A Valiant Life Chapter 220

After hanging up, Lin Fan seemed very helpless. He hadn't expected his family to urge him to go for matchmaking. In the past, when he had been in high school or university, his parents didn't allow him to date anyone. Now that he had graduated, they were urging him to go for matchmaking. This made him extremely helpless.

When he had been in university, his parents would call him every night. They were afraid that he would start dating someone and wanted to make it difficult for him to go out with any girl.

He understood the meaning behind it. His parents wanted to find someone that lived in the same city and didn't want someone that lived too far away.

Wang Ming Yang smiled. "I didn't expect you to go for matchmaking. I haven't encountered such a situation before. But my friend, you're handsome and talented. You'll definitely do well."

"Don't bother about it" Lin Fan waved his hand. He thought that he hadn't gone back in such a long time and it would be good for him to go back home.

"How could I not interfere? I have a limited edition sports car. I can lend you to drive it so that you'd look better in front of them!" Wang Ming Yang suggested.

Lin Fan glanced at Wang Ming Yang, "That would scare my parents to death. They would think that I robbed someone to be able to drive a luxurious sports car back home."

Wang Ming Yang was a little sad. "Yeah, that seems quite true"

"It's definitely true, not seemingly true."

If he really heeded Wang Ming Yang's advice, he would be cursed. How could he think of such an idea? It would definitely cause trouble for him.

Fraud Tian stood aside and said, "Recently, I read a good novel. Why not let Wu You Lan follow you back? She can pretend to be your girlfriend. Things would be easier then."

Wu You Lan blushed. She didn't mind pretending to be his girlfriend. Although she hasn't tried it before, she was willing to do so.

Lin Fan waved his hand. "That wouldn't work. If she really pretended to be my girlfriend, I wouldn't have any peace. My mum might call me seven to eight times per day just to ask me to get married. Then, things would be crazy. I'll just make a trip back tomorrow and see how it goes."

Wang Ming Yang was extremely interested. "Bring me home with you then. I want to visit your parents too. If things don't work out, I can pretend to be gay with you. How's that?"

"Shut up, I really don't want to listen to your suggestions again. You'll definitely infuriate my parents to death," Lin Fan said helplessly. Couldn't this guy just be normal? "That's it, I'll be making a trip back home tomorrow. Please look after the shop for me."

Fraud Tian nodded. "Don't worry. As long as I'm here, the shop will be safe."

Lin Fan looked at Fraud Tian and then at Elder Dog Nicholas, who was lying down at the entrance. "Doggy, I'll be leaving for a few days. I trust that you'll look after the shop well. I'll bring a gift for you when I get back."

Elder Dog Nicholas was resting but when he heard his owner praise him like he was the most trustworthy 'person' in the entire shop, he stood up excitedly and barked. Then, he looked at Fraud Tian despicably.

Lin Fan nodded. "That's right, Doggy, do me proud."

Elder Dog Nicholas just barked.

Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and asked, "What did he say?"

Lin Fan smiled. "Nothing much"

Fraud Tian didn't believe him.

Wu You Lan heaved a sigh. She felt like a failure for not being able to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Then, Lin Fan waved his hand. "Alright, let's not talk about this anymore. I have made my mind up regarding this. Come to my place tonight and I'll cook a sumptuous feast for everyone."

Zhao Zhong Yang grinned upon hearing his words. "Hooray!"

Wang Ming Yang was extremely happy too. He would finally get to eat Lin Fan's food again. If he didn't eat to his heart's content, he wouldn't stop eating.

The next day!

At the airport.

Lin Fan had brought a luggage with him. This time, he was prepared to stay at home for a few days. He wasn't in a hurry to return to Shanghai. After graduating, he had only returned home a few times per year. Sometimes, he felt that his parents would be lonely at home.

After he checked in his luggage, it was time for him to board. Lin Fan quickly proceeded to the boarding area with his ticket.

A short distance away, a person was behaving sneakily. He laughed when he saw Lin Fan walk into the boarding area.

"Haha, I'll just go on my own since you don't want to bring me along. You can't stop me now"

An airport staff came over to this sneaky man and asked, "Sir, please present your identification. I have to check it."

