be angry. I was just kidding."

"Continue driving," Wang Ming Yang said. Then, he snorted again, "You'd better not treat my brother as a joke."

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