A Valiant Life Chapter 241

Lin Fan hadn't expected a person like him to exist in this world. After being taken advantage of in a small incident at the airport, he actually followed Lin Fan all the way to his shop. He even made a big fuss at the shop and looked like he wouldn't let him off so easily.

Qiao Fei said with a forceful tone, "I thought you were behaving like a boss at the airport. Why are you speechless now? It must be because those 'blind people' that stood up for you at the airport aren't here. You're afraid now, aren't you? This matter can be easily resolved. Didn't you slap me once at the airport? Just stand there and let me slap you twice, then this will be over."

Everyone in the shop was stunned after hearing what he said. Was this guy an idiot?

Lin Fan chuckled, "Has the Sun set already?"

Fraud Tian replied, "It hasn't. It even looks as bright as snow."

Lin Fan shook his head. "He's dreaming in broad daylight. How pathetic!"

Qiao Fei hadn't expected this fella to be so reluctant to admit his mistake. Then, he angrily said, "I guess you really won't learn your lesson until you face the consequences, will you?"

"Wow, you look like you want to hit someone," Lin Fan laughed.

"Hit someone? I don't want to hit you but I want to destroy your entire shop. I want to see what exactly you can do to me," Qiao Fei sneered.

Lin Fan said, "You're impressive. You want to destroy my shop?"

Qiao Fei looked at Lin Fan, "I just want to do that, what can you do to me? All I have is money. I'll destroy your shop and when the police arrive, I won't even pay you any money. I will help to refurbish your shop just to destroy it again. I'll never let you have a single cent."

Zhao Zhong Yang snuck out of the shop to look for help.

Lin Fan looked at Qiao Fei and clapped. "Not bad, not bad. This thief is good at calling someone else the thief. Sure, I can let you destroy my shop as long as you can afford to pay for it."

Qiao Fei laughed as if he had heard a hilarious joke. "I can't afford it? Haha, I can't believe you said that. Your shop is so small and you think I can't afford it? You must be looking down on me. Do you know who I am and what I do for a living? Do you know that there are several tens of thousands that just entered my bank account during this time while we were talking?"

*clap clap*

Lin Fan applauded.

"Not bad, it's really not bad. You're so good at showing off. Your words aren't cliche at all. I thought you wanted to buy my shop and kick me out of here. You know, you really scared me there," Lin Fan said as he patted his chest as if he was frightened.

Wu You Lan held the urge to sneer. The man was already there to look for trouble and Lin Fan still had the mood to tease him. He wanted to drive him crazy.

Qiao Fei's face changed. He had already said his words of anger but this fella right in front of him still looked happy and normal. He was infuriated.

"Alright, since you want to play it this way, I'll teach you a lesson to make you sorry." Qiao Fei was furious.

Lin Fan still chuckled, "You want me to be sorry? You have to at least destroy this shop. You're just nagging and not doing anything. How would I know what you'd do to me?"

Fraud Tian secretly asked, "Shall we take action against him?"

Lin Fan waved his hand. "No need for that. Now, it's his time to perform. Let him perform."

He hadn't expected himself to really meet such a person. In his opinion, this type of person was indeed impressive. This man couldn't stand himself being taken advantage of and he had to think of a way to gain his face back.

He asked Lin Fan if he was scared just after he had followed him all the way to his shop.

Regardless of what others would think, Lin Fan was indeed a little scared.

Zhao Zhong Yang was already outside, "Everyone, quick, come here! Someone's looking for trouble at Master Lin's shop!"

All the shop owners who were in their shops quickly rushed over when they heard him.

"What? Someone actually came to look for trouble?"

"D*mn! He must be trying to bully the whole of Cloud Street."

"Let's go. Let's see who has so much guts to bully Master Lin."

"You guys go ahead. I'll go back home to take my broom."

Then, all the bosses gathered around the entrance of the shop.

Lin Fan was shocked when he saw all of them. What were they doing? Their presence would scare this man.

When Qiao Fei saw them, he immediately scolded Lin Fan, "B*stard, you think I don't dare to destroy your shop? I'll do it right now."

