A Valiant Life Chapter 422

Chapter 422: A little stunned
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Wang Ming Yang blinked several times. He couldn't believe what he just saw. His friend had just done something extraordinary. When it came to striking someone, he didn't hold back at all.

However, the situation didn't seem too good.

"My oppa"

The fans cried out.

Lin Fan's kick had been extremely vicious. The opposition immediately collapsed to the ground and he slid at least 10 meters away as the floor was slippery. He laid there motionlessly like a dead pig.

"Dumb f*cker." Lin Fan clapped his hands together. He was ever ready to hit someone when needed. He was never bothered by the consequences. He always thought that he could just face the music after everything.

"Ah!" The celebrity staff gasped. "How could you hit him? How could you hit him?"

The celebrity staff went crazy. She hadn't expected things to become like that.

The reporters were all stunned. They quickly took pictures and videos. It was a big piece of news!

Jin Xuan Ming was already an outdated celebrity back in Korea and he suddenly became famous in China. It was crazy as his concerts could earn him a few hundred thousand dollars. Those local celebrities that were trying to be successful couldn't possibly match up to him.

The reporters knew that his fame was temporal but he could possibly bring millions of dollars back to Korea with him during this period of fame.

Lin Fan stood there and didn't run away. Anyway, he had already kicked him. Lin Fan had wanted to let it go since he was a celebrity but he actually scolded Lin Fan. Those netizens that scolded him didn't know about his real identity but this celebrity actually scolded him in real life. If he was Chinese, Lin Fan would have hit him a little softer but he wasn't. How could he let him off just like that?

The surrounding crowd and security didn't even affect Lin Fan at all as he was extremely furious.

Jin Xuan Ming's security officers were infuriated when they saw their celebrity get hit. They stared at the Chinese man with a fearsome look. They mumbled something and made hand gestures as they walked towards Lin Fan. It was as if they wanted to teach him a lesson.

Lin Fan stood there without any expression.

Those hardcore fans were shouting, "Kill this man to avenge oppa!"

"My oppa, please be okay."


Then, Wang Ming Yang carried a suitcase and charged from behind. "Bro, let me help you."

One of the security officers turned around and kicked Wang Ming Yang, who fell straight to the ground. "D*mn, that fucking hurt."

Wang Ming Yang was rather fit but he couldn't match up to the physique of these security officers.

"D*mn, you dare to hit my friend? You can forget about staying alive today." Lin Fan couldn't take it any longer as he watched Wang Ming Yang collapse onto the floor. He immediately struck back.

He wasn't bothered by where they were. He just wanted to kill them all.

He started to use his Ba Gua Zhang skills.

Jumping Palm.

Lin Fan stuck out his hand and struck it at one of the bodyguards' chin. He viciously struck upwards with his other palm ferociously pressed onto the opposition's chest. He dealt a heavy blow and the bodyguard fell to the ground. Then, he stomped on his face and scolded, "You dare to bully my friend? I'll make you blind."

Then, he immediately struck at the others. He meant what he said, which was to make all of them collapse onto the ground.

"D*mn, that is amazing" The reporters went wild. It was such an extraordinary sight.

*Snap snap*

The cameras were snapping away and they didn't want to miss anything.

It was definitely a big piece of news.

Lin Fan was destroying them single-handedly and there were more and more spectators. They were all stunned when they saw this.

Lin Fan clapped his hands and packed up. Then, he went to Wang Ming Yang and helped him up. "You can't even fight, why did you go forward?"

Wang Ming Yang rubbed his chest in pain. "I know I couldn't do it but you already went forward. I had to do something too."

"Don't force yourself in the future. Just watch when I fight. I won't blame you," Lin Fan said and shook his head. However, he felt rather happy.

Wang Ming Yang replied, "That's not possible. If I stand aside and watch, I'd be a coward."

"What happened?" Then, the airport police officers came over. The entire team of policemen came and surrounded the area.

The airport staff went forward to explain the situation truthfully.

The leading officer nodded and looked at Lin Fan. "Did you hit this man?"

Lin Fa nodded and answered honestly, "Yes, I did."

"Me too." Wang Ming Yang raised his hand.

Lin Fan glared at him. "Don't involve yourself in this. If you are to be arrested like me, who's going to bail us out?"

Wang Ming Yang pointed outside. "Yun Gang can do it."

"Alright, bring them away." The leader of the team waved his hand. They immediately brought Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang away and said, "Actually, we know about it already. You did a great job. However, you have to follow us. Otherwise, the fans would create trouble."

"We'll gladly cooperate," Lin Fan smiled and said.

The leader of the police team nodded. It was the first time he had encountered something like this. He was extremely impressed with the young chap's actions. However, it wasn't right to hit someone and he had to pay a price. They had to handle the matter objectively.

The airport medical team came out and checked on Jin Xuan Ming. The celebrity staff was extremely anxious. They were worried about Jin Xuan Ming's condition.

Lin Fan interrupted, "You don't have to check on him. He just broke a rib. It was just to teach him a lesson so that he won't talk trash in the future."

The celebrity staff turned around and said furiously, "You think you're right to hit someone? You'll be punished."

Lin Fan smiled. "It's just a broken rib. It's considered a light injury. There won't be criminal duties to serve. I will just be punished lightly. If I broke two ribs, it would raise the classification one level higher and you could appeal for criminal punishment. If you'd like that, I can break one more rib for you."

"Youyou" The celebrity staff was stunned. She hadn't expected this person to be so ruthless.

"Police officer, let's go," Lin Fan said calmly as if he wasn't bothered by this matter at all.

The surrounding reporters were extremely excited when they saw what had happened. The passers-by also held their phones and started to take videos and pictures.

"That's awesome. It's going to be another breaking news! Korean celebrity, Jin Xuan Ming, got beaten up badly. If this is posted online, it'd be law-defying!"

"Haha, it's going to be well-received. These two gentlemen are awesome!"

"I heard it's because Jin Xuan Ming was being cocky and arrogant. He treated the airport like it was his own house. The bodyguards pushed people violently and spewed vulgarities. Therefore, he got beaten up so badly. Perhaps he might be thinking about dying now."

Outside the airport.

Wu Yun Gang raised his hand when he saw Wang Ming Yang and Master Lin. "Here Here!"

However, he realized that the situation was a little abnormal. Why were there police officers? He quickly went forward to find out more.

Lin Fan said, "Chief Wu, I'm sorry. Wang Ming Yang and I can't take your car. We have to take the police vehicle."

Wang Ming Yang shook his head. "Brother Wu, please remember to bail us out."

Wu Yun Gang was stunned. "Police officer, what did my friends do?"

The police officer replied, "They beat someone at the airport. It's considered a case of trouble-making."

"They hit someone?" Wu Yun Gang was stunned. Why would they hit someone even before leaving the airport? Then he continued to ask, "Why did they hit someone? Could there be a misunderstanding?"

Lin Fan waved his hand. "Chief Wu, we'll leave first. If you want to find out, just proceed inside."

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