A Valiant Life Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Hello, look here!
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Chu Yuan was filled with regret. Initially, he had just wanted to pee but his stomach suddenly hurt. Furthermore, he had been constipated. In the end, he was filled with sweat and his legs were numb from squatting. He was shocked when he looked at the time, which was why he rushed out of the toilet. However, he didn't make it in time and the staff blocked him.

It was a rule that anyone who missed the timing had to stand and wait outside even if he or she was a reporter.

Then, Chu Yuan didn't know what to say. He immediately called Master Lin.

Master Lin picked up the phone when he saw that Chu Yuan was calling him.

"Don't worry, I'll film everything for you. It'll be well done," Lin Fan assured him.

Chu Yuan was helpless. Perhaps that was the best and only way. "Master, all I can do is depend on you. You know how to switch it on, right? I want to capture the fearsome expressions of the athletes."

Lin Fan nodded. "Alright, alright. Don't worry."

Although he received Master Lin's assurance, he was doubtful of his abilities as he wasn't a professional. But he had to trust him. If not, he wouldn't be able to complete his task.

In the broadcast room.

"It's going to start. The athletes are there already!"

"That's the Jamaican athlete. He looks even blacker now. Look at his expression, he looks so excited."

"Of course he's excited. He's been the champion for three consecutive years. Hu Fei Yun won the championships in 2013 and 2014. Although the English competitor hasn't gotten first place, he was one of the contestants who almost broke the world record. He's one of the fastest men on Earth."

"D*mn, I should be there. It's not as nice to watch it on a broadcast."

"You wouldn't be able to go even if you wanted to. Do you know how difficult it is to buy the tickets?"

Then, the host of the broadcast started to speak.

"This competition is filled with extremely decorated contestants."

"That's right. The contestants here have all been world champions in some points of their lives. It's scary."

"Hu Fei Yun was the world champion at his peak. Although he hasn't been doing well in these three years, he's a remarkable athlete in our nation. Who knows how he'll perform this time?"

"Hu Fei Yun can be said to be extremely motivated. However, that Jamaican athlete is his greatest enemy. He's been the champion for the past three years and even broke his own records on several occasions. It's scary."

"The crowd is starting to cheer."

"Yeah, the atmosphere is insane!"

Lin Fan stood there and pointed the video camera at the nine contestants. There was only one contestant from the Asia-Pacific region and that was their local athlete, Hu Fei Yun.

The athlete on the first lane was Jimmy Carter, a French national.

The second lane athlete was the Jamaican, Seidel. He was considered to be the fastest man on Earth. He had broken so many records and even his own world records.

The athlete in the third lane was Hu Fei Yun from China. He had clinched the top spot on several occasions.


The crowd started to cheer. All of them were extremely excited. These nine contestants were the fastest men on Earth.

"Come on, Hu Fei Yun!"

"Come on, Hu Fei Yun"

The crowd started to cheer loudly. The supporters of the other contestants started to cheer for them too. The entire eighty thousand spectators stood up as the race was about to start.

In the broadcast room.

Countless netizens gathered in front of their computers or smartphones. They were extremely hyped about the race. It was between all the fastest men on Earth and it was going to be a dramatic one.

The host said, "The world record holder for the 200m race is Seidel, 19.2 seconds. It's been an unbroken record for the past two years. Who knows if he will break his world record again?"

"I believe everyone in the crowd and even those at home watching the broadcasts are looking forward to this race."

"Alright, the race is about to start. Let us focus on the athletes."

At the stands.

Fraud Tian gasped, "What is he doing there? Where is Chu Yuan?"

Zhao Zhong Yang replied, "I don't know. Why is Master Lin holding a video camera there? Perhaps Chu Yuan passed it to him and asked him to record it."

Wu You Lan said, "I'm afraid that's the case."

Then, Chu Yuan came to the stands. "I'm here"

Everyone was stunned when they saw Chu Yuan. "What's happening? Why is he the one filming it?"

Chu Yuan was helpless. "I don't know. I was in the toilet and I missed the timing to enter the venue. Hence, I could only depend on Master Lin for filming."

Fraud Tian sighed, "Do you think he can do it?"

Chu Yuan shook his head. "I don't know either. I can only give it a shot this time. If I don't complete the task, I'll get scolded when I get back."

"It's starting, it's starting!" Zhao Zhong Yang said.

Chu Yuan looked at the scene and gasped, "D*mn, I forgot to tell Master Lin to take close-up shots of the contestants before the race. If not, it will be difficult to take such shots once it starts."


Lin Fan switched on the video camera and placed it on his shoulder. He aimed it at the nine contestants.

There were fast-moving cameras at the scene and they could move as fast as the contestants. They could film everything from start to finish. Of course, it could only be done by machines. A human wouldn't be able to do that.

Lin Fan realized that the contestants weren't looking at him and that his position was bad. Then, he shouted, "Hello, look here! Look here!"

He didn't know how to speak English but at least he knew how to say 'hello'.

Jimmy Carter of the first lane waved his hand. Seidel of the second lane looked at Lin Fan with a fearsome look. It was as if he was a God looking at mortal men. Meanwhile, Hu Fei Yun, who was in the third lane, just smiled but he had a serious look. He was determined to do his best even though he wasn't confident about coming in first. Seidel gave him a lot of pressure. Furthermore, the other contestants were extremely fast too.

The race was about to start.

The contestants prepared themselves and waited for the gunshot.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan was holding the video camera at the side of the race track.

"Hello, together, together" Lin Fan said.

Hu Fei Yun raised his head slightly and looked at the reporter doubtfully. Then, he lowered his head and didn't bother about anything else. He wanted to concentrate on the race fully.


At that instant, the athletes charged forward ferociously.

The atmosphere was at its peak. The entire stadium was roaring and the nine contestants were doing their best.

The broadcasting host also exclaimed ecstatically, "The race has started!"

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