A Valiant Life Chapter 472

Chapter 472: That's right, I'll admit it
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The journalists were attracted to things that were bizarre like dogs to bones. Even before anyone could tell that something was brewing, the journalists could smell out a story from a mile away.

Although online news agencies weren't very popular, when an interesting news appeared on their sites, it would still attract many viewers.

Providing free medical treatments outside a big hospital.

Why was he doing that?

This was completely going against the structure of conventional medical treatment.

Furthermore, there were people being cured. That very day, the people who had been prematurely discharged reached a historical high. No one knew if that was real or not, so the journalists decided to go to the scene to take a look.

The patients reacted with excitement after seeing the army of reporters making their way towards them. They had never seen that many reporters in a group before.

"Reporters are making their way here."

"They're probably here to interview the Godly Doctor."

"The Godly Doctor is so amazing! Of course they're here to do that!"

"Teacher, the reporters are coming. What should we do?" Zhao Ming Qing asked as he took a look at the reporters.

"Boast! Boast about anything that you can," Lin Fan said.

Zhao Ming Qing was in a daze. Boast? This tactic was a little unbelievable.

Soon after.

The reporters surrounded Lin Fan, scanning the area. "Who is the Godly Doctor? Where is he?"

The reporters had never seen the Godly Doctor before, and there were three young people and one old man at the scene. The old man had a good posture and looked confident, and so he could be the Godly Doctor. But something wasn't right. He was holding a pen and a manuscript, recording something down. One of the young people, on the other hand, was taking someone's pulse and was completely oblivious to the arrival of the reporters, keeping his calm.

"The Godly Doctor is him. He is the one that we're looking for," the reporters said, pointing at Lin Fan.

The reporters looked at Lin Fan, shocked. How could such a young person be the Godly Doctor?

At this moment, they suddenly had a thought.

Could these people be staging a fraud?

What did reporters love the most? The answer was clear: Frauds, cheats, and scammers! They loved to expose them.

"Hello, we've heard rumors online about a Godly Doctor who is giving free treatments to patients outside hospitals. Are you the one?"

Normal people would just humbly decline the title of Godly Doctor, saying that they were just there to do something meaningful, but was Lin Fan a normal person?

He most certainly wasn't.

"Yes, I am the rumored Godly Doctor," Lin Fan said without hesitation.

A flurry of reactions!

The reporters looked at each other in dismay. This guy wasn't an ordinary person, and he was about to provide them a really hot story.

"We heard that you were at Jiangning People's Hospital yesterday providing treatment to a lot of patients. Can we enquire if your treatments were effective?" one of the journalists asked.

"Yes." Lin Fan didn't even look up, as he continued to treat one of the patients. "My dear reporters, could you ask more substantive questions? Otherwise, could you direct your questions to other people? I'm kind of busy right now, so if you have anything important to ask, you should ask it now. I'm actually quite friendly towards journalists."

The journalists were all stunned. They never thought that this guy would be so proud.

Some of the journalists started interviewing some of the patients who were waiting in line.

"Why did you guys come here to seek treatment instead of the hospital?" one of the journalists asked.

"Well, the answer is obvious. This guy is the Godly Doctor and his treatment is absolutely effective." The person who answered was a middle-aged male whose body was visibly weak.

"How did you find out that he is the Godly Doctor? Did you see it with your own eyes or did you just believe rumors? You should know that rumors and evidence are two completely different things. Rumors can sometimes be far from the truth."

"I saw it with my own eyes," the middle-aged man replied.

"Really?" the reporter was stunned. This didn't fit with what they had imagined. In their plan, the middle-aged man was supposed to say that his perception of the Godly Doctor came from rumors.

Who would have thought that this middle-aged man would say that he saw it with his own eyes?


"I know that you guys are reporters and you definitely won't believe that the Godly Doctor really is who he is. But it doesn't matter, as long as we know it. He has treated quite a lot of people before this, and they all looked visibly better after he treated them as if they got younger. You can interview me at the side, but don't disturb the Godly Doctor. He's busy right now."

The reporters who were standing around were all stunned. They had just been lectured by this middle-aged man.

Looking at the Godly Doctor who was still treating patients, all the journalists were at a loss on what to interview him about.

Time passed, all the way until nighttime.

"Alright, the session for today has ended. We will be at Jiang Ning Fu Bao Hospital tomorrow. Those who haven't received treatment today can go there tomorrow for treatment," Lin Fan looked up as he said, stopping what he was doing.

Thereafter, he stood up and left for the bus.

The patients also understood. The Godly Doctor had worked nonstop for the whole day. He must have been exhausted.

The reporters had all waited the whole afternoon in a daze, as if they had seen a ghost. From what they had observed, all the patients that the Godly Doctor treated all looked visibly healthier after the treatment and they could see it from their faces.

All the people who were standing around all looked joyful and excited.

This seemed like a huge piece of news.

Extraordinary news.

Nighttime, half past seven.

Today's Big News!

"The breaking headline today comes from Jiangning People's Hospital. Four people were outside the hospital doors providing medical treatment. But before we report this piece of news, I would like to ask why they were outside a big hospital. If we could turn to the footage from the scene, we can see that there were four workers, three males and one female. Two of the males and the female looked like students but were not in the proper attire for treatment of patients. This is a clear violation of the law..."

This piece of news was very popular. The host had quite a bit of reputation in this industry.

All they city folk couldn't help but laugh and shake their heads helplessly after seeing this piece of news.

The online discussions were also going crazy.

"They are just embarrassing themselves by displaying their lowly skills in front of the experts."

"What were these guys thinking, treating patients outside a big hospital?"

"I'm laughing my ass off looking at this piece of news."

"One look and I can tell that these guys are just scammer. But I guess treating the patients outside the hospital does have a purpose. If they did anything wrong, they could just admit them back into the hospital."



The next day.

The Internet had surged with a rebellious atmosphere.

Most of the reports online were of yesterday's headlines regarding the Godly Doctor.

'Godly Doctor appears outside People's Hospital to treat patients and cures ten of them. The treatment was instantly effective.'

'Godly Doctor or fraud? I think it's the former.'

'Hospital deals with awkward situation. Large hospital but not a single patient.'

'Breaking! Godly Doctor makes his appearance, cures all diseases!'


The morning working crowd who were reading the news were all stunned.

What on earth was going on?!
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