A Valiant Life Chapter 375

Chapter 375: What happened?
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The next day!

To Lin Fan, everything was peaceful and tranquil but to the musical world, a huge earthquake had rocked the place.

The Music Announcement Charts.

Regardless of which celebrity was releasing a new album, it would be updated on these Music Announcement Charts, especially the New Song Announcement Charts. Overnight, it had been taken over by ten songs. Initially, quite a number of celebrities had released new albums during this period and they had been getting pretty good results too but after that night, the situation had changed. Their songs were gone and on this chart appeared ten songs that they didn't even know.

It was really like seeing a ghost.

1: 'There is only you in my heart', 1254257 downloads.

2: 'Red Bean', 1125478 downloads.

3: 'A fated marriage', 1114785 downloads.

Seeing these ten songs was like seeing a ghost. They had risen up overnight.

Over at Wang Ming Yang's side, when he saw this statistical report, he felt some discomfort in his heart. He lay down on the chair and didn't get up for a long while.

Teacher Yang Chen said, "Incredible. Simply incredible. This composing ability of Master Lin's has really earned my respect. Initially, I was still underestimating many of the songs but now I understand just how shocking they are."

Wu Huan Yue looked at the statistics and said, "Teacher Yang, I'm not seeing things, am I?" She didn't dare to believe all this. She had known those songs were good but she had never expected this level of results. They had been put through the market's testing and emerged with victorious results. The only possible conclusion was that these songs were really good.

Yang Chen felt that he was witnessing a miracle. "You're not seeing things. None of us are. This is something that has never happened before in musical history. Look at these songs, each of them have a beautiful melody and what is even more unexpected is that they encompass three types of languages. This simply leaves me speechless. I just want to kneel down to Master Lin and become his disciple."

Wang Ming Yang came to his senses. He slammed the table and said, "Good! This is really great! D*mn, when my brother told me about this, I hesitated and couldn't decide. I thought releasing albums too quickly wasn't good. But now I understand, I really was a dumba*s. My brother wouldn't try to harm me. Out of all these songs, there's not a single one that isn't an instant classic. Huan Yue, this time, you've won big time. Even if you give your body to my brother, it wouldn't be enough repayment."

When Wu Huan Yue heard this, she instantly blushed. Chief Wang had said that too bluntly and too crudely. However, there wasn't anything wrong with that statement. If it were some other female singer celebrity, she would probably sleep with the composer as repayment for producing these high-quality songs.

On the Internet.

"F*ck, Wu Huan Yue has gone mad. That last album of hers was just released recently and now, another album has been released."

"That's too perverse. Ten of her songs have made the charts. Even those big-name celebrities have been pushed aside. No one would believe this if they don't see it for themselves."

"They sound good. They really sound amazing, especially this Korean song. Although I don't understand the lyrics, the melody and voice are really exceptionally good."

"I like that song, 'Red Bean'."

"I really like every single one of these songs. Wu Huan Yue's first album pales in comparison to this one. They simply cannot be compared."

"Look at who's behind all of these songs. It's all Master Lin. This Master Lin is way too sick!"

"The lyrics. The tune. F*ck, he's f*cking awesome. Just what kind of god is this Master Lin? He just came up with ten songs all for Wu Huan Yue all of a sudden. Do you think she slept with him?"

"I think that may not be the case. Wu Huan Yue has people behind her, supporting her. But no matter what, these ten songs are really brilliant. It's really thanks to Master Lin that they could become so popular. If it wasn't for the quality of the songwriting, they could never have made the charts."

"I've found it. I've found out about this Master Lin. It turns out that back when Wu Huan Yue was taking part in the contest, he had already written a song for her. In her first album, there's a song that was sung by her during the contest. The other songs were all composed by other people but I felt that they were all just average. This second album is really amazing."

"It's really great to be born so beautiful. With those good looks and that figure, I bet Master Lin fancies her. Just her thighs and her chest are enough to make Master Lin be in pure bliss. That's why he did so much for her."

"To the person above, could you stop talking sh*t? You don't know what kind of person Master Lin is, so stop talking nonsense. Go online and take a proper look at what kind of person Master Lin is. If you keep talking sh*t like that, it's humiliating."


When Ying Jin, who had always held a grudge against Lin Fan, saw the results of the second album, her face turned pale. It was as if she had just eaten sh*t. Then, she thought of the Weibo post that she had sent before and her expression changed. She quickly opened her Weibo to check.

With one look, she almost fainted onto the ground. This Weibo post from long ago had gotten dug up by people and she was mercilessly shamed for it.

"Haha, Teacher Ying Jin is getting shamed again."

"Have you seen the results yet? Do you feel that your face hurts from the shame?"

"Haha, I'm going to die of laughter. All those celebrities who followed Ying Jin and looked down on Wu Huan Yue have all removed their Weibo posts this morning. I think they're all deeply regretting their actions. If they had known, they wouldn't have been a part of this madness with Ying Jin."

When Ying Jin saw these comments, she didn't say a single word. She quickly deleted the post. She had to admit that they were vicious, this bunch of f*ckers.

Numerous celebrities saw that this new singer had taken over the charts with her second album and they were all stunned. This simply didn't make sense to them. Powerful. She is simply too powerful.

Some celebrities were inquiring about this Master Lin. If they could get to know this first-rate composer and he was to compose a song for them, perhaps they could be like Wu Huan Yue and release a new album. That would be incredible.

After all, this move by Wu Huan Yue was something that had never been done before.

They all knew that a good voice was indeed important but what was more important was the songwriting. These days, some of the musical emperors and empresses released songs that were mediocre and immediately got flamed. No matter how good their voices were, it was useless, because if the song melody and lyrics made people feel awkward, then the end-product would be a failure.

Some of the celebrities found Lin Fan's Weibo post from before. As long as they scolded Ying Jin, he would compose songs for them. This, to some of the celebrities, was a very attractive offer but they didn't have the courage. Ying Jin was a highly respected being in the musical world. If anyone dared to scold her, that would be asking for death.

At that moment, Lin Fan just woke up.

Even if the sky had been turned upside down, to him, it was no big deal.

He washed up. Then, he saw that there were so many numbers on his phone and was stunned.

Had the world exploded? Why did he have so many missed calls? There was a total of thirty-something. Among them, Wang Ming Yang made up a majority of them.
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