A Valiant Life Chapter 361

Chapter 361: This doesn't seem right
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A lot of the professionals in the room were discussing intensely the surgical procedures in the video clip. They were extremely in awe. They felt that it was a masterpiece and at the same time, they wanted to know who the person was so that they could ask him some questions.

The little girl's test report was out.

It was a big hospital and it had all the amenities needed. An average report would require two or three days but this was a special case and it was completed in a short time.

Doctor Mao held onto the report and gasped, "How could it be?"

"How's the result?" The other experts rushed forward and looked at it. Then, they turned to Doctor Mao. "Can you confirm that the girl had throat cancer?"

Doctor Mao was in disbelief but the results were in front of him and they had to believe it. "Yeah, I can confirm that."

"That's impossible." The experts were stunned. "Throat cancer can't be cured by a simple surgery. Furthermore, the aftermath of the surgery would be extremely complicated and she should be infected with other diseases. It couldn't have been controlled."

"According to the condition of the patient, she's supposed to be in a coma after the surgery for quite some time. A positive case would regain consciousness in a week but it wouldn't be like her current condition. She's just in a deep sleep."

Doctor Mao shook his head. "I don't know either but the report is right here. We can only trust it."

The Chinese medical expert gasped again, "I know the use of the last three needles. According to the old records, a person's head has a lot of acupuncture points and each of them affects the human body greatly."

The experts didn't understand that and asked, "Then do you know the positions of the three needles?"

The Chinese medicine doctor shook his head. "I don't know. Perhaps only that person would know."

The experts looked as if they wanted to kill him. It was as if all he had just said was completely useless.

Doctor Mao sighed. "Impressive. If the truth wasn't right in front of us now, I wouldn't have believed it. Now, I don't even blame him for knocking me out. I have to thank him for that since I understand why he did it. If not for that, I wouldn't have believed him and I would've treated him like a psychopath. Then, I'd have become a sinner. I wasn't really confident in that surgery and if I find out who he is, I have to thank him personally."

The girl's parents said, "When he came out and spoke to us, he said he was a godly doctor and it was fated for him to treat our daughter. Then, you guys came and he jumped out of the window.

The girl's parents wanted to thank him personally. If not for him, the girl wouldn't have recovered.

Inspector Yang looked extremely stern and he said, "A young man in his 20s. He is physically fit, 1.78m and about 103lbs. A skinny man."

"Doctor Mao, is there a surveillance camera at the place where he hit you?" Inspector Yang said.

Doctor Mao shook his head. "That's a blind spot and there's no camera."

Then, the entire conference room went wild. Director Chen said in disbelief, "Inspector Yang, you mentioned that the doctor is in his twenties?"

Inspector Yang nodded. "Yeah, not above thirty years of age."

The crowd looked at each other in shock. It was as if it was the biggest joke ever. How could this doctor with such precise skills be less than thirty years old?

Even if they searched the entire nation, they wouldn't be able to find someone like that. It was for sure.

Then, a policeman entered the room. "Sir, the reporters downstairs filmed his face."

"Play it."

The crowd looked at the video clip curiously and when they saw him jump over the wall, everyone was stunned.

Inspector Yang nodded. "Matching clothes. White t-shirt. Strong physical power. Pause."

The video clip was paused.

In the clip, Lin Fan's head was turned. Although he was wearing a mask, he wasn't wearing a surgical hat. Inspector Yang continued to draw his appearance. He wrote a question mark beside some areas and wrote some words beneath them.

'Runs extremely quickly. Jumps extremely high and has extraordinary physical abilities.'

"Look at all the cameras and find footages of this man. Look at everything closely and don't miss out anything," Inspector Yang said with a serious tone.



Director Chen asked, "Inspector Yang, can this man be found?"

Inspector Yang nodded. "If we can find out how this man looks without the mask and draw it out before doing a facial recognition, we'd be able to find out. His age is a great breakthrough and there shouldn't be a problem. We just need some time. Also, we hired the professional team to collect samples of his fingerprint. He's bound to be caught.

Director Chen sighed. "The nation's investigation skills are so great now. It's unlike the past."

Inspector Yang smiled. "Of course. The cameras are our greatest asset. He has nowhere to run."

Director Chen said, "Inspector Yang, if you find this man, could you inform me right away?"

Inspector Yang nodded. "Of course. This man didn't really do anything wrong in my opinion. I feel like he did a good job. However, in the eyes of the public, they'd think that it's a big security breach. I'll let you know as soon as possible."

"Thank you." Director Chen smiled. If they could hire such a godly doctor then the hospital would be in luck. It would be a good thing for the patients too.



It had been a few hours since the incident had happened.

The reporters were still waiting outside but they hadn't gotten any news yet. At the same time, they didn't know the final outcome too. They only knew that the girl was still alive but didn't know how she was doing.

"They're out" A reporter said when he saw the policemen walking out. Then, the reporters gathered around the policemen.

"Police officers, may we know what's the situation now?"

"Could you tell us the girl's condition? Did her condition worsen?"

Inspector Yang waved his hand. "Everyone, I can only tell you that nothing has gone wrong. As for the specific details, I'll let Director Chen speak about that. Please excuse us, we have to continue with our investigations."

The reporters excused them and went to pester Director Chen.

Director Chen knew that he couldn't hide anything about this incident.

"Everyone, the girl is extremely healthy. The surgery was a success and the sickness was cured. She is perfectly fine now. I have to thank the person that disguised as a doctor. He's really a godly doctor. I am willing to hire the doctor with a high salary and offer him great benefits."

In that instant.

The reporters were stunned.

It was as if they had heard something wrong.

That didn't seem right.
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