A Valiant Life Chapter 477

“What are you guys doing?”

“Where did these people even come from?”

The patients were all muttering amongst themselves. These guys were exactly like the guys who came here a while back, wearing singlets and with tattoos all over their bodies. Their demeanor was also the same, with the same evil intentions.

Chairman Bi furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance. “Godly Doctor, how about we go into the hospital? If you go inside to hold your clinic and they still come to disturb us, I can guarantee that they will be charged in court.”

“No need,” Lin Fan waved him away.

The justice senses of the reporters were tingling as all of them began pointing their cameras towards the thugs. “What do you guys want? If you’re looking to get treatment, queue up. If you’re here to cause trouble, we will take your pictures and post them online.”

Brother Hu stared at the journalists with an air of arrogance. “Come, continue taking your pictures. We will just stand here and prevent you from running your clinic. It’s also just nice that I haven’t been in the news for quite a while, so I might become popular from this.”

The reporters were all stunned. These guys weren’t the same as before.

Wu Tao nodded his head in approval as he saw what was going on from his limousine. Wu Tao pointed at the mafia as he said to his henchmen, “Look, these guys aren’t scared at all, only you guys are. Are your faces made of gold?”

His henchmen continued to keep their heads low and they stayed silent. There was no guilt, but their hearts continued racing. How could they really be like them? The mafia did that for a living. These henchmen could never be like them.

However, they sometimes admired how thick-skinned the people in the mafia were, to the point of getting almost anything they wanted.

Lin Fan looked up at Brother Hu, shaking his head.

Brother Hu laughed coldly. “Brat, what are you shaking your head at? I tell you, no matter how many times you shake your head, you will never be able to stop me. Do you understand?”

The patients gathered up their courage and started scolding the thugs from the mafia. “What do you guys want over here? We are just here to get treated by the Godly Doctor. You guys have no sympathy at all!”

Brother Hu turned around, glaring at the reporters. “Is sympathy worth anything? What does this have anything to do with sympathy anyway? Are there any rules saying that we can’t stand here to keep cool under the shade here? Is this your house?”

“You can stand at the side to stay under the shade,” the patients replied.

“We are happy standing where we are. What does this have to do with you?” Brother Hu replied.

“Teacher, what should we do?” Zhao Ming Qing whispered to Lin Fan.

“Don’t worry, let me handle this,” Lin Fan smiled at him reassuringly.

Martial Art wasn’t the only method of solving conflicts, although it did provide a good temporary method of instilling fear into the foes. But was he the kind of person to use force as he pleased?

Unless Lin Fan was absolutely pissed, he would never resort to physical force.

Lin Fan stared at Brother Hu, sighing. “I was shaking my head not because I was helpless, but I just wanted to say how pitiful you are.”

Brother Hu stood there, shocked. “Me? Pitiful? Keep dreaming, brat.”

“I really pity your kids, to experience your lifestyle of crime at such a young age. Although you regret it a little, you never got to make up for it. Don’t you think so, Zhang Hu?”

Brother Hu wanted to retort with an angry statement, but in that instant, he was stunned. “You know who I am?”

“I don’t know you personally but I know a lot of things about you. For instance, I know about your three-year-old daughter who has an issue in here. As for the reason, I trust that you know it,” Lin Fan said, shaking his head and pointing towards his brain.

Brother Hu was frozen stiff by what Lin Fan said. After Lin Fan had mentioned his own daughter, his heart exploded with a violent rage, and just as he was about to grab the table with both his hands to flip it, he stopped in his tracks after hearing what Lin Fan said.

“The child is innocent. If your attitude is better, I promise I will take a look at her. I trust that you will make the proper decision as her father,” Lin Fan said calmly.

Brother Hu’s daughter was born to a woman who was a drug addict. Even after she had gotten pregnant, she didn’t stop her habit. After Brother Hu had found out about it, he flew into a terrible rage. And after the child was born, the doctors all said that because of the drug intake, the child’s mental abilities were stunted and she had learning difficulties.

She would grow up to be different from the rest. She would have impeded intelligence, be slow of speech and have all the other problems that came with mental retardation.

Brother Hu grabbed onto the table, his mind in internal conflict, not knowing what to do.

He knew that he wasn’t a good man, but he absolutely loved his daughter. Ever since his daughter had been diagnosed with her condition, he had tried to exert his power and dominance even more, because he didn’t want anyone to hurt her and he made sure that no one would say anything bad about her.

Lin Fan chuckled, before turning towards the patients, asking, “Tell him who I am.”

“The Godly Doctor,” the patients unanimously said.

“He is indeed the Godly Doctor. If your kid has any ailment, you better send him to the Godly Doctor. If you miss your chance, you won’t ever have another shot.”

“Although you’re not the greatest of people, I still agree with what the Godly Doctor said. The child is innocent. You guys didn’t even think about the kid and still continued to take drugs during pregnancy. It is no wonder her growth was stunted.”

“Whatever the Godly Doctor said just now, I have experienced it before. I have a cousin who took drugs while pregnant and the child came out mentally retarded. The child is really pitiful. He’s eight years old and still doesn’t know what 1+1 is.”


The patients continued talking, causing Brother Hu to become even more confused.

Brother Hu looked at his subordinates, who had gone through thick and thin with him. One of his men spoke up. “Can you really heal Brother Hu’s daughter?”

They had been with Brother Hu for many years and naturally knew about Brother Hu’s daughter. They respected Brother Hu for being such a loving father even though his daughter was mentally retarded and wasn’t lively at all. She didn’t even know how to handle simple problems, causing them to feel really helpless.

This problem didn’t require Lin Fan to answer. The patients all opened their mouths saying, “What kind of person is the Godly Doctor? He is the Godly Doctor! Do you even need to ask?”

Lin Fan smiled, replying calmly, “Chinese Medicine and Metaphysics are related in certain ways. I could tell all this from looking at your Yin and Yang as well as your five elements and from your appearance as well. If you want, you can bring your child here and I will treat her. If you still continue to create a ruckus here, I can guarantee that you’ll regret it.”

“Is what you said true? What happens if you can’t heal my daughter?” Brother Hu looked at Lin Fan, asking.

Lin Fan started getting a little annoyed. “Careful with your tone. I am treating your daughter because she is innocent. If you so much as step across the line, I won’t be so friendly with you guys anymore.”

Brother Hu hadn’t been talked to in this manner for quite a long time, but he changed his tone. “Godly Doctor, can you really heal my daughter?”

“Haven’t I said already? Bring your daughter here. What else do you want to ask?” Lin Fan replied.

Brother Hu didn’t say anything else as he turned to his brothers. “Go, fetch my daughter. And hurry.”

“Yes, Brother Hu.” His men turned and ran. Whatever trouble that he had been about to cause, he decided against it. Compared to his daughter, there was no comparison.

Lin Fan signaled to the patients. “Next patient!”

The patients all queued up neatly, while Brother Hu stood at the side, lighting up his cigarette, face full of worry.

“There are so many patients here and you’re smoking? Please extinguish your cigarette,” Lin Fan nagged.

Brother Hu looked at Lin Fan and immediately stepped on his cigarette to extinguish the flame.

“Do you have any public morals? This is a public space, not a rubbish dump. Can’t you throw it in the bin over there?” Lin Fan nagged again.

Brother Hu heaved a heavy sigh, picking up his cigarette butt. He walked over to the bin, tossing it in.

What kind of situation was this?

This made Brother Hu feel a little embarrassed.

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