A Valiant Life Chapter 217

Cloud Street!

Lin Fan was holding Zhao Zhong Yang's phone which was recording a broadcast.

Me Under The Skies: "Master Lin, I would like to contribute to these kids. Who should I look for?"

Small Hero: "Me too, I won't donate to Brother Yang anymore. I'll save up and do some good deeds for them."

Mary Lotus Sprout: "Although Brother Yang is my idol, I have to give him up. I want to do something meaningful too."

Secret Dragon Border: "666, you guys are absurd"

Lin Fan laughed at the comments, "Actually, you should just do your best for these things. For example, you could just make a small donation to a welfare institute near your hometown. You don't have to donate a large sum as long as you are willing to donate. You could also donate some books and toys. These are also useful. But the best form of assistance would be to treat the disabled fairly and with respect. If you pity them and treat them differently, it might cause the greatest harm to them."

The crowd in the broadcast scrolled through the comments. They all felt that Master Lin's words were true and had some logic behind them. At the same time, they felt a sense of warmth within the broadcast. They felt empowered.

Zhao Zhong Yang suddenly appeared in the broadcast. "In the future, I will donate one-third of the broadcasting profits to the children's welfare institute. Do you think I'm awesome?"

What hurt Zhao Zhong Yang was that the people in the broadcast just ignored him and focused on Master Lin.

"Brother Yang, move! We want to look at Master Lin."

"Brother Yang, our donations are for the children. You mustn't be greedy. We will let Master Lin oversee this."

"That's right. Master Lin, please watch him carefully. Don't let Brother Yang slip"

Zhao Zhong Yang pretended to be heartbroken after reading the comments. Then, he walked towards Elder Dog Nicholas and said, "Doggy, they don't believe me. Looks like only you believe me."

The dog that was lying there flat on his stomach raised his head slightly and turned away. Then, he went to sleep again, completely ignoring Zhao Zhong Yang.

Lin Fan pointed the phone at Zhao Zhong Yang and the netizens laughed hysterically at the scene. Even a dog ignored Brother Yang.

Then, Lin Fan looked outside and passed the phone back to Zhao Zhong Yang.

"Master Lin" Before Wu Yun Gang reached the shop, his voice could already be heard.

Lin Fan hadn't expected Wu Yun Gang to visit him. Then, he stood up and waited at the entrance. "Chief Wu, have you completed your tasks in Beijing?"

Wu Yun Gang chuckled, "I've completed them. That's why I've rushed over to see Master Lin."

Wang Ming Yang laughed, "Let's talk when we enter. This time, Brother Wu specially came to show appreciation for what you did. He didn't manage to thank you properly when he rushed off that time."

Lin Fan waved his hands. "You don't have to be so polite. As long as you're okay, that's good enough."

Sun Lian Ming looked at Master Lin and thought that he wasn't capable at all since he was so young. But he had personally witnessed Wu Yun Gang's situation. If not for Wu Yun Gang, he wouldn't have believed in Master Lin's powers. Then, he just stood aside and didn't say anything. He looked around and thought that the shop was small and the interior was hideous but the people inside were even weirder.

There were two old men, one with a head full of white hair and the other looked haggard. There was also a young chap broadcasting in the shop. As for the lady, she looked pretty decent but she didn't even serve them tea or water.

In the shop.

Lin Fan smiled as he said, "I heard from Ming Yang that you managed to retrieve all the money that was lost?"

Wu Yun Gang nodded. "Yeah, I managed to do so. Luckily, I got back in time. If not, things would've been unimaginable."

This incident had indeed been resolved in time. If he had waited for those people to fly overseas, it would've been a lot harder to resolve this issue. Therefore, to Wu Yun Gang, Master Lin was a savior.

Wang Ming Yang stood beside them and said, "This time, Brother Wu is prepared to stay here for a longer period of time. He wants to stay in your shop and help out for a while."

Lin Fan chuckled, "This is such a small shop. It wouldn't be nice for him to do that."

