A Valiant Life Chapter 31

"You b*stard! How dare you hit me in the eye!"


Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang were both on top of each other, exchanging blows.

Fraud Tian's heart was crumbling.

How did this even happen? It was a million dollars! Why won't Lin Fan accept it?

But what he did not know was that if Lin Fan did accept the money, he would have been struck by lightning immediately.

This was all Lin Fan's doing.

If only Lin Fan had not offered free trial fortune-telling services on Weibo. He would definitely have pocketed the one million dollars offered to him by Wang Ming Yang but it was too late.

"Break it up! Break it up!"

Two police cars pulled up at the scene. They had received reports from the people at the scene of a fight that broke out. The police officers immediately went forward to pull the two apart.

"What is the meaning of all of this?" a slightly plump police officer shouted.

"He's so retarded!" Wang Ming Yang said.

"You're the one with issues! " Lin Fan refuted.

With all the tension between the two, it looked like another fight could break out.

The situation didn't look good with the crowd gathering around the two fighting people.

The police officers standing at the sides questioned a few of the crowd to figure out what had happened.

"Officer, that guy wanted to give the boss of this shop a million dollars, but the boss refused, so they started fighting"

The police officer took down and few notes and processed what he just heard. "Y... you're not kidding, are you?"

"I'm not! If you don't believe me, just ask anyone else."

"Yes, it's true! I personally think that both of them have mental problems."

"I honestly thought these situations only happened in the movies... I guess there's a first for everything. "

"What can I say? The world is full of surprises."


The police officer who was taking down statements from people in the crowd couldn't comprehend what was going on.

Were the two people just joking? What kind of person doesn't accept money offered to him?

He turned to another police officer and whispered in his ear. The other officer nodded.

"Bring them all in! "

The two servants who worked for Wang Ming Yang got into the car and heaved a sigh. The driver started following the police car back to the station. No matter how rich or powerful their boss was, he was still subject to the law.

"Fraud Tian, take care of my shop while I'm gone! "

Lin Fan could have never imagined having such a problem on his first day of opening his shop. What bad luck!

The crowd dissipated after Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang were ferried off to the police station. Whatever happened today was completely out of the blue.

At the police station.

Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang Sat on the wooden bench, brooding. Their clothes were completely torn and their faces were bruised and bloody.

"Ow! "

Both of them grimaced in pain after the adrenaline of the fight wore off.

"You were really aggressive, " Wang Ming Yang said as he put his hand against his bruised cheek.

"You weren't too far off yourself," Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang's eyes looked like a panda's. The fight that happened was too violent. No one present could pull them apart.

"I have met so many different kinds of people in my career but this is an absolute first," Wang Ming Yang found it weird that someone would reject the offer of a hundred thousand. If that wasn't stupid, he didn't know what it was.

From the fight, Wang Ming Yang realized that although the Lin Fan was young, his temper was absolutely barbaric; just like his own temper.

So as the Chinese idiom goes, "An exchange of blows may lead to friendship" and it was true for the two.

"I have also never met another person like you in my whole life.," Lin Fan said as he panted with rage. "Do you believe me now? I told you just now that you would have blood on your head, and indeed it really did happen."

"Ah Master Lin, did you also count on yourself to have the same fate?" Wang Ming Yang remarked.

Just as the two were bickering amongst themselves, the police officers came in. They were completely clueless about the situation as it absolutely defied their logic.

Whatever the people in the crowd said was indeed correct, that one offered money and the other declined, and the two started fighting. But they were wondering why.

"Both of you, would you rather settle this privately or bring this to the court?" If this was brought up, it wouldn't be a big problem. Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang also didn't want to complicate matters.

Furthermore, Wang Ming Yang was one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Shanghai and was worth billions of dollars. It would definitely affect his reputation.


Even if he was his own boss, he still had to be courteous to everyone.

"I'll follow whatever procedure there is," Lin Fan said.

"Let's settle the issue privately," Wang Ming Yang said.

