A Valiant Life Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Drink? Your mum!
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Wang Ming Yang was in a daze. He pushed Wu Yun Gang's hand away. "Brother Wu, I'm okay. I can still drink."

If Wu Yun Gang were to let go of his hand, he'd be an idiot. He could tell what was happening. At the start, Young Master Jiang had placed three bottles of wine there and he knew that something was wrong. After all, he had experienced it before but he had only been forced to drink three glasses. Although he had gotten drunk that time, he had been able to tolerate it since he was an experienced businessman.

But now, things were going awfully wrong.

After three glasses, Wang Ming Yang was already drunk. If he were to take a break, he probably would be fine afterward.

However, Young Master Jiang started to make things difficult for him. He initiated a toast with Wang Ming Yang to drink the whole glass.

The main thing was about giving face. If he didn't give any face to Young Master Jiang, Young Master Jiang would probably not bother about him.

Initially, Wu Yun Gang had told Wang Ming Yang not to drink anymore. However, it was useless, Wang Ming Yang just ignored him. Furthermore, Wang Ming Yang was young and vigorous, he really finished it with one gulp.

"Master Lin said you should stop drinking," Wu Yun Gang said with a serious tone.

Wang Ming Yang waved his hand. "I'm okay. I know my own body."

"My a*s. Look at yourself now. Do you think you still can drink?" Wu Yun Gang scolded. Then, he looked at Young Master Jiang. "Young Master Jiang, please let him off. He can't drink anymore."

Young Master Jiang laughed. "Replace him then."

"Alright," Wu Yun Gang agreed and drank a glass. However, he was way soberer than Wang Ming Yang.

When Wang Ming Yang was pouring the wine, Young Master Jiang stuck out two fingers. "You have to drink two glasses. I don't offer toasts to just anyone. I won't be petty about him not drinking but you have to drink two glasses to replace him."

Wu Yun Gang stopped. If he really drank it, he would definitely be drunk. Who knew what would follow next?

The three other youngsters started to laugh too.

"Are you not going to give Young Master Jiang face?" Young Master Zhao said while laughing. He was a little fat. It was as if he was watching a show.

"No" Wu Yun Gang shook his head.

"It's just drinking alcohol. Why are you so hesitant?" Young Master Huang interrupted. "You should know what kind of person Young Master Jiang is. Once you get his favor, your projects will definitely run smoothly until the end. If you do not drink it, do you believe that your projects will face a lot of difficulties?"

"I believe that." Wu Yun Gang nodded. He really believed it. Although he was rich, he couldn't match up to the authority that Young Master Jiang had.

Then, Sister Yan started to smile. She knew that Young Master Jiang was trying to make things difficult for them.

In the past, a lot of wealthy men had been played by Young Master Jiang and they drank so much that they started to question their lives.

However, some of the people were firm and they just left. But how could they have left so easily?

They would be badly beaten up at the door and she didn't know what happened after that. However, most of them would probably have gone back to Beijing.

This was a goldmine and there were wealthy men everywhere. Those foreign wealthy men that entered Beijing couldn't match up to those in Beijing. They didn't even know how to survive in a place like this.

Sister Yan said, "Chief Wu, why not just drink it? Two glasses aren't a lot. You can drink pretty well anyway."

Wu Yun Gang shook his head helplessly. He had no choice but to call Master Lin. However, he felt that even if Master Lin came over, it'd be useless.

After all, he had been involved in such things for a longer time than Master Lin and even he was helpless. How could Master Lin know what to do?

He knew the Chief of the police force but he knew that the chief would definitely back down from these few wealthy youngsters.

Young Master Jiang looked at Wu Yun Gang and patted Wang Ming Yang on his shoulder. "Chief Wang, you've been doing business in Shanghai. Given your status, shouldn't you be close to the notable leaders in Shanghai?

Wang Ming Yang shook his head. "I don't really know them but we've met a couple of times before."

"Haha, met a couple of times? What if I told you that the notable leaders all have to call me Young Master Jiang? Do you believe that?" Young Master Jiang asked.

Wang Ming Yang paused for a moment. He wasn't thinking about it, he just couldn't tolerate the alcohol in his body. "I don't believe it. Who are you to compare to them? It's not comparable"

Suddenly, everyone became quiet.

Young Master Jiang violently slammed the cup on the table in front of Wang Ming Yang, "If you respect me, finish this now."

Young Master Zhao and the others smiled and looked at Wang Ming Yang. They were simply playing with Wang Ming Yang.

Wang Ming Yang was too drunk to think. It was as if everything he was looking at was twisted.

"Alright, I'll finish it." Wang Ming Yang stretched out his hand and took the cup. When Wu Yun Gang saw that, he became extremely anxious. He pushed the bottles of wine on the table away. "Young Master Jiang, what do you guys want? He is my friend. Are you guys trying to make things difficult for me?"

Young Master Jiang looked at Wu Yun Gang, "Chief Wu, what do you mean? You wanted to introduce him to us. Didn't you want him to join the businesses here? If he can't even handle these things, how long do you think he can last in this business? Did you think that you could do all these hand gestures in front of me just because I'm in a good mood today? I'll just put it this way. Either one of you has to drink today."

"Young Master Jiang, please be merciful. I will make it up to you in the future, is that okay?" Wu Yun Gang said. At the same time, he was wondering when Master Lin would come over. If there was one more person, he could bring Wang Ming Yang away too.

He knew that these wealthy youngsters were tough to handle. They had a bad attitude and were extremely arrogant.

Today, it was clear that they were just trying to bully him. It wasn't for any introductory purposes at all.

If Wang Ming Yang continued drinking, he might really die from it.


Then, the door was flung open.

Wu Yun Gang was elated when he saw the person that was standing outside.

Lin Fan pushed the door open and furrowed his brows when he saw what was happening in the private room. Then, he rushed over to Wang Ming Yang. "Wang Ming Yang, wake up."

Wang Ming Yang was in a daze. Then, he opened his eyes and smiled. "Hey, bro, why are you here"

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Wang Ming Yang open his eyes. "If I'm not here, you'd be dead."

Young Master Zhao stood up unhappily when he saw a stranger walk in. "Who are you? Who gave you permission to come in? He has to finish the wine before he leaves today." Then, he walked over to Lin Fan and placed one hand on his shoulder.

"Drink your f*cking mum" Lin Fan shrugged his shoulder and slapped him. Young Master Zhao flew aside. Then, Lin Fan just helped Wang Ming Yang to the side of the dustbin in the room. He pressed his finger on Wang Ming Yang's abdomen.


Wang Ming Yang's abdomen suddenly contracted and a pungent smell came from his mouth. Then, he started vomiting.

In the end, a yellow liquid came out of his mouth. It was bile.

"I told you to stay safe and you still ended up like that," Lin Fan shook his head and said.

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