"It's okay, it's okay. I typically come here to shop. After this incident, I've decided to be more cautious. So, I'm thinking of investing in Shanghai and I would like to see if there's anything worth investing in. At the same time, I can find out more about Master Lin," Wu Yun Gang chuckled. He had indeed been frightened by the recent incident. His decades of hard work had almost gone to the trash. Furthermore, he would have been in large debts.

Master Lin's favor was like a rebirth for Wu Yun Gang.

Then, Sun Lian Ming spoke, "I heard from Brother Wu that Master Lin's fortune-telling capabilities are second to none. I would like to know if you could read my fortune."

Lin Fan waved his hand. "I can read your fortune but you have to follow my rules and queue up. Our list for today is full. If you would like to have your fortune read, you can come here again tomorrow morning to queue up."

Sun Lian Ming hadn't expected things to be like what Wang Ming Yang had said. He felt that it was a little bizarre. Then, he smiled and said, "I'm a good friend of Brother Wu. We're all friends. Could you give me some face? Besides, I traveled miles for you. It wasn't easy."

"Brother Wu, what I said was true, right?" Sun Lian Ming asked as he looked at Wu Yun Gang.

Wang Ming Yang furrowed his brows. "Chief Sun, this is my brother's rules. Please adhere to them. If everyone uses the same reason, my brother would be extremely busy."

Wu Yun Gang felt a little helpless. This friend of his just had such a personality. The more you tried to stop him, the more he would want to have it. Especially since Wang Ming Yang had had an argument with him in the car, it clearly made Sun Lian Ming a little angry. Therefore, when they reached the shop, he immediately asked for it.

Wang Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan. "Just ignore him."

Lin Fan was a little taken aback. It seemed like there was a conflict between them. Then, he looked at Wang Ming Yang and realized that he looked upset. He was clearly angry at Sun Lian Ming.

Sun Lian Ming didn't hold Master Lin in high regard. He just wanted to ask him that as a challenge to Wang Ming Yang.

Sun Lian Ming was even more upset as he thought of what had happened in the car. What rights did Wang Ming Yang have to start an argument with him?

"Master Lin, could you help me out? I, Sun Lian Ming, am a sincere man," Sun Lian Ming said.

Then, Fraud Tian raised his head and looked at Sun Lian Ming. What's wrong with this man? He seems so stubborn.

Wang Ming Yang was infuriated. "Sun Lian Ming, what do you mean by that? Didn't my brother answer you already? Rules are rules. If you're unhappy with me, just tell me that. You don't have to make things difficult for my brother and stop using your relationship with Yun Gang"

Lin Fan immediately interrupted him as he waved his hands. Then, he looked at Sun Lian Ming. After a while, he shook his head. "I just read your fortune but I think it'd be better for me not to say it."

Sun Lian Ming looked at Wang Ming Yang and laughed, "Don't you need my eight birth characters and a few details for palmistry? You can read my fortune just like that?"

Lin Fan said, "As long as the person is standing right in front of me, I don't need that."

Sun Lian Ming was laughing in his heart but he still put up a show and looked very excited. "Master Lin, since you've read my fortune, please tell me about it. I want to see if it's accurate."

Wang Ming Yang was infuriated. He immediately pointed at Sun Lian Ming and scolded, "Sun Lian Ming, what the f*ck did you mean by that? Are you treating my brother as a joke? You just want to see if it's accurate?"

Wu Yun Gang was shocked. Then, he quickly went in between the two of them and said, "Stop arguing, stop arguing"

He was deeply regretful. What was going on?

Wu You Lan was also shocked. Aren't they both friends? Why are they fighting?

Lin Fan shook his head. "I feel that it isn't good for me to say it. But since you want me to say it, you'll have to bear the consequences. Please don't be offended. Besides, nobody loves to hear the hurtful truth."

Lin Fan didn't know what this man really wanted. Initially, he had wanted to give him some face and not say negative things to him. But he was being so rude to his brother. Why would he let him off just like that?

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