At that very instant, their eyes met, and their tone immediately changed.

"I'll settle things privately," said the agitated Lin Fan.

"I'll follow the law," Wang Ming Yang butted in.


The police officers in charge didn't know how to handle them. One of the officers finally butted in sternly, "You guys better discuss and resolve this. No rush."

"Then we'll settle this privately," Both Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang chirped at the same time.

"This is only a small problem. You guys just sign some papers and we'll get you out of here," the officer said as he handed them some forms.

Lin Fan brushed himself off after signing the papers as he prepared to leave the police station. He had to find a hospital to buy some antibiotics. His opponent was too rough on him and he decided to lay low for a while.

He would definitely become a laughing stock if people were to see him in such a state.

At the police station entrance.

Wang Ming Yang turned his head back. "This bastard is the first person to embarrass me in public. I will remember this incident."

"Remember this face! Wang Ming Yang, CEO of Dong Han Corporation."

Lin Fan looked at Wang Ming Yang and gave him a huge grin. "What are you saying? I thought we already settled this?"

"Hehe, this is me acknowledging you. You have character. We can be friends."

"Count yourself blessed to be friends with me! I am the iron mouthed fortune teller! Life and death rest on my tongue!"

*clapping sound*

Both of them shook hands. They had finally reconciled with each other.

"I'll be making my move. I'll fight you again if I were to get another opportunity like this." Wang Ming Yang waved back at Lin Fan as he got into his car.

After the car left.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of pain. His wounds were still stinging. He wished that the next encyclopedia would contain a section on fighting; that way he could beat anyone to a pulp the next time he got into this situation again.

Just as Lin Fan started his car, two police cars pulled up next to him. Lin Fan didn't even notice.

However, one of the police officers noticed him.

"Eh, Little Boss," the voice was ominous.

Lin Fan turned his head as he heard himself being called. He was stunned.

"Chief Liu! "

"Eh Little Boss, where have you been up to? And what happened to your face?" Liu Xiao Tian was nothing but excitement as he saw Lin Fan. He was craving for his scallions pancakes.

"Don't ask too much. I got into a fight with some bugger, and things have been resolved. But why did you change jobs Chief Liu?" Lin Fan found it weird to see Liu Xiao Tian wearing the police uniform.

"Hehe It's all thanks to you! If not for you, I would have never gotten my dream job!" Liu Xiao Tian grinned.

It really was all because of Lin Fan. Liu Xiao Tian was commended by the top management of the police force after the incident went on the news. After that incident, everything fell into place for him. He met the chief of police at a dinner banquet and ended up getting drunk.

Liu Xiao Tian received a job offer from the chief of police the very next day, offering to transfer him from the city council to the police department. He was directly promoted to division head since he already had more than ten years of working experience at the city council,

Although he didn't have a lot of power, Liu Xiao Tian was more than content with what he got.

"Congratulations to you Chief Liu. But you look rather worried and preoccupied now. Are you currently handling a case that you can't crack?"

"How did you know?" Liu Xiao Tian's eyes widened in surprise.

"About that, I opened a fortune-telling business in Cloud Street and I specialize in reading people's fortunes," Lin Fan smiled as he explained.

Liu Xiao Tian was stunned and a little confused. Fortune telling?

"Chief Liu, can you let me see the sheet of paper that you're holding?" Lin Fan asked.

The sheet of paper that Liu Xiao Tian held was an arrest warrant for a criminal wanted for murder. However, the case had already been going on for some time, and the murderer had managed to evade the police. His whereabouts were unknown.

The higher ranking officers were pressing for the case to be solved as quickly as possible, and Chief Liu worked day and night to crack the case, scouring for information and leads to no avail.

Liu Xiao Tian passed the sheet of paper to Lin Fan. "Chief Liu, if you'd listen to me, you can try looking around under the Long Heaven's Bridge. You might find something interesting over there," Lin Fan said as he analyzed the document.


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