A Valiant Life Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Youre right
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"The eighth task has been completed, Encyclopedic Points will be increased by 20."

"Unlocking the ninth page of knowledge. For it's the ninth page of knowledge, a specialty of someone near the host will be chosen."

Lin Fan's heart was filled with delight. The task had been completed. And what did that mean? It meant that the number of things he knew would increase yet again. Just thinking of it made him happy.

The reporters were all stunned by Lin Fan's big words. Every one of them was staring blankly at him. They had interviewed quite a number of people before but this was the first time they came across such an arrogant person.

He was basically challenging all the athletes in the world.

Chu Yuan stood at the side, discreetly pulling on Lin Fan's sleeve as he said, "Master Lin, be a little more subtle. A little more subtle!"

Lin Fan laughed calmly. There is a time to be subtle and a time not to be subtle. Life has to be lived with confidence and one has to be valiant!

A reporter asked, "Master Lin, do you know what kind of situation it would cause if your words are to be heard by other athletes?"

Although these reporters liked having big news, they felt that what Master Lin had just said was too arrogant.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said with a smile, "My dear reporters, humility is a virtue but too much of it is just artificial. I am never artificial. In fact, I was already being very humble with my words."


The reporters were boiling up. The day's news interview was much too shocking. Was there a need to be so domineering?

At that moment, Lin Fan was paying attention to the Encyclopedia's notification. He was really filled with anticipation. What on earth would the ninth page of knowledge be? Thinking of all the people he had met recently, they all seemed to be wealthy people and they hadn't become wealthy for no reason. They definitely had their unique qualities.

Anticipation. He was filled with anticipation.

A reporter said, "Master Lin, I beg to differ with what you just said. You said that you were already being humble but I simply did not sense any shred of humility in your words."

The other surrounding reporters nodded as well. Some of them were sports reporters with strong professional integrity. As compared to those entertainment reporters, they were much nobler and they respected the truth.

Zhao Zhong Yang was playing with the broadcast. He said, "I've already gotten used to the way Master Lin talks. This is going to be huge."

"That's the Master Lin that we know. Master Lin is actually a very humble person."

"Indeed. Master Lin is right. If he joins a race, the other competitors can only fight for second place. Who would want to watch a race like that?"

"That's just like table-tennis. I don't even want to watch it anymore. It's only when we face Japan that I'd secretly go and watch. After all, it's only at that time that I find that even I can win if I participated. They don't even return the simple shots. Our country's table-tennis athletes' fundamentals are not quite firm."

"666 Ever since Brother Yang started exclusively broadcasting Master Lin, I realized that I can't live without Brother Yang's broadcasts."

"Just sit and wait for Master Lin's words that will shock the world."

"Ever since I've seen Master Lin, I feel like I've become a more virtuous person. Humility causes one to improve and arrogance causes one to worsen."

Lin Fan was frustrated. Sometimes, when he was being humble, people still said that he was arrogant. What was he supposed to do then? At that moment, he could only reveal the truth of the matter. After all, being misunderstood was a depressing thing.

"My dear reporters, I'm really already being very humble. Since you don't believe me, I can only tell you the truth. Of course, you have to believe that I don't ever speak false words. My style of handling affairs revolves around humility. After all, that's our fine tradition," said Lin Fan.

The reporters were silent as they looked at Lin Fan. They were wondering what kind of reason Master Lin would give.

Lin Fan shook his head, then said, "Actually, running faster than Seidel is nothing much at all because my expertise lies in track and field events. For example, high-jump, long jump, shot put, and javelin throwing. I'm even better at each of these than at I am at running."

The crowd was silent.

Everyone's jaws had dropped as they stared blankly at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost.

"Haha" At that moment, one of the reporters suddenly started laughing as if he had just heard the most hilarious joke in the world.

Lin Fan's expression became a little stern. "Don't laugh. I'm telling you this very seriously. I'm really very humble. Even though I specialize in the other events, I'm not the type that likes to show off. Just now, when I said that I was being humble, you all didn't believe me. Now, I can only reveal the truth to you."

That reporter who was laughing suddenly shut up. Then, he looked at Lin Fan with a shocked expression.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan had been paying attention to his Encyclopedia notification all along. At that moment, he was startled. It didn't make sense!

"Wu Huan Yue's adoration towards the host exceeds everything else. Hence, a subclass of the Creative Work class will be unlocked: Songwriting."

Lin Fan: "..."

Creative work? I don't know about any of this. Then, he took a glance. F*ck! It's completely against me! Where did this songwriting come from? Is there a need for this?

"Task unlocked: To become a well-respected Master Lin."

"Task rewards: Encyclopedic Points +20 and the tenth page of knowledge will be unlocked."

"Note: Since it is a subclass of knowledge, there is no need to involve yourself in the profession."

"Current Encyclopedic Points: 125"

He knew that he was a very well-liked man and it was normal for Wu Huan Yue to adore him. But was there a need to give him this knowledge?

For example, those big shots that he knew. Wouldn't it be better to have their knowledge?

"Master Lin, Master Lin"

As Master Lin was in his stunned state, the reporters softly called out, "Master Lin, you said that you are great at track and field. However, you only showed your exceptional skills in the track segment. How are you going to prove yourself?"

Lin Fan took a deep breath. He would slowly study this knowledge later on. Right now, he had to face the reporters' questions.

Lin Fan smiled. "I won't prove myself. I already said that I am a humble person. I've never liked showing off. Of course, you all can doubt me but I will never show off just to prove something. Living life that way is far too tiring."

The reporters slowly studied Lin Fan. They realized that Master Lin had some real swagger. They were all suspicious. Was Master Lin really that f*cking awesome or was he just all talk?

The reporters had all fallen into Lin Fan's grasp. They stared at him. Then, Lin Fan said, "Alright, our interview will end here for today. This was never something to be proud of. Everyone should go back. If any reporter is hungry, you can look at the sheet next to our entrance. If you are able to understand its contents, you will get a scallion pancake."

The reporters were shaken by Lin Fan's words. He was too f*cking arrogant. But they had no choice but to accept it.

He had run so quickly while carrying a video camera. As for the other events, he had admitted to being f*cking awesome at them too. It didn't matter if they believed it or not because he didn't care.

The situation was a little awkward.

Some of the reporters took a look at the sheet.

"Encyclopedic Points +1."

Lin Fan pointed at a reporter and said, "You understood. Fifty dollars for one scallion pancake."

The scallion pancake was made.

That reporter, who had doubted Lin Fan previously, held the scallion pancake in his hands. Then, he took a bite and his expression instantly changed.

"Master Lin, your scallion pancakes" The reporters were flabbergasted.

Lin Fan waved his hand. "They just taste average. But no one has made better ones yet."

The reporters were stunned. "Master Lin, you really are humble."

Lin Fan smiled. "Humility is a virtue. However, you still need a little self-confidence."

"You're right."

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