A Valiant Life Chapter 269

Liu Guo Qiang and Zhu Xiu Qin were both dumbfounded. They had never thought that things would develop to this stage that even the highest, highest superior was there. It was simply terrifying.

Xin Yu Real Estate Corporation was a subsidiary company under Skyworth Organization. Even the highest appointed leader of Xin Yu Corporation was but an ant before this Chief Lu.

Chief Li stood at the back, not uttering a single word. He couldn't bear the consequences of this matter, nor was he willing to. It didn't have a rats a*s to do with him. He didn't even know about this Cloud Street matter. Now that Chief Lu had gotten personally involved, the gravity of things had increased significantly.

Chief Li had just notified his group of this matter.

The other leaders in his group were all silent as if they were scared stiff.

If Lu Li were to go back to the company then, every person in the company would be obediently doing their work.

The townsfolk had been listening in by the side all the while. When they found out that that was the biggest leader in the organization, they all started discussing intensely.

They really wished that Little Boss would not leave.

The words they said naturally described Xin Yu Corporation as an unreasonable company as if they were the world's most corrupt company.

Chief Li, who was standing behind, started trembling in fear. These words they were saying were a bit too extreme, weren't they?

Zhu Xiu Qin retorted, "Chief Lu, don't listen to their nonsense. We all"

Before she could finish, Lu Li turned around and said, "Chief Li, how did this person enter the company?"

Chief Li was sweating non-stop. He didn't dare to hide the truth, "Chief Lu, she's a relative of Deputy Chief Shen. I...I"

He started to stutter. This matter wasn't something that he had agreed on. It was mainly because he didn't dare to refute Chief Shen to his face. Now that this had happened, he wanted nothing to do with it.

Lu Lin nodded. "Okay, and now she's fired. I also want you to do a check for me, how many people has she fired during her time in the company. Did she take anything from the company for herself? If she did, I don't think I need to tell you what to do."

Chief Li nodded immediately. "Yes. I will definitely do a thorough check."

Lu Li continued, "Those that have been innocently fired, give each of them a call. If they haven't found other jobs yet, invite them back. If they've already found jobs, compensate them with three months' worth of salary and apologize to them on behalf of the company."

Chief Li was sweating from head to toe. "Yes, I understand."

Zhu Xiu Qin was stunned. She had never thought that there would be such a turn of events. She wanted to say something but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth. It wasn't like she couldn't see the bigger picture in this. She knew that if she started arguing, things would definitely not turn out well.

Fraud Tian stealthily went over to Lin Fan's side and whispered in his ear, "This guy isn't a simple guy."

Lin Fan nodded.

He was f*cking bada*s.

He didn't need to pretend at all. Every word and every action of his gave off a bada*s aura.

At that moment, Lu Li looked over at Liu Guo Qiang. "You"

Lin Fan finally opened his mouth, "This man is not bad."

Lu Li didn't continue with his sentence. He let Liu Guo Qiang off.

Liu Guo Qiang's heart had almost exploded, especially when Chief Lu had pointed at him. He had so terrified that he almost fell to the ground. But he had never thought that Master Lin would speak on his behalf.

Although it was just five words, Lin Fan was like a godly savior to him.

Regret. He deeply regretted his actions.

If he had known earlier, he would have taken a step back for Master Lin in the first place.

Now that things had come to this stage, nothing else he said would be of any use. He could only wish for a pleasant conclusion.

Lin Fan looked at Lu Li. This guy was a little tricky. Lin Fan said, "I feel that we really have no need to discuss any further. I've already talked Chief Huang from Tian Hong Commercial Street and agreed to move over there. Moreover, almost everyone has already signed the contract."

With a flick of his hand, Lu Li gestured for the employees from the commercial department to come over. They politely handed the contract over.

With a simple glance, he then handed the contract over to Chief Li, "Rip it."

Chief Li grabbed the contract with both hands and tore it in half.

Lu Li said, "I already understand the rough situation. We've indeed handled it badly. To double the rent is not abiding by the market at all. I will take care of this."