To the airport security, this man was behaving suspiciously and it seemed like he was up to no good. Therefore, they needed to check on him. After all, there had been cases of terrorism.

Wang Ming Yang was stunned. He hadn't expected to be checked by an airport staff.

At the boarding entrance.

Wang Ming Yang covered his face properly so that his identity wouldn't be revealed. He knew that Lin Fan had bought the economy ticket and so he bought the first-class seat so that he wouldn't have to be in the same cabin as him. Furthermore, he would also get to exit the plane first. He could hide somewhere and secretly follow Lin Fan. This time, he had to be there for Lin Fan's matchmaking.

Lin Fan didn't sense that someone was following him. He took a nap as soon as he boarded the train. The flight back home was a rather long one and he thought it was a good idea to take a nap.



Lin Fan exited the airport and did some stretching. He was finally going to return home again. He felt awesome. Then, he took out his phone and made a call.

"Mum, I'm out of the airport. I'm waiting for my cab to get home."

"Please stay safe, I'll get your dad to meet you downstairs."


He looked at the time and it was about 12 pm. It was time for lunch. Then, he boarded a cab. At this moment, Wang Ming Yang charged out and boarded the cab behind it. He wanted to follow Lin Fan but he had to be discrete about it.

Xin Xin Apartment Block.

His mum was busy cooking in the kitchen. She said, "Go downstairs to pick up our son. He will be here soon."

His dad was watching the TV. He stood up from the couch "It's not like our son doesn't know his way home."

"Just shut up and go down. Our son hasn't returned home in such a long time. Do you have to complain so much about picking him up from below?"


Father Lin didn't dare to rebut. Then, he went out of the door and met Elder Li at the walkway outside.

Their expressions changed.

Then, they walked into the lift.

Papa Lin greeted him, "Hey, Elder Li."

Elder Li replied, "Elder Lin."

Elder Lin looked at the baby in the pram and said, "How coincidental. Are you bringing him out for a walk?"

Elder Li looked at his grandson and said happily, "Yeah! How's your son doing?"

Their expressions changed when Elder Li asked that question. Their expressions were fearsome.

Elder Lin said, "I've been waiting for your question about my son!"

Elder Li replied, "I'm not afraid to compare our sons!"

Elder Lin said, "My son is about the same. He's been working in Shanghai after graduation but he's doing well."

Elder Li chuckled, "He's young and capable indeed. My son is just an average man. He's working as a manager and his monthly salary is between seventy to eighty thousand dollars."

Elder Lin said, "Your son got married early. A group of pretty ladies has been wooing my son but he doesn't like any of them."

Elder Li said, "Your son has so many qualifications. It's normal for him to have high standards. My son isn't as capable. He's just got a virtuous wife who brings us overseas often."

Elder Lin rebutted, "A daughter-in-law that's adventurous like her would definitely spend a lot of money. My son sends money to us frequently even when we didn't ask for it."

Elder Li chuckled, "My daughter-in-law and son are always at home. They give half of their income to us. It's not like it's a lot anyway."

Elder Lin said, "I think your son is better!"

Elder Li said, "I think your son is better!"

They were still competing with each other over it and at the same time, they thought to themselves.

His son is such a nuisance, it's difficult for me to continue commenting about him.

His son is so difficult to deal with, I can't just compete with him for the sake of it.


They reached the first level.

Both of them smiled at each other.

Elder Lin said, "Alright We'll chat again next time."

Elder Li replied, "You can come over to my place when you're free next time."

When the both of them exited the lift, they were stunned when they thought of the things they could've said.

Elder Li thought, D*mn! I forgot to say that my son bought us a massage chair.

Elder Lin thought, D*mn! I didn't mention that my son bought me a television set last year.


At the entrance of the apartment block.

Lin Fan raised his head and took a deep breath before walking towards his house. After a while, he met someone that looked familiar. "Uncle Li, are you going out?"

Elder Li saw Lin Fan and smiled. "Lil' Fan is back! I just spoke to your dad. He's waiting for you at the void deck."

Lin Fan chuckled, "Alright, Uncle Li. You must be feeling happy to be able to bring your grandson out!"

Elder Li smiled. "You should quickly give your dad a grandson too. He's getting anxious."

Lin Fan nodded and said goodbye to Uncle Li before rushing to the void deck.

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