A Valiant Life Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Truly amazed
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At the airport.

Lin Fan was prepared to return back to Shanghai. Initially, he wanted to return the next day but the incident in the morning made him feel that leaving in the afternoon would save him the trouble.


Elder Zheng and the others really found out about it. He didnt expect them to make such an accurate guess.

It felt great doing a kind deed.

The knowledge of the Encyclopedia was insane. However, there were limitations and he couldnt have treated anyone he wanted.

Ding ding!

His phone rang.

Lin Fan picked up after seeing it was Wang Ming Yang.

Wang Ming Yang said, "D*mn, why are you leaving today?"

Lin Fan replied, "What is it? Why cant I leave? I have nothing to do in Beijing anymore. Ill just leave earlier. The shop is still waiting for me. The earlier I go back, the faster I can settle things there."

Wang Ming Yang replied, "Alright, I didnt expect you to abandon me so heartlessly. But really, dont spread the video. Ill die from it"

"Alright, alright. Come back to Shanghai when youre done. Ill hang up here," Lin Fan said.

Then, they talked for a while longer before hanging up.

8 pm at night.

At Shanghai.

Lin Fan came out of the airport and took a deep breath. It was a familiar place with familiar air.

The next day!

When Lin Fan appeared at Cloud Street, the shop owners were stunned.

"D*mn, Little Boss is back."

"Oh my, Little Boss is back from Beijing. Its a joyous occasion."

"Without Little Boss at Cloud Street, could it even be called Cloud Street?"

Lin Fan stood there and when he heard what the shop owners said, he was stunned. D*mn, did they have to exaggerate it? It was just him coming back to Shanghai.

"Elder Zhang, what are you guys doing? Your reactions are so exaggerated," Lin Fan smiled and smiled.

Elder Zhang laughed, "Its normal. Little Boss, you were gone for a few days. We really missed you."

Lin Fan smiled, "Im back! Alright, lets not talk. Ill go see hows my shop doing."

"Alright, alright. Go ahead, Little Boss. The townsfolk have been asking us when youd come back and they had been waiting for a long time."

Lin Fan smiled. Could he not have known what the townsfolk were waiting for? It was definitely the scallion pancakes.

Perhaps he could never give up on the scallion pancakes since the townsfolk were addicted to it.

At Master Lins shop.

When Lin Fan appeared, Fraud Tian and the others were stunned. "D*mn, youre finally back! When did you come back? Why didnt you tell us about it?"

Lin Fan smiled, "I just returned yesterday night. Did you miss me?"

Fraud Tian just touched his beard.

"What do you mean by that?" Lin Fan smiled and asked.

Fraud Tian rolled his eyes at Lin Fan, "Dont you understand what that means? You went away for so long. You should at least have bought us something, right?"

"Its a pity that I didnt," Lin Fan said helplessly.

"Then, Ive no choice. I dont miss you but I think he misses you," Fraud Tian said as he pointed at Elder Dog Nicholas who was taking a nap.

Elder Dog Nicholas raised his head and barked for a while. Then, he went back to sleep.

He had become an old and lazy dog. In the past, when Lin Fan returned, Elder Dog Nicholas would run towards him happily but now, he just lied down there and slept.

Wu You Lan said, "Brother Lin, we all missed you so much."

"Haha," Lin Fan laughed. Then, he looked at Fraud Tian, "Look, youre the only heartless one here."

Fraud Tian smiled, "Im not heartless. Look, when you were gone, we were having such a hard time. The townsfolk kept asking us when youd return. Let me see I think theyll be here soon."

Indeed, a while later

There were more and more townsfolk outside and they were discussing about it.

Fraud Tian said helplessly, "Look, its been like that every day. Its good that youre back. We have an easier job now. I shall go and give you the number tags."

Lin Fan smiled and went in front of the cart. "Sorry, everyone. I had something to attend to. Today, there will be twenty pieces of scallion pancakes as I have to make it up to all of you."

The townsfolk were elated when they heard that, "Alright, thats awesome! Little Boss is so generous."

"Twenty pieces! I wish it could stay this way in the future too."

Lin Fan smiled. These townsfolk were so cute. They were easily satisfied.

Soon, twenty pieces of scallion pancakes were sold out.

Lin Fan lied down in his shop leisurely. Although he returned to Shanghai late last night, he had to do what he needed to do. He had to go to Nanshan Childrens Welfare Organisation to teach the children.

However, what bothered Lin Fan was his Encyclopedic task. He had to complete it. However, it would mean that he needed to leave Shanghai again. It wasnt going to affect his task. He wanted to make the first place of gathering his first stop.

Lin Fan called Zhao Ming Qing, "Ming Qing, Im back. Did anything happen recently?"

During Lin Fans absence, Zhao Ming Qing had been extremely busy. The main thing was that the prescription for anorexia was out and it attracted the attention of a lot of people.

Many big hospitals sent people over to find out more while some companies sent people to buy the prescription. Of course, Zhao Ming Qing wasnt foolish. Furthermore, it was a prescription that he formulated with his mentors help. It could even be said that the mentor came up with it with his help.

"Teacher, recently, a lot of people came to look for me. They want to buy the prescription for anorexia but I didnt sell it to them. I registered this prescription with your identity" Zhao Ming Qing reported everything to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan wasnt really bothered by it, "Continue to handle this, I wont interfere with it. Would you have any free time in the coming days?"

Zhao Ming Qing was puzzled. He didnt know what his mentor meant. However, since his mentor had asked him for his time, he couldnt have rejected him. "Yes."

It was just a single word and he answered it without any hesitation.

"Alright then, Im preparing to go to a few cities during this period of time to practice Chinese medicine. If you can handle it, you can follow me to witness the unusual diseases. It would probably benefit you a lot." Lin Fan wanted to complete the Encyclopedic task. Although he couldve completed it alone, he wanted to teach his disciple since he already got one. In short, it was too boring to do it alone.

Zhao Ming Qing was ecstatic when he heard it, "Teacher, alright. When?"

Lin Fan smiled when he heard the excitement in Zhao Ming Qings voice. "Wait for my notice."
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