A Valiant Life Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Help from everywhere
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Indeed, after Yang Jun Chen deleted the Weibo post, Jin Xuan Ming's fans were enraged. They were prepared to scold him on his Weibo but they realized that they couldn't post anything.

Then, someone suggested scolding Yang Jun Chen on the web forums and his fanbase forums.

In that instant, the power of the hardcore fans was activated. Sometimes, fans can even shake the earth when they reach a certain level of craziness.

At the hospital.

Jin Xuan Ming was lying on his bed and he had awakened. However, he had broken a rib and it was extremely painful.

His manager said, "Xuan Ming oppa, please have a good rest."

"My corporate event I have to be there." Jin Xuan Ming frowned and when he thought of that Chinese man, he was infuriated. He wanted to kill him.

The manager added, "Xuan Ming, have a good rest. You can't make it to the event anymore. You need to rest well."

"How long do I have to rest for before I recover?" Jin Xuan Ming was only concerned about when he would recover. He had come to China to make a fortune, not to lie on a bed. He had been prepared to attend a lot of events and a ten-minute appearance would earn him a million dollars. How could he waste an income of more than ten million dollars?

The manager said regretfully, "The doctor said you have to rest for at least a month."

"What the f*ck" Jin Xuan Ming was stunned. A month's rest would cost him everything. It was easy for Korean celebrities to become famous in China. It was faster than most celebrities. They all knew that their fame in China couldn't last for a long time. They had to be there when they were at their peak. They would be considered average after their prime. Hence, he felt like dying after knowing that he had to be there for a month.

Especially since he had told his friends in Korea that he wouldn't return to Korea if he didn't make a fortune in China.

At the same time, he had told his Korean friends that he was going to pave a way for them so that they could come over as well after he made a fortune.

Recently, his close friend had also said that it was really easy to make a fortune in China and the fans there were so crazy it was terrifying.

They had both discussed it and Jin Xuan Ming felt extremely hopeless when he found out that he was going to be bedridden for a month.

The manager said, "Xuan Ming, don't worry. I have already complained about this. We will punish those people accordingly. The reporters are outside. I'll let them in. You have to seek justice for yourself and complain about those that hit you."

There were a lot of reporters outside the hospital. They sympathized with Jin Xuan Ming for getting beaten up but these reporters were ruthless when it came to news reporting. As long as it was the truth and it was a piece of breaking news, they'd report it as it was and wouldn't show any mercy at all.

It was reporters like them that allowed normal citizens to find out about the private lives of those top celebrities.

The reporters rushed inside and took pictures and videos of the bedridden Jin Xuan Ming. They started to ask him questions.

"May I know your view on this matter?"

"I heard you fought with the guy because of a relationship. You were labeled as the third party, is it true?"

"The airport staff said that the man hit you because you scolded him, is that true?"

Jin Xuan Ming acted as if he was extremely pitiful. He didn't understand Chinese and so his manager replied on his behalf.

"It's impossible. Xuan Ming spent all of his time and effort on his job to bring joy to his fans. He doesn't even know who the man was. Xuan Ming's injuries are pretty serious and the doctor said that he will have to rest for a month. This month is extremely important to Xuan Ming and it will affect us greatly. I hope justice can be served," the manager said.

She was extremely familiar with things like this and she knew how to answer the reporters' questions.

The reporters recorded her answers and asked, "It has been a few hours since the incident happened but there are only three celebrities on Weibo that support you regarding this. What do you think of this?" A reporter asked.

The manager replied, "We did not plan to publicise this matter. Those celebrities have partnered with Xuan Ming before and they all called to check on him. We're not prepared to ask for support on Weibo because I believe that justice will be served for him."

Cloud Street!

"D*mn, d*mn Something crazy happened!" Zhao Zhong Yang looked at Weibo and gasped. "Look at the news. Brother Lin hit some Korean celebrity in Beijing and he got arrested by the police."

"Really?" Fraud Tian was stunned. Then, he read the news and said, "D*mn, I'm impressed. This fella creates trouble everywhere he goes. He even dared to beat up a Korean celebrity at the airport. I heard he's famous recently."

Zhao Zhong Yang said, "Not just famous, he's extremely famous. He's said to be a lady killer. A lot of schoolgirls are his hardcore fans. Look at Brother Lin's Weibo. He got scolded so badly. It's an ugly sight."

Wu You Lan was worried. She immediately called Lin Fan after reading about it. However, she couldn't get through.

At the detainment center.

Lin Fan sat there with Wang Ming Yang in boredom. Nobody interrogated them and it felt as if they were there to report a case.

Then, Lin Fan received a call from the Martial Arts Association.

He was the Vice-President of the Shanghai Martial Arts Association and it was a big thing for him to end up in the detainment center for beating up a Korean celebrity.

Although Lin Fan hadn't been to the association in a long time, his post was permanent.

"President Niu, don't worry. It's a small matter," Lin Fan said.

President Niu replied, "No, you're the vice-president. I have to tell the headquarters about this. They will send someone to speak to the detainment center."

Lin Fan smiled. "Sorry for the trouble."

He was receiving help from everywhere.

It felt great to have an appointment like this.

After hanging up.

Zhao Ming Qing called.

"Teacher, are you okay?" Zhao Ming Qing sounded extremely worried.

Lin Fan replied, "Yup, what could've happened to me?"

Zhao Ming Qing said anxiously, "Teacher, don't worry. I'll get some people from the Chinese Medicine Association to the detainment center."

"There's no need for the trouble." Lin Fan was a little embarrassed.

However, it was a major incident to Zhao Ming Qing. His mentor had just gotten arrested and he had to do something about it.

Then, Wu Yun Gang was in the midst of contacting his friends. The first person he called was the chief of the detainment center. It was normal for people with high status like him to know these people.

However, Wu Yun Gang was an entrepreneur and the chief was a government official. It wasn't that he didn't want to help him with this. It was because this matter was a complicated one and he couldn't just release Lin Fan like that.

"Chief Wu, it's not that I don't want to release him. This matter would cause certain consequences. It is a public matter and if it's possible, you should contact someone to shut the celebrity up so that you can resolve this privately. Then, we will release them accordingly. If not, I can't do anything about it," the chief said.

Wu Yun Gang replied, "Alright, thank you. I'll look for someone now."

At the detainment center.

Lin Fan and the police officers were chatting. "Your actions were f*cking awesome."

"No, it's not a big deal," Lin Fan said calmly.

Wang Ming Yang shook his head. "Bro, it's the first time I've been at a detainment center."

"Haha," Lin Fan laughed.

However, he felt that this matter wasn't even a big one. They just had to spend some time at the detainment center. It was already 5 PM.

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