A Valiant Life Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Give some help
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In the car.

"Young Master, you really want to go back?" asked Li Yang Jun.

Young Master Zhou couldn't feel at ease because of what Lin Fan had said. He asked, "Uncle Li, do you think he's really accurate?"

Li Yang Jun gave a slightly surprised expression, then smiled and said, "Young Master, if you believe it, it will come true, if not, it won't. There's no need to worry too much about it."

"No, I want you to tell me. If it were you, would you believe him?" asked Young Master Zhou.

Li Yang Jun replied with a serious look, "I believe him. I've done research on him before. Pretty much everything that he has predicted in the past has been very accurate. There were even a few incidents that if you heard it, it would be hard to believe."

Young Master Zhou was frightened. "Help me book tickets. I'm going back to Beijing."

Li Yang Jun was rather trusting towards Lin Fan, hence, he didn't say much else and instructed his men to book tickets for the Young Master. He had never thought that right after the Young Master had come to Shanghai, he would go back so quickly. But he also knew what Lin Fan had told the Young Master, so he agreed that he should go back earlier. If it turns out to be true, then it would be too late to regret when the time comes.

The scenery floated past outside the car.

Young Master Zhou looked at the cars passing by outside with deep expression on his face.

"Master Lin of Shanghai...I'll be back to visit again someday."

In the shop

Wu Tian He looked at Lin Fan. "Were you able to read his identity?"

Lin Fan nodded and said, "I read it. He really has a high status. It can be said that he's someone who can cover the whole sky with one hand."

Wu Tian He laughed slightly and asked, "How will his life be after today?"

"His life" Lin Fan was about to continue but he suddenly stopped. Then he laughed, "Why are you so concerned?"

Wu Tian He didn't try to hide it. He said, "His dad once helped me with a very big favor. With his current status, he obviously doesn't need any repayment that I can provide. But it's not an option to owe him this favor forever. So I was thinking that if his son faces any problems that I could help with, then I'll help him as a way of returning the favor."

Lin Fan laughed, "That's enough. Fate is up to the heavens. Every life has its ups and downs but I don't think you'll be able to return this favor."

"That's good. It's better not to be able to return the favor," Wu Tian He said with a smile. Then, he didn't keep asking. His fortune-telling ability was no match for Lin Fan's. If he didn't have to return the favor, it meant that Young Master Zhou wouldn't face any problems that he couldn't overcome by himself.

Fraud Tian was at the side, crying out, "Come, come, let's go! This time, I definitely won't be a burden."

Lin Fan looked at him and said, "Go play by yourself. I won't carry you anymore."

Wu You Lan laughed. Fraud Tian's skills were generally acknowledged to be rookie-level.


He Xiao Ming had been standing outside his home for a long while. After going to Cloud Street, he had gone to the temple again. When he saw that his father was still kneeling in prayer, he had wanted to run up to his father but he resisted this urge.

Now that he was standing outside his home, he had no idea how he would face his father after going in. Thinking of what he had said and done in the past, he felt that it really was outrageous.

After a long time.

He Xiao Ming went in.

His housekeeper was at home too. He wasn't usually willing to go home so he didn't know how lonely his father was at home.

"You're back?" said He Cheng Han, who was sitting on the sofa, reading his newspaper.

"Yeah. Dad, does your head hurt?" He Xiao Ming saw that his dad had a piece of cloth wrapped around his head and couldn't help but ask worriedly.

He Cheng Han touched his head and replied, "It doesn't. I wasn't careful today and got hit by something. Let's eat."

The housekeeper brought the rice and dishes over. The housekeeper had a slightly surprised expression too.

She had been working for the He family for quite a long time and she was very concerned about the relationship between this father and son. She was more concerned than most people.

In the past, when He Cheng Han spoke, He Xiao Ming would only reply with an 'Mmm'. But right now, he was actually concerned about his dad.

Also, most of the time, He Cheng Han would be alone. He Xiao Ming would usually only return past midnight at 1 or 2 o'clock.

With the sudden change, the housekeeper let out a slight grin.

She realized that a change was gradually taking place.

At the dining table.

It was quiet as usual.

He Xiao Ming lowered his head as he ate. He had many things that he wanted to say but he couldn't say them out. He wasn't that kind of emotional person and he would keep things to himself. Things like 'It's been tough for you, dad' and 'I love you, dad'.

With his personality, it was hard for him to speak.

But right now, the knots in his heart had dissolved. He now understood everything about his father and regarding his previous behavior, he was deeply filled with regret.

At that moment, as if after contemplating for a long time


"Mmm." He Cheng Han looked up.

He Xiao Tian said, "Dad, I've played around enough. I want to work hard. I want to go to the factory and start from the lowest level. Is that alright?"

He Cheng Han laughed, "What? You know that you've played around enough? You want to work? So you don't want to idle about all day anymore?"

"Dad, I'm sorry" He Xiao Tian said this very softly. If someone wasn't listening very attentively, it wouldn't have been heard.

"What did you say?" asked He Cheng Han.

He Xiao Tian, of course, wouldn't say it twice. He said, "Dad, I want to go work at the factory. Will you let me? If you don't, I will find a department somewhere else."

He Cheng Han said, "You don't have a diploma and you're only eighteen. Which department would want you?"

If this was before, He Xiao Ming would definitely have gone into a rage. He would have slammed the table and start quarreling with He Cheng Han. But now, he didn't say a word. He just lowered his head.

He Cheng Han opened his mouth and said, "Since you want to come, then report tomorrow. Remember, a diploma is just a certificate. I've never studied much but I relied on my own two hands to raise you up. You're my, He Cheng Han's, son. I believe you will be able to reach my status but don't forget that you have to keep reading books regularly. Only by expanding your knowledge can you rise up in society."

"I understand, Dad." He Xiao Ming nodded.


This meal was enjoyed comfortably by He Cheng Han. He even drank a few cups of wine. He had longed for this moment for a long time and he had never thought that it would come today.

The housekeeper was watching from the side. She, too, was delighted.

Lin Fan lay on the bed, playing with his phone. At that moment, a message came.

"Master Lin, I'm overjoyed today, really. I'm much too grateful to you. That stupid kid finally came to his senses," said He Cheng Han.

When Lin Fan saw this message, he was happy for Chief He as well. He replied:

"Alright, then this matter has ended here. We won't bring it up again. I'm playing a game and have no time to chat. Let's leave it at that. Later."


When He Cheng Han saw the message, he was a little helpless. He had no one to share the excitement and joy that he felt.

As for Wang Ming Yang and the rest, it was best not to say too much to them. It was best not to let this incident be made known. The fewer people who knew, the better.

After all, the incident had all been made up by Master Lin. It hadn't really happened.

If his son knew about this, he didn't know how he would react.

He decided to let this secret be forever buried in his heart.

The next day.

The visitor flow in Cloud Street was gradually getting higher and higher. The scallion pancakes were like an explosion, leaving the townsfolk with no form of resistance. The surrounding townsfolk spread the news about the scallion pancakes. One person spread to ten and ten people spread to a hundred. They all knew that these scallion pancakes were delicious and one could even earn money from them.

If one was lucky enough, he or she would be able to buy a scallion pancake. Then, resellers would offer to buy it. To them, this situation seemed unreal.

But regardless of whether you believed it, that was the reality.

After making the last serving if scallion pancake, Lin Fan lay down to rest.

Wu Yun Gang came.

"Master Lin, please give me some advice." Wu Yun Gang was very worried about the situation regarding Sun Lian Min.

Lin Fan looked at him and said, "Sit down and talk."

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