A Valiant Life Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Immediately Ignored
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Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang left with the policemen.

Wu Yun Gang went to the airport and saw the injured person. He felt that it was a little unbelievable.

It was Jin Xuan Ming, a Korean celebrity that had gotten famous recently.

Why had Master Lin and Wang Ming Yang gotten into a fight with this person? Furthermore, he hadn't shown any mercy at all. Then, he went to ask the airport medical staff and found out that Jin Xuan Ming had just broken a rib. He heaved a sigh of relief and tried to find out more about what had happened.

"F*ck, he deserves to be beaten up. He actually dared to scold Master Lin," Wu Yun Gang chided. However, he had to think of a way to bail Wang Ming Yang and Master Lin.

If it had been an ordinary citizen, it'd be an easier task. However, it was a celebrity.

However, he knew that Master Lin and Wang Ming Yang wouldn't have done that to an ordinary citizen. He knew from past experience that they only messed with influential figures.

But this man wasn't a local celebrity. He was probably there to dupe all the local fans of their money before returning back to his country. It was probably just an act.

In the police officers' vehicle.

Wang Ming Yang laughed. "Why didn't you just hit his face? It's better than breaking a rib."

Lin Fan smiled. "Yeah, I didn't think of that."

Wang Ming Yang asked, "Sir, how will we be sentenced?"

The leader of the team was impressed by them. He said, "It has to be done according to what has happened. However, it will likely be handled as a normal public security case. You will be detained for fifteen days with a fine of $500. If it was a more serious injury, you'd be charged with injuring him on purpose. This would result in a jail sentence of not more than three years. However, it's considered to be a light injury and if you can settle it privately, it will be fine. If not, you'll be detained for fifteen days and you'll have to pay a bit of money."

Lin Fan would typically read up on some laws when he had nothing to do in his shop. However, most of them were complicated and he didn't understand it. Hence, he immediately tried to see what consequences he would face from hitting someone. Perhaps he might be able to understand the punishment better.

Jin Xuan Ming had sustained minor injuries and the outcome depended on how they were to handle it.

This piece of news was published on the same day.

The peaceful Internet forums suddenly blew up.

Countless people were stunned when they read that Jin Xuan Ming had been beaten up at the airport.

"Haha, that's good. This man is awesome."

"It's the first time I've seen something like this. I'm extremely impressed."

"F*cking awesome. One look at this man and you can tell that he's an experienced fighter. Even the bodyguards couldn't match up to him."

"Wait, something's wrong. Why does this man look like Master Lin?"

"Master Lin? What?"

"Go search it up and see if it's true. However, isn't Master Lin situated in Shanghai? Why is he in Beijing?"

"D*mn, I just saw it. It's really Master Lin. I should've known from the start. Only Master Lin could possess such fearsome skills."

"That was brilliant. A man like that deserves to be beaten up. Why are there so many stupid fans out there?"


This matter caused an uproar within the entertainment industry. A lot of celebrities watched this matter closely. They were shocked when they read that Jin Xuan Ming had been beaten up at the airport. It was as if they had seen a ghost. However, they somehow felt like laughing.

This Jin Xuan Ming wasn't famous in Korea and he suddenly became famous in China after coming here to try to make a fortune. When he attended some events, he didn't even respect the senior celebrities. However, they couldn't do anything about it since he was a famous celebrity. If they posted about it on Weibo, they'd be slaughtered by Jin Xuan Ming's stupid fans.

However, this incident was brilliant.

When Jin Xuan Ming's fans found out about this, they were shocked. They cried as if their idol had been killed.

"It's this fella who hit our Xuan Ming oppa. We have to scold him on his Weibo."

"Yes, let's curse him till he dies."

"How could he touch our oppa? Oppa is the most important being in our eyes. He's our pillar of support."

A bunch of stupid fans commented. "This is the Weibo of that fella. Let's go!"

On Lin Fan's Weibo.

Countless netizens came to praise him even though some of them didn't know who he was.

"Followed. I'll be a lifetime fan."

"I'm usually not a follower but today's an exception. Master Lin is my new idol."

"You strike whenever it's needed. That's extraordinary. Let's wait for those stupid fans to wage war."

Then, a lot of Jin Xuan Ming's fans came and scolded him on his Weibo.

"F*cking rubbish, why did you hit our oppa"

"The police should lock him up for life."

"He should kneel down and apologize to our oppa"

"Brothers and sisters, we have to create an uproar to punish this murderer severely."

"Didn't oppa make a lot of friends from the recent show? Let's go to their Weibo and ask them for their support."

"Yeah, let's go!"

Yang Jun Chen was a variety show celebrity and he had attended a lot of variety shows before. He was rather influential and had a lot of fans.

Then, he looked at his own Weibo and read about Jin Xuan Ming's incident. However, he didn't want to post anything yet because he didn't like Jin Xuan Ming. Although he acted friendly towards him on the shows, it was just for the show's effects. They didn't like him because he was rude to the senior celebrities.

Although Jin Xuan Ming was famous now, it wasn't based on his own capabilities. He didn't deserve to act so arrogantly.

Then, Yang Jun Chen realized that his Weibo had private messages from Jin Xuan Ming's fans and the number of texts was increasing. Some of them said that if he didn't help them out, he wouldn't be considered to be a good friend of Jin Xuan Ming.

For example, some of them called him a dog, etc It was really bad.

He had no choice but to support Jin Xuan Ming to appease these fans so that they wouldn't pester him on his Weibo.

"I hope we can seek justice for Xuan Ming. I wish him a speedy recovery."

This Weibo post was normal and had no problems. Then, he posted it.

The fans of Jin Xuan Ming were extremely happy. When they saw Yang Jun Chen's Weibo post, they felt great about themselves. It was as if they had done something great for their celebrity.

Yang Jun Chen shook his head helplessly. It was a forced act. He didn't care about how serious Jin Xuan Ming's injuries were.

Then, a phone call came. It was another celebrity who was rather close to him and he was a true friend.

"Jun Chen, you're mad. Why did you post on Weibo? Don't get involved in this. Quickly delete it," his friend said anxiously.

Yang Jun Chen was stunned. "Brother Mu, what's wrong? Is there a problem with that?"

The voice on the phone became louder.

"Of course. You might not know who is Master Lin but you should know the singer who is dominating the charts now. Her songs were all written by Master Lin. Actually, that doesn't really matter. The main thing is, I heard my boss say that Master Lin has a wide network. This matter has nothing to do with you. Quick, delete it."

"But Brother Mu, if I delete it after posting, Jin Xuan Ming's fans would kill me," Yang Jun Chen said.

"Don't bother about that. Listen to me, quickly delete it. You have to be careful. Only three celebrities spoke about this and all of them have had conflicts with Master Lin before. Don't get involved in this, quickly delete it and disable your comments section," his good friend said.

Yang Jun Chen trusted this friend a lot and deleted the Weibo post without any hesitation.

Meanwhile, Jin Xuan Ming's fans were commenting on other celebrities' Weibo accounts and didn't bother much about him.

Some of the celebrities weren't fools. They knew that this matter wouldn't do any good to them. In fact, it would only cause more trouble for them. Hence, they just ignored these people and their scoldings.
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