A Valiant Life Chapter 45

"Is your phone really that fun to play with? You're laughing at it every day. Is there a secret that you're hiding?"

Fraud Tian was extremely bored and when he saw Lin Fan laughing at his phone, he got a little suspicious.

Lin Fan looked at him and asked, "Don't you have a phone?"

Lin Fan was speechless as he saw Fraud Tian whipping out a Nokia from his pocket. He continued to play with his phone.

The Weibo discussions amused Lin Fan. It was as if he had been fishing for a long time, waiting for the fishes to be hooked before he kept the entire net of fishes.

His Weibo fanbase increased to 1.2 million people. Then, Lin Fan saw a suspicious looking young adult just outside his stall.

"Bro, come have a seat inside?" Fraud Tian didn't wait for Lin Fan to say anything as he took the opportunity to invite a customer in.

"Tea for you? Or water?"

Lu Zi Yi was a little overwhelmed by his hospitality. He said, "No need for that"

"Bro, from the look on your face it seems like you haven't been having a good love life."

Lu Zi Yi got nervous and wanted to leave. But when he heard that sentence, he was stunned.

Lin Fan laughed in his heart and raised the teacup. He said, "I know your past life and your present. You're fated to have entered my shop. Care for me to tell your fortune?"

Lu Zi Yi was a student in one of the schools nearby. He had been feeling troubled lately due to fights with his girlfriend. Fights between a couple were normal and easy to settle with a little bit of sweet talk, but this time, something major happened.

"Master, count me in, but before that, let me tell you what happened." Lu Zi Yi wanted to confide in someone.

"It's okay, I don't need to know anything to tell your fortune." Lin Fan said confidently.


Lu Zi Yi was stunned and he showed a doubtful look.

Lin Fan cleared his throat and said, "Your girlfriend is called Lu Ya Jie."

"Wow, Master, you could tell my girlfriend's name?" Lu Zi Yi was stunned.

"No, I meant your ex-girlfriend, not your current one. Hope you remember that." Lin Fan said.

Lu Zi Yi awkwardly lowered his head, there was nothing he could say.

"The reason for the matter was due to your pettiness. For this" Lin Fan wanted to continue but Lu Zi Yi stopped him.

"Master, let's not talk about that. Could you tell me what should I do? I am remorseful and I know that I was too petty. That guy was her childhood friend and he sought her opinion when he was buying a pair of shoes but I wasn't comfortable with that, so"

Lu Zi Yi felt even more regretful as he continued. If he had a Pandora's box, he would have jumped into it to travel back in time and not reacted in that way.

Lin Fan didn't expect himself to become a love guru but he still had to help him out. This chap apologized so many times but wasn't forgiven. It probably happened more than just once or twice.

"You don't have to say anymore, I know everything. From your looks, I could tell that this affinity between you and her isn't over yet. It all depends on you." Lin Fan said calmly.

"What should I do then?" Lu Zi Yi impatiently asked.

Then, the sound of the fruit stall vendor shouting could be heard.

"Boss, give me two durians." Lin Fan shouted.


Lu Zi Yi witnessed the scene and finally understood. He slapped his thigh and said, "Master, I understand now. How could I not think of it? My girlfriend loves durians and I'll buy two for her as my apology. She will definitely forgive me. Thank you, Master. Thank you."

Lin Fan was stunned but he waved his hands at him and said, "These aren't for consumption. It's for you to kneel on."

Lu Zi Yi was stupefied when he heard what Lin Fan said. He touched the spikes of the durian and retracted his hands. It hurt him.

"I have helped you with your problem, as for whether it works out, it's up to you now. Alright, the session's over. You have your answer now."

Lin Fan looked through Lu Zi Yi's entire life. That type of method of apology was going to be common for him in the future. Using it earlier without harming him.

"Master, I understand now. How much is it?" Lu Zi Yo said firmly.

"It's fate that you're here. How much do you reckon it costs? Just give based on your gut feeling." Lin Fan said as if he didn't care about the money. It was as if he had become a true divine fortune-teller.

Lu Zi Yi took out his wallet and took out $200 from it. But when he saw Master Lin furrowing his brows, he thought of his words again.

"Give as much as you think it's worth..."

"If you used money to measure the relationship between my girlfriend and me, it would have to be priceless."

Then, Lu Zi Yi poured out all his money and left only two coins for himself to take the public bus home. But after further thought, he didn't even keep the coins.

"Master, as long as she forgives me, this fortune-telling session is priceless. Everything's for you." Lu Zi Yi said with determination.

"There's no need for that, at least keep your travel fees." Lin Fan pushed five dollars to him.

"No need, Master." Lu Zi Yi replied.

"Alright, go then." Lin Fan felt that it was pointless to fight over the money. Then, he kept all the money and waved his hands.

After Lu Zi Yi left.

"What the, you really took everything." Fraud Tian said in disbelief. He didn't expect him to be worse than himself.

"That's not wrong. If I hadn't given him my advice, he would've basically lost his girlfriend. Then, he would have used the money on alcohol to drown his sorrows, then be on a drip in the hospital. The fees would have been more than this. If he was to find a new girlfriend, he would end up spending even more. I'm just helping him to save money." Lin Fan said firmly.

Fraud Tian thought about it for a while and agreed with Lin Fan's words. That expanded his knowledge.

Meanwhile, on a plane that's about to take off

A skinny and fair man wearing a pair of sunglasses was feeling worried.

The beautiful ladies beside him were all discussing. The man was the handsome Yang Xiao Liang who had a huge fan base. He was initially part of a boy band but he withdrew from it. Due to his good looks, he won the hearts of many girls. No matter where he went, girls were all big fans of him.

He acted in a few films which didn't require much skill. He just had to memorize the script and didn't have to worry about the acting part.

In the outside world, he had a nickname, 'handicapped handsome'.

But to his fans, they were all defending his acting skills. They believed that he was just playing it cool.

Yang Xiao Liang was getting a little nervous, He turned to his agent and said, "The Weibo Master Lin predicted that I would be beaten up and end up in the hospital." Yang Xiao Liang did not believe in him initially, but after witnessing that all the predictions had come true, he was a little afraid.

"Liang Liang, don't worry. It's all a hoax."

"When you exit the airport later, the agency has employed a large number of bodyguards, that will definitely ensure your safety and not let anyone near you." his agent said.

"That's good" Yang Xiao Liang sighed in relief. If he was to be beaten up, he would end up looking horrendous.

In the airport hall.

His fans gathered in front of the arrival hall and waved their large signboards and shouted, "Liang Liang, Liang Liang"

Some of the fangirls even kneeled down and cried, expressing their happiness after seeing their favorite idol, Liang Liang.

Yang Xiao Liang enjoyed such an atmosphere. This is how you welcome a superstar.

Even those international superstars couldn't compare to him.

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