A Valiant Life Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Zhao Si kneels
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At that moment, everyone stood up.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed and he charged to the front. "Scram off!"

When Zhao Si heard that, he instantly laughed. "Kid, you young people really are powerful. This is quite meaningful. But when you're too wild, you need some ability as well. Chief Zhang isn't someone you can insult. Drag this kid away."

When the henchmen at the side heard this, they started moving. The big shot had spoken and they had to heed his orders.

"Zhao Si, do you want to f*cking die?" at that moment, Wang Ming Yang walked out and bellowed.

When Zhao Si saw who had come, he was startled. "Chief Wang"

Zhang Hui was startled as well. Of course, she knew Wang Ming Yang but she couldn't figure out why he would appear there.

"Chief Wang, you've misunderstood. We're not here to cause trouble but this guy insulted Chief Zhang so I called him out for a talk. I promise I won't disturb you all," said Zhao Si hastily.

"F*ck, you're f*cking blind. This is my brother. If you are calling him out for a talk, you're calling me out. Do you want to die? If you do, then tell me. I'll fulfill your wish," said Wang Ming Yang angrily without giving Zhao Si any respect.

"Don't say vulgarities in front of children. We'll go out and talk," said Lin Fan.

Wang Ming Yang nodded. "Right, no vulgarities." Then, he nodded and said, "People of Cloud Street, you guys take care of the children. The rest of you, follow me. Let's see what this guy wants."

Zhao Si looked at the scene before him and was stunned. He suddenly felt like this wasn't right.


Zhang Hui's gaze swept the place. She realized that she recognized quite a number of the people there but at that moment, she couldn't figure out how they were related to that kid.

Wang Ming Yang asked, "Zhao Si, what is the meaning of this?"

As the saying goes, newborn calves aren't afraid of tigers. Jin Yang went forward and said, "Who are you? Is that something you should be asking Elder Si?"

"Scram," Zhao Si glared at Jin Yang and said, "Chief Wang...no, Brother Wang. It's all a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding."

Wang Ming Yang chuckled. "Misunderstanding? You f*cking brought so many people to the orphanage to look for my brother for trouble and you tell me it's a misunderstanding? Was it because I, Wang Ming Yang, wasn't there that you thought my brother could be bullied? Don't forget, back then, when I was penniless, I could beat you to your knees and make you call me big brother. Do you believe that I can kill you now and no one will know who did it?"

"Yes, yes. Don't be angry, Brother Wang. I, Zhao Si, wouldn't dare to provoke your brother. This really was a misunderstanding. If I had known he was your brother, I wouldn't have dared even if I had ten guts," said Zhao Si fearfully.

He was really afraid of Wang Ming Yang. It wasn't just on the surface but in his heart as well. Many many years ago, he had fought with Wang Ming Yang. That time, he had fear beaten into him by Wang Ming Yang. He had knelt down to Wang Ming Yang at the construction site and called him big brother. At that time, many people saw it. Now, no one spoke about it mainly because he had risen up in status and Wang Ming Yang's status was getting higher and higher too. Thus, they had to take care of their image. They wouldn't want unpleasant news to appear.

Wang Ming Yang chuckled and said, "Angry? I'm not angry. Today, you brought your people here. It's my brother who's angry. If you want to play, I'll play with you. I just want to tell you one thing. Although I, Wang Ming Yang, am a law-abiding businessman, if you come at me, I won't be afraid of anything or anyone."

Zhao Si had never feared anyone else in his lifetime but he really feared Wang Ming Yang. Wang Ming Yang was simply unafraid of death. Back then, when they had worked at the construction site, Wang Ming Yang had led a group of workers. They had been merciless. They had beaten him until his heart had trembled in fear. His final goal was to earn money. If he offended Wang Ming Yang, he wouldn't dare to guarantee that he would be able to fend Wang Ming Yang off.

Moreover, Wang Ming Yang had money. On top of that ruthlessness that he used to have, his power was hard to imagine.

The people that Zhao Si had brought were silently standing at the side. Their boss had been scolded to his face and he didn't even dare to refute. The circumstances were very clear.

"Yes. Yes, Brother Wang. please calm down. I'm not here to cause trouble. What happened before was because I wasn't careful. This time, I wasn't clear about the situation as well. If I had known, I wouldn't have come," said Zhao Si anxiously.

Lin Fan glanced at Wang Ming Yang and said, "You've been involved in gangs in the past?"

Wang Ming Yang said, "No. What does that mean? I haven't."

Lin Fan said, "Zhao Si. Brother Si, is that true?"

Zhao Si was trembling with fear. "Just call me Lil' Si."

"Master Lin, what's going on?" At that moment, Liu Xiao Tian came rushing over. "I went to the toilet, then they told me that people were causing trouble?"

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, "It's nothing, Inspector Liu. Just a small matter."

"Zhao Si, what are you doing?" When Liu Xiao Tian saw Zhao Si, he was surprised. Then, his face became stern.

When Zhao Si saw that he had come, he was dumbfounded. "Inspector Liu, you're here too?"

Although Liu Xiao Tian hadn't been promoted for long, he knew all the big shot gangsters in Shanghai like the back of his palm. In fact, he often crossed paths with them.

"Zhao Si, what are you doing, bringing your people here? Are you trying to cause trouble? If you are, let me tell you that I will call people here immediately to take you away. Then, you can idle for as long as you like," said Liu Xiao Tian.

Zhao Si said hastily, "Inspector Liu, it was a misunderstanding. I'm not here to cause trouble."

Liu Xiao Tian grabbed Zhao Si's collar and said sternly, "I don't care what you do usually but remember this. If you want to play, I, Liu Xiao Tian, don't have much to do daily. I'll play with you slowly. If you don't do anything against the law, I won't do anything to you but if you do a single thing against the law, I won't let you go. I'll see how long you can last."

Right now, Zhao Si even thought of dying. What the f*ck was going on? He was someone that did many illegal things that couldn't be made known to others. If Inspector Liu was on to him, how would he work? It would be better if he stopped working at all.

"Sigh, my good Inspector Liu, I, Zhao Si, am really not here to cause trouble. I really didn't know the situation here." Zhao Si was close to tears. Although he was living comfortably, that was only because the police closed one eye to his doings as long as he didn't go overboard.

But if he did anything too extreme, he would be looking for death.

A gangster doing things in front of the police, how f*cking awesome must he be?

Needless to say, the police all had guns. If they really wanted to do something to him, he would be in trouble.

Zhao Si didn't know what to say. This matter didn't have a rat's a*s to do with him. How had he run into these two ruthless people?

Wang Ming Yang was the person he was most afraid of. Now, he had been targeted by Inspector Liu on top of that. They didn't leave him with an opportunity to live at all.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, "This has nothing to do with you but your people have scared the children. Go in and apologize, then scram."

Inspector Liu added, "Didn't you hear Master Lin's words? Go in and apologize, then scram! Don't ever cause trouble for me in the future. If you dare to do so, I'll slowly play with you."

Zhao Si nodded immediately and replied, "Yes, yes. I'll go right now."

Then, Zhao Si brought his underlings and went inside immediately. "Little children, we're sorry. Uncle was rude just now. I was too rash." Then, he hastily ran off.

At that moment, Lin Fan looked at Zhang Hui and said, "What do you want"

Zhang Hui was dumbfounded. She blinked and replied, "I don't want anything."
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