Then, Qiao Fei forcefully raised the stool and smashed it on the counter. The simple counter, along with the tools on the table, was destroyed after one heavy blow.

"D*mn, he really dared to do it."

"You must be looking for trouble. How dare you smash Master Lin's shop?!"

"B*stard, I think you must be blind."

Then, Elder Zhang, the boss of the adjacent shop wielded a broom at Qiao Fei's head.

Lin Fan quickly grabbed onto the broom.

"Little Boss, we will handle him for you. It won't implicate you at all," Elder Zhang said.

Lin Fan calmly replied, "It's not a problem. Just let him destroy whatever he wants. Don't be involved in this matter. Furthermore, it is illegal to hit someone. If we injure him, it would definitely have a negative impact on us even though we won't be in trouble anymore."

Because of the surrounding crowd, Qiao Fei became even more daring. After smashing the counter, he realized that something was wrong. The crowd looked like they wanted to hit him.

When he looked into their eyes, he realized that these people looked like they were there to teach him a lesson.

Qiao Fei forcefully swallowed his saliva and pretended to be firm. "What do you guys want?"

Although he acted like he was fearless, his voice was shaky and even the hand that was holding onto the stool was trembling.

"You're trying to destroy Little Boss's shop and you still dare to ask us what we want?! We will kill you, little b*stard!" the other bosses scolded.

Lin Fan raised his hand. "Everyone, please be quiet and do not resort to scolding him. Scolding someone shows that your character is flawed."

Then, Lin Fan looked at Qiao Fei and stretched out his hand. "Come, please continue. Just smash whatever you like. If something remains intact, you'd be a loser."

When Qiao Fei saw there were so many people in the shop, he immediately put down the stool and wanted to leave. But the other shop owners had blocked the entrance and didn't want him to escape.

Lin Fan laughed as he looked at Qiao Fei, "That's all you got?"

"You can't bring yourself to smash anything?"

"Weren't you being extremely arrogant?"

"Just continue with your arrogance and smash anything you want. I assure you that nobody is going to do anything to you."

Initially, Qiao Fei had been hesitant but when he saw that this fella was being so cocky, he became infuriated. "Alright, don't get too cocky. I'll smash things for you to see. Also, don't think this matter will be settled after this. I will destroy your shop every time I come here in the future."


Qiao Fei threw the stool at the shop's walls. The shop wasn't big but there were a lot of things in there. He had smashed everything to pieces after a while.

Ten minutes later.

Qiao Fei was panting but he sneered as he looked at Lin Fan arrogantly, "How did I do? I smashed everything. What can you do to me?"

Lin Fan laughed, "Not bad. That was impressive."

Then, he took his phone out and called 110.

"Hello, I want to make a police report. My shop's been destroyed by someone. Master Lin's shop at Cloud Street. Yeah, please send someone here."

Qiao Fei chuckled, "Calling the police? Good. No problem at all. I'm not afraid."

Lin Fan laughed, "I know you're not afraid. You think you can do anything you want since you're rich. Average citizens like us wouldn't be able to beat you in terms of finances. But according to my calculations, if you want to resolve this issue, you'd have to pay at least a few hundred thousand dollars."

Qiao Fei laughed, "Bro, do you think your shop sells gold?"

Initially, the bosses didn't understand why Master Lin hadn't stopped him from destroying this shop but now, they finally understood it.

"Master Lin's shop is pretty old. Now that someone has destroyed it for free, he can renovate it."

"Yeah, Little Boss' scallion pancakes are so expensive and there are still so many people that queue up for them everyday. I estimate his daily earnings to be over ten thousand dollars."

"That's all? There's still fortune-telling. I guess it's more than just ten thousand dollars."

"Yeah, yeah. I remember that a smashing case causing over five thousand dollars of damage has to be filed immediately for persecution."

"For serious cases, it seems like there's a maximum punishment of three years imprisonment."

"For cases that are even more serious, it seems like the imprisonment can be from three to seven years."

"That's impressive. Master Lin's shop is considered to be the most expensive shop on Cloud Street."

Qiao Fei looked at the surrounding crowd and was stunned. What did they mean?

What did they mean by all of that?

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