Lin Fan smiled. "Chief Lu, there isn't actually a need for this. We've already discussed this. Cloud Street is not lacking in liveliness. Even if I leave, it wouldn't have any impact on this place."

However, the townsfolk wouldn't give Lin Fan this chance.

"What liveliness? After Little Boss leaves, I guarantee that this will be an absolute ghost town. It won't even have the same liveliness that it had in the past."

"That's right. I strongly believe that if Little Boss isn't around, there's nothing much to see on this street."

"My dear Chief Lu, you absolutely must make Little Boss stay. If he doesn't stay, Cloud Street would be trash."

Lin Fan looked at the townsfolk. Please don't undermine me like that. It'll make others feel awkward.

But Lin fan knew that Chief Lu definitely wouldn't feel awkward because he had money. A single street wouldn't bother him at all. However, this Chief Lu had some personality issues. Once he set his mind on something, he wouldn't let it be until he settled it properly.

Could it be that rich people all had this mindset? That they wouldn't feel comfortable unless a situation was settled perfectly?

Lin fan said, "Chief Lu, I'll say it straight. When Cloud Street was newly built, its visitor flow was high. Expensive rental fees were normal. But later on, the liveliness started to settle down because of other commercial streets in the vicinity. Yet, the shop rents didn't decrease. Now that the visitor flow has increased again, you can't wait to increase the rent. That's a little unreasonable. Moreover, we've already made an agreement with Chief Huang from Tian Hong Commercial Street. I can't just stand him up."

As a successor to a large organization, Lu Li looked at the crowd of business owners and said, "This matter happened because of a lack of management by our organization. I, Lu Li, would like to apologize to everyone. Because of negligence in my management, some people have spoiled our organization's reputation. But I will guarantee this: I will definitely give everyone a fair conclusion. If you can believe me, please continue to stay here. I swear by Skyworth Organization's name that a similar unreasonable rent increase will never happen again. If it does, I, Lu Li, will give you the Cloud Street shops as compensation with no conditions involved."


The business owners were all stunned.

They had never seen a chief of a company act this way before.

These words were simply unbelievable.

With a very serious tone, Lu Li said, "I can sign an oath. If it really happens, I will absolutely not go back on my word."

The shop owners said, "We will listen to Master Lin"

Lin Fan was a little frustrated. What was the point of listening to him? But since the problem was thrown at him, he had to solve it.

Lin Fan said, "I'm not someone who likes to stand someone up"

His meaning was clear. He had already promised Chief Huang. It wasn't right to go back on his word.

Lu Li looked over at Chief Li. "Chief Huang of Tian Hong Commercial street. You have his number?"

"Yes, yes." Chief Li nodded instantly, then he hurriedly took out his phone and made the call.

The call was answered.

Lu Li spoke, "Hello, Chief Huang. I'm the Chairman of the board of directors of Skyworth Organization, Lu Li. There has been an issue arising in the shops of Cloud Street due to our management's negligence. What Master Lin discussed with you, I hope that for our sake, you can scrap it."

Lin Fan chuckled. This motherf*cker made the call straight away. He's basically forcing everyone to stay.

Very soon after, he hung up.

Lin Fan knew that Chief Huang definitely agreed. Probably very quickly too. There was no hesitation at all.

Lu Li said, "Master Lin. This was our fault, so to compensate for it, the rent for Cloud Street will be free for two years. Thereafter, it will increase by five percent every year. What do you think?"

Lin fan didn't reply him but looked at the surrounding business owners. He asked, "What say you all?"

They replied, "You make the call, Master Lin."

Alright then!

It's pointless to ask.

"What else can we do? Chief Lu has already said this much. The compensation is not bad either. Let's stay then," said Lin Fan.

If Lu Li hadn't gotten rid of this Zhu Xiu Qin, even if he gave even better conditions, Lin Fan wouldn't choose to stay. After all, the hidden dangers would have been too much.

The shop owners replied simultaneously, "We will do as you say!"

Lin Fan: "..."

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