A Valiant Life Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Chinese medical doctors want to be involved too
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The next day!

There was a new piece of news on the internet but it didn't attract a lot of attention. However, there were people who were stunned.

"D*mn, Chinese medicine is getting too awesome."

"Awesome my foot. It's just capable of stopping pain and you guys think it's awesome as if it could cure all diseases."

"Chinese medicine is one of our national treasures. Can you please be more confident?"

"Not confident at all. I'm pessimistic. Look at hospitals now, they don't even have Chinese medicine. It's so stupid."

"I've read about this old man before. He's the director of Shanghai's First Chinese Medical Academy. His medical skills are amazing."

"Haha, ^ stop bragging. Chinese medicine is just a scam. You're lucky if you haven't died from visiting those Chinese medical clinics at the roadside."

"I believe in Chinese medicine. Did you guys see the video? Even the so-called specialist group was helpless. The old man just used three needles to stop the pain. Isn't that crazy?"

The commotion online was extremely brutal. There were a few people who claimed to be Chinese medical professionals. They claimed to be able to cure hundreds of illnesses with just one treatment. However, all it did was tarnish the reputation of Chinese medicine.

Lin Fan was standing at the entrance of Shanghai's First Chinese Medical Academy. The academic institution had a hundred years of history. It had been through many difficult trials and challenges and it was one of the most reputable universities in the nation. However, it only had one-third of the number of students in other big universities. Furthermore, less than 30% of the students pursued Chinese medicine as a career after graduating. Some of them changed careers while others even switched to western medicine. This had a great impact on Chinese medicine and in another ten years, perhaps there wouldn't be any more people willing to learn it.

"Teacher" Zhao Ming Qing had been waiting. He couldn't sleep the previous day as he had been extremely excited. He wanted to follow his mentor to conduct medical research. It was his dream.

After having a disciple, Lin Fan felt that his life had been a little rushed. He felt extremely pressured to produce a true master by training his disciple.

Lin Fan said, "Are you prepared?"

Zhao Ming Qing nodded. "Teacher, I've prepared everything. The research lab has been thoroughly cleaned. I've also prepared the necessary medicine. Will we really be able to defeat anorexia?"

Zhao Ming Qing felt that it was a dream and he felt like he was walking on clouds. He was hesitant when his friend visited. He wanted to read 'Various Types of Typhoid' wholeheartedly and he felt that he required a lot of time to study it. Therefore, he felt that he wouldn't have time to do any other things.

As they were walking on the school's pathway, Lin Fan looked forward. "Hey, Ming Qing, why are there so few females in your school?"

Zhao Ming Qing looked around. "Really? Teacher, I've never really noticed. Maybe females don't like Chinese medicine."

Lin Fan nodded. He kind of understood why the school had so few students. If the school didn't even have any girls, why would people be willing to go to school?

The students that passed by were puzzled when they saw Director Zhao walking with a youngster. They wondered who this youngster was. However, they didn't really care about it. Ever since they had enrolled in this school, they regretted their decision. It was because they were looked down upon by people whenever they introduced themselves as Chinese medicine students.

They had had a dream when they chose to study Chinese medicine. However, they had realized that things were different after enrolling in the university.

In the research lab.

It was Lin Fan's first time entering a well-equipped facility. Lin Fan gasped when he looked around and saw some of the medicine already prepared at the side counters. He was extremely motivated by what he was looking at.

Zhao Ming Qing was a little emotional too. He wanted to learn about everything like a good student. He took out a notebook and a pen and was prepared for the lesson.

"Teacher, where do we start from?" Zhao Ming Qing asked.

Lin Fan said, "Let's start with pharmacology. You have to first know how anorexia is developed. There are a lot of effects that Chinese medicine can bring about. However, they do not differ greatly from the main effects. Every combination will bring about a slightly different effect"

Lin Fan was already used to being a mentor and he started to teach Zhao Ming Qing about Chinese medicine. Zhao Ming Qing was a Chinese doctor himself and he was pretty capable. He knew a lot about Chinese medicine, probably more than anyone else. Naturally, Lin Fan didn't start with the easy topics. He immediately explained some of the more complex knowledge.

The two of them started to discuss fruitfully in the lab. To Zhao Ming Qing, it was as if he had been brought to another world of Chinese medicine. He hadn't expected to not know so much about Chinese medicine. It was something he had never experienced before.

The time passed extremely quickly. It seemed to pass even faster for Zhao Ming Qing.

Lin Fan was explaining seriously and didn't hide anything from him.

At a certain hospital.

The team of specialists, including Specialist Chang, was discussing an approach to cure the patient. The situation was beyond their expectations. The anorexic patient's condition was too serious and they couldn't think of something that was effective enough.

"Please think carefully about it. The reporters are looking and if we can't come up with something good, it's going to be a joke," Specialist Chang said.

The team members nodded. They were under immense pressure.

"Wang Li Li's condition is too serious. It's impossible to use the typical treatment methods."

Specialist Chang nodded. "This was totally unexpected. Since the typical methods don't work, we have to use something extraordinary. Let's work overtime tonight. We have to come up with something special for Wang Li Li."


Lin Fan was in the midst of teaching Zhao Ming Qing and he didn't immediately explain the different prescriptions. He taught him slowly and talked about the varying strengths of different Chinese medicine. He told him about the essential Chinese medicine that was needed for different diseases. If he could master that and give brilliant combinations of Chinese medicine, then he would be able to cure any disease.

They continued till nightfall.

Then, a notification came from the Encyclopedia: "Encyclopedic Points +1."

Although he hadn't taught Zhao Ming Qing everything yet, he already taught him some things. He naturally got an increment in Encyclopedic Points after Zhao Ming Qing understood the different concepts.

The next day!

Another piece of news appeared on the Internet.

When the team of specialists saw it, they were shocked.

"Leader, Zhao Ming Qing's Weibo post says that he is busy researching the cure for anorexia."

Specialist Chang was stunned when he heard that. He was in disbelief. "What did you say? Chinese medical research?"

The team members anxiously handed the phone over to him. "Look, this Weibo post was pushed to one of the top trending ones. It's attracted a lot of attention."

Specialist Chang looked at it and laughed after reading it. "Haha, is this Chinese doctor crazy? He wants to be involved in this? Does he even know the complications of anorexia? What is he going to use to treat it? It's a useless discussion."

Zhao Ming Qing had been asked by Lin Fan to publish that piece of news.

Initially, he hadn't been prepared to post something like that but he realized how pathetic his academy was. Although it was a reputable university, that was probably because Chinese medicine was one of the nation's treasures and the government couldn't have let it collapse. Hence, that was probably why people called it a 'reputable university'.

Since it was probably like that, Lin Fan wanted to promote the university.

If it was hyped up, it would definitely bring countless benefits to